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Still lurking rooting you all on quietly!! I dont post much but you all are on my mind all the time!! Hoping for lots of bfps this summer!!
Blue praying tues. Is your lucky day!!
Rcr-im hoping you get things figured out and dont have to change plans!! This needs to be ur lucky cycle as well!!
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Renavoo-and everyone thanks for the support. It is really just nice to not be alone with all of this you know! I have been struggling so much with thinking we may not end up with a child of our own. But I really can't let go of the dream I have of my own baby. It has been so hard watching my pregnant SIL, but I have learned different new ways of coping with that. It just makes it tough, when comments are flying around. She is not too much of a friendly person. I wish she put in more of an effort.


Sorry everyone for not really doing persies. I am trying to follow everything. Because I haven't started my IVF, I feel a little out of the loop. I am rooting for everyone from the side lines. By the time I get to my BFP or start my IVF cycles hope I can catch you all on the graduate side!


Wish you'll luck and am hoping so much for you're BFP's and those of you that just did transfers. Crossing everything for this pregnancy to stick!


rcr- DH has a hard time getting IVF right too! lol I try not to get on his case but sometimes he frustrates me so much with not paying attention to any of this. I almost want to take his appointment at the urologist for him, I know I would understand all the info given. Who knows with him sometimes. But he works hard, I can't complain too much.

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Praying - glad your little bean is looking good. I will be thinking of your DS. How scary. I am really sorry you and he are going through this, though hopefully everything will be fine. btw - baby peacocks look just like baby chickens.


Laggie - I can't see nurses/doctors not understanding why you want to save $1000. That is a lot of money. If they could save that much (for whatever), I am sure they would do it too. Congrats on the job. I am sure it has been stressful.


Teresa - I am taking a .5 pill every day starting yesterday to when I do my retrieval. I really don't know anything about the side effects, and don't want to. I have had too many moments of panic when I google side effects of something (including IVF in general). I am doing it anyway, so worrying about it doesn't help. When is your next scan? That is werid about the follies, but the way that they measure them always seems a little bit of guesswork to me anyway.


Belly - hi!


Blue - thanks for the info. My state has a law that won't let an out of state Dr. Write an order for anything, so before I find somebody to do the interlipids, I need to find a doctor who will write the order. I already found a place that will do them, but they can't unless I find a local dr. who can write the order. (see my AFM). Like belly said, I am crossing everything for you for Tuesday. This has got to be it for you!


Lyndi - hi! nice of you to pop in!


Deport - don't worry about being behind the loop. It happens to all of us, this thread moves pretty fast to always keep up with. Just jump in whenever you want to.


Rena - Hi! we found out that we are not one of those states (neither is the one next to us). See my AFM. I haven't been over to the grads thread for a while. Your ticker has moved so far!!


gtree - I don't know about the hcg either. Hopefully somebody else has an answer.


AFM - well, both states by me require a local doctor to order the interlipids, so I either have to ask my old RE to do it (not sure if she will), change my flight to go to vegas 4 days early (cost of about $400!), or (hopefully) ask Fisch if we can do them a few days later - when I arrive in Vegas on the 17th (do the interlipids on the 18th). I am going to send the nurse an email to ask about the last option. If that does not work, I am going to suck it up and ask my old RE.

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Rcr- wouldn't you be able to get around that by doing what I did and having your RE in Vegas send the script to a dr in your area at the intralipids place and then they could write their own script the same way and send it in. That is what mine did. Sorry maybe I didn't explain it right. It's all kinda confusing. Won't you be in Vegas like 7 days before your transfer already?? Hopefully you will get it figured out.

gtree- did you get the whole hcg thinng figured out? All I have ever used it for is for triggering.
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Blue - yea, I could do that, but my problem is that I left my old RE (sort of). I am maintaining some contact with her because I want to stay on her donor embryo list, and I am afraid that is she knows that I am going elsewhere she will remove me from the list (as I am not her patient anymore). I just left off with her saying that I need a break, not saying that I am going somewhere else. I will ask her if I have to, but I would rather just do it in Vegas if I can. Yes, I will be there 7 days before, but for some reason they wanted me to do it the Thursday before I leave. I emailed the nurse to see if I could change it to my first day there.

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rcr - Yeah, I'd say it prob isn't the best idea to ask you old RE if you want to try and keep that bridge available for future use. Plus most Drs that don't understand intralipids and how easy they might not do it b/c of liability issues and fear.  I would guess that you should be fine if you are going to be there 7 days before your transfer and then you could just have it done out there, but the only problem would be entertaining DS while you are on the IV.  The place where I go you are in your own little room and it has a TV and all, and if you want you can actually just walk around w/ your iv pole and go get lunch in their cafeteria and what-not if you wanted, so that might help you cause too to be able to roam around a bit w/ DS as long as it's okay to bring him w/ you.  Do they do their IV's at their office do you know?  Keep us posted and hopefully you will hear back from the nurse.



Here is an article/blog I read about donor eggs and thought I'd share it w/ all of you that are looking into this.





Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

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Kali - Big day tomorrow, right!!!!!!!  What time is your beta and when do you think you will hear?  How are you feeling?  Are you going to test at home before??  Fingers crossed for you!!

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Stalkers are welcome?? Oh so I can come out of hiding.


I have been reading your guys' threads for months. :) Not sure why I started, and I have never been through an IVF, but I feel like I've become a big old cheerleader for a bunch of women I don't even know.  I get so excited for you, let down for you, and feel the anticipation. Y'all are so so so brave and strong and amazing and inspirational to me. I have no idea why I started stalking you, but I can't look away now. I hope you don't feel too objectified.  ;)


Any positive vibe is a good one, right? 


Bring on the spring babies! 


April xo

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April - I love stalkers and especially when they "out" themselves!!!  Thanks so much for your kind words and for being a cheerleader for all of us!!!  Stalk away!!!!  hide.gif



Lyndi-   Good to see your name pop up too!  Hope your new little one is doing well!!!  Thanks for your prayers!!

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Alphaghetti - You don't need a reason.  We love cheerleaders no matter the reason.  Stalk away!


blue - I am on pins and needles for you.  I keep checking in just in case you found out early somehow... ugh to waiting!

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Originally Posted by Kewpie80 View Post

blue - I am on pins and needles for you.  I keep checking in just in case you found out early somehow... ugh to waiting!

I know, me too! Lots of good vibes your way, mama!

rcr, I hope this natural killer cell thing is your ticket. I had the intralipids done as a precaution. I hope you're able to work out a way to do it in Las Vegas. Hopping in my seat for you, too!

Good luck, Kali! goodvibes.gif
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Blue - I am on pins and needles too.


Alpha - Hi. Nice to meet you. Glad we can count you as our cheerleader.


Kali - I am crossing my fingers for you tomorrow. Hope you can set off our new summer BFP streak!


Blue - well, I would much rather do it in Vegas, but if I have to, I think there is a chance my old RE will be cool about it. I am doing my baseline u/s and monitoring with them, so they must know something is going on. Plus one time, for my last cycle, she apparently used the "sher approach" and I asked "who is that", which was kinda playing dumb because I knew exactly who he is, and she replied "he has a big internet practice in Las Vegas, he has an approach that I think may work for you. We have had a few paitents go out there and they have been successful" Unlike Aura's old RE, I think that mine may actually be ok with me going somewhere else. I think she is really nice and understanding, and would be thrilled if I got pregnant, however it happens. she did donor egg IVF herself, and knows all of the heartbreak of going to donor eggs, so I think that if I explained to her that I really just needed to try once more with my own eggs, with a different RE, to get closure (or hopefully a BFP), she may understand. then again, I don't want to chance it, so I would rather do it in Vegas if I can. As for DS, that is really good to know I can go to the cafateria or something. I thoguht I would just be laying in bed. I have a kindle that shows movies, so that can entertain him for part of the time, but he will get bored watching movies after an hour or two.

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Hi all! I'm on my phone so its hard to do personals, but I keep hoping to see something from blue or Kali! Seems like things are moving along for everyone, that's so great!

Greer I think it was you, I've never heard of the low dose hcg thing, but that doesn't mean anything.

Rcr good luck getting the intralipids thing figured out. I hope you can do it in Vegas.

I keep lurking ladies, cheering you all on!
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Laggie: I must have cross-posted with you! Sounds like things are really falling into place for you and your DH with his work situation! And, as others have said, $1,000 is certainly nothing to sneeze at - I hope your clinic understands!!!


BellyBean: Thanks! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this threadkeeper's luck y'all have talked about :)


Blue: I have no idea what PUPO means, but I'm glad you're not stressing out - the 2ww is almost over!!!! Yippee! I'm so excited for you. I'm really, really hopeful for you. It would be great to get some BFP fire going! I'm going in for u/s almost everyday. I got to skip Saturday and I'm skipping tomorrow (Monday), but those are my only two days off :)


Renavoo: You always have such great support and advice - thank you! DH and I aren't really on edge - I'm just all over the place emotionally and can't seem to keep myself from being annoyed at every little thing. I actually think it's been better that he's been out of the house - it's given me some alone time which I've realized I actually needed! So, all's well that ends well, right? Hoping my follies continue to grow... My left ovary likes to hide a little bit, so I'm hoping it has more follies than they can actually see - just like your friend!


deportivo: Don't let others' negative vibes force you to give up your dream!!! We're all here to support you :)


rcr: I hear you on not over Googling - I try not to as well. The .5 dose on the Dexa is really low too, so hopefully that's reassuring :) Ugh, I am so sorry about the in-state/out-of-state business. I hope that you get it all straightened out and that they'll let you do the intralipids while you're out in Vegas. If not, I think it sounds like your RE would be cool about it. Ultimately, I have to believe that an RE wouldn't want to impede your best chances of getting pregnant with your own eggs. Maybe I'm naive, though. Good luck!!


April: Thanks for the good vibes!!! The more the merrier, for sure :)


Kali: Can't wait to hear the results of your test!!!! I have everything crossed. Sending you lots of good mojo!!!


Gtree: I think I've read about HCG being used outside of trigger shots. I remember looking it up when I first started the triggers for my IUIs, but of course, now I can't remember what they said. How's it going so far? Feeling OK?


AFM: Luckily, I didn't have to go in for bloodwork and u/s yesterday. It was nice to have a day off even if I still had to get up super early to do my shots :) Today I had to travel 45 minutes to a clinic in CT which I know is not bad - especially compared to what Aura has to go through - but it was still kind of a pain! So, the stats on my follies ..... 11 on the right with 8 under 10, 2 10s and a 14. 5 on the left with 4 under 10 and 1 at 11. I'm hoping that I'm like Renavoo's friend and that they just can't see all of the follies on my left. Do these sound like good numbers to you guys for 4.5 days of stims? I was thinking that I would come out of retrieval with at least 20 eggs (not sure why I thought that), so I'm a little anxious. Had to take Cetrotide yesterday AM, and my Estrogen was 489 today. They upped my Menopur to 4 tonight and 4 tomorrow AM. Then they want me to go back down to 3 tomorrow night and 3 Tuesday AM. I go back for u/s and b/w on Tuesday. It's all a little overwhelming. I've been feeling pretty darn lethargic and just generally out of sorts - like I feel there's something wrong with me (emotionally), but I can't pinpoint it... maybe it's the whole IVF thing (um, hello??? duh. That was me being facetious toward myself!). Oh, and they said that they think trigger will be either Tuesday or Wednesday night. I wasn't expecting it until Thursday night, so that kind of threw me off a little. Yikes!!! I can't believe we're so close!!! Hope everyone else is enjoying the weekend. Anyone else have off tomorrow? Grateful for another day to relax. Probably going to head to the pool - yay for summer!!!

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HeyKali- hope to hear some good news from you soon. i am excited waiting for your news.


AFM- i AM just cheering everyone on till I get to do my IVF cycle.

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I check here often to keep up with all of you, sending you all baby dust!


Blue -I so hope this is it for you!!

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I'm right there with the other "stalkers."  I check often with hopes and prayers that the woman on this board will get the news they have been waiting so long for.  Blue.....I'm praying with all my might that tomorrow gives you the BFP you have longed for and deserve so much.  Much love! 

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Gumby - Awwww!!!!  So good to see your name pop up!!! We go Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy back on these boards!!!  Thanks so much for your well wishes and prayers!!!!  hug.gif's my friend!


April - Soooooo good to see your name pop up again.  I think of you often and was going to ask you how the whole adoption thing is going?  I see on your sig that you have your home study and paperwork done and are just waiting to be picked.  I'll keep you in my prayers that it happens soon.  Are you doing a domestic adoption?  How long have you been on the list waiting?  Fill us in. 


Deport - thanks for cheering us all on!!!  Your time will be here before you know it then we can cheer you on!!!


Teresa - Hope you had a good day off.  I was off too and DH and I worked like dogs around the house (outside) - well DH worked harder than i did but I helped.  PUPO means pregnant until proven otherwise. Your trigger will be here before you know it!!!  Yay!!!


Kali -??????????   whistling.gif   Fingers crossed for you and hoping for good news to start off the Summer thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!


rcr - did you hear back from the nurse about the intralipid date???


Kewpie & Tear - sorry to be keeping you both on pins n needles!!!!!  Thanks for checking in though!! Hope you both are well!!!




AFM - tomorrow is the day!!!  praying.gif  goodvibes.gifwhistling.gif Trying to stay positive, but I'm not sure if I'm feeling any different.  A few little symptoms, but i think they are probably mostly from the progesterone I'm on, but if it comes back a BFP I will probably do a back flip...oh, that might not be a good idea now would it!!!????  Hoping to know the results by mid-day (after lunch time i'd think 2-3ish maybe).  I have to go to the local hospital and then they are suppose to fax the results over to my RE and then they will call me so hopefully there won't be any problems like I've had in the past w/ the faxing to another state and all.  I am also going to remind them to email me if it is negative and call if positive.  I just hope i don't get that one nurse that called me last time b/c she said "she's not an email type person"... that really got my hopes up when that phone rang with bad news.  Grrrrrr!!!!!  I'm actually tempted to not even test (hpt) tomorrow morning and just go and get it done.  I'll let you all know when I find out.  I'm suppose to work in the afternoon from like 3:30 - 6:00 if I don't get called off, so if I find out while I'm there it might be a little hard for me to post then, but will keep you all in the loop.  Thanks everyone for all your thoughts and prayers!!!  We need them all!!!!

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I didn't hear back about the interlipids date, but I will be there exactly 7 days before transfer, so I hope that is ok.


Blue - thinking of you and crossing my fingers.

April - nice you see that you are still around. Hope things are going well with the adoption.


Kali - ?? I am on pins and needles!

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Blue: I'm saying SOOO many prayers for you to get your BFP tomorrow and for this to be your take home baby!!!!




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