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Silver- How are you holding up?

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Belly - good to see your name pop up. I need to get over to the other side here and get all caught up soon.  Hope you are doing well and that these last few weeks goes by fast and easy for you.


Deborah - ugh to DH being sick.  I'm just getting over this throat/cold and DH got it as well b/c we were sharing a glass of water before I knew I was sick.  Oops.  Hope you don't get it!!!


rcr - I must have missed a post of yours b/c I'm behind I think.  I'll have to go back and re-read and get caught up on  you talking about maybe "O'ing early.... What???  I'm glad they are doing an u/s here to make sure all is well.  So DH is flying out w/ you at first too??  I guess i was thinking just you and DS were going and then he was coming out later, no?  If so, that is fun.  Keep us posted on how your appt goes.


Deport - glad you survived to baby shower!!  You should be proud of yourself even though it had to of been hard.


Silver - uggh!!!   Sure hope that AF doesn't mess up your trip but I'm glad that you are enjoying your summer.


Hope - I hope your appt goes well and I'll have to keep stalking you on the other side.  Fingers crossed for you!!!!


Aura - do you still need more crinione?  I think I may have almost a full box that I'd love to send you.  Let me know and then send me your address via a PM.


Praying - I agree w/ what Aura said.  I know that Keria started the grad thread so no one would have issues w/ grads talking about pregnancy on here.  I don't have any issues w/ grads talking about pregnancy at all, but i know there are some that are more sensitive so we don't want anyone to have issues or not want to hang around.  I always felt that the grads gave me hope that IVF actually does work so it gave me hope.  I'm glad that we will be able to check in on you on the other side and I hope you keep rooting the ladies on over here.


Teresa - sure hope you keep feeling well and can kinda relax.  With our first ever IVF i took a hpt the day before my beta and it was a BFN and then the next day my blood beta was a BFP (didn't work out) so you can't fully trust the hpt i've found.  Do the girls that are going to the party know you are ttc by chance?  Will they wonder why you aren't drinking if you go or are you just not going to go?  Maybe you could pull the old on antibiotics and can't drink or something if you do go.



AFM - new pic of Abby as my profile pic.  She was asleep on my knee while DH and I were sitting on the couch.  So sweet when she is sleeping!!

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Hey Blue- thanks I was pretty proud of myself.


I totally agree with you about the grads thing. I know this sounds nuts. But I watch make room for multiples. I love that show, because most of them got there multiples from IVF, and a lot of them strugged to get there little ones. It just gives me more hope. Whatching the little ones thrive and them overcoming everything I think is great.


What does drive me crazy! Is a baby story! When a lot of them complain about everything, when there situation really isn't that bad.


Thats just me.

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blue - just had to say I love the new pic of abby!  so freaking cute!  I've been wanting to get a dog after our move... not sure that's a smart idea since we already have 4 cats.

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Blue- My throat is actually hurting now and I've barely been able to eat, so I fear I did also get a cold. It is well worth it for how things have been so far. Though I do fear I'll O very soon and miss the window. I haven't noticed much CM, so likelihood of sperm survival seems slim. Then again, maybe CM is just obscured by semen/sperm.

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My relationship is completely ruined! This is honestly the worst time in my life. Even though that baby shower seemed like an ok idea at the time. It really wasnt. IF just is completely highlighting the terrible relationship I have with DH.

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Praying - no worries at all. I am sorry to see you go, but I always check that thread anyway, so I'll see you over there.


Aura - great news about the crione!


Teresa - yes, some people get AF before their beta. I did. The photos look wonderful! One is already hatching! how great! I would totally POAS if I were you.


Deport - congrats on going to the shower. How strong and brave of you.


Blue - what you missed was me obsessing about Oing early, and my cycle being canceled as soon as I get out there. My ticket is nonrefundable, but I can pay a fee to change it before I leave. Since I have had 2 canceled cycles for Oing early, I want to make sure I am not Oing before I head out to Vegas. So my old RE said that she would do an u/s and bloodwork on Friday before I leave. She is being so nice about this! And yes, DH is going out there after me and DS. - We are heading out on Sunday, and DH is coming on Thursday.  Love the new pic of abby


Deborah - sorry you are feeling bad. Hope you aren't getting sick!


AFM - stims seem actually easier this time than last. I am just doing 600 units of follistim every night, and luveris (like menipur) twice this week (wed and fri), so it is fewer shots, but more meds. I am used to poking myself with 3 shots a night, but since I am doing gannirelix in the morning, it is only one shot at night.

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Deport - we cross posted. What happened?

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I really just can't handle this anymore! It's too much. I don't think I can do this anymore. 

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Deport - I am sorry you are having such a hard time now. IF can last a long time, and I think it is important to not let it ruin you or your marriage (I think Hope can tell you about her story). Maybe you should see a counselor and see if that helps. DH and I saw a counselor a year or so ago and it helped a lot. We went for about 8 months, every other week. It really helped me get some perspective and helped put DH and I on the same page. hug2.gif

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Teresa and RCR - Stalking and rooting!!!!!!

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Deport: Hugs!! It totally sucks that not only do we have the pain of IF, it can drive a wedge between you and the one you love the most! My DH and I too had our differences and frustrations over this - ESPECIALLY leading into IVF. Counseling definitely can't hurt. I hope you can focus on working things out with your DH for right now. 



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Deportivo, I'm so sorry you're feeling so down.  I agree with the other ladies, perhaps counseling can help?  It sounds like you have to internalize a lot of your feelings and maybe your DH just needs to be brought up to speed so he can be there for you better.  When we first found out that we had to do IVF, I totally shut down for about a week.  I was so upset, and taking it out on my dh without realizing it.  He told me later that his main objective was to just avoid eye contact with me because it was easier than arguing or watching me be so upset.  I think it was the only time in our seven year relationship that I actually questioned if we would possibly get divorced.  We were able to talk it out though, and since then he's been amazingly supportive.  He just felt helpless, and guilty, and didn't know how to handle it.  I think we both made assumptions, and having a big sit down helped us immensely.  Don't give up hope, I know these are hard times but you need to just take it one day at a time.


rcr, i didn't realize you were taking drugs at different times of the day! i've never done anything but a couple of night shots, so now i'm intrigued.  on my calendar it looks like i have cetrotide shots in the morning, but gonal and menopur at night.  and i am not sure what time of day i do the hgh, as it just says daily.   hmm, it looks like i'm also doing estrogen via patches and suppositories.  oh fun!  i'd almost prefer the intramuscular shots like you have! there are going to be so many suppositories and gels inserted, i should just buy stock in panty liners. 


deborah and blue, i hope you both feel better soon!  summer colds are the worst! 


also blue, THANK YOU!!!!  i will pm you.  


afm, i had the worst stomach pain this morning from the bcp.  the only way i can remember to take pills is if i take them in the morning with my regular pills like my asthma and allergy pills.  but i do take these all on an empty stomach about an hour or two before i eat breakfast.  i'm scared to take the bcp later in the day and risk forgetting, perhaps i'll have to eat a cracker or something and see if that helps.  anyone else get this?

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Aura - I am only taking the butt shots of Estrogin twice - I am done with them now. Now I do the supporitories every night.


AFM- another FB pregnancy. I need to deactivate my account again. This is not healthy.

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Thanks Aura. RCR- I had a bad reaction to the Estradiol patch and I'm allergic to blue dye so I can't take Estrace. You don't happen to have a link to ingredients in the suppositories or the shots do  you?

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Thanks Aura. RCR- I had a bad reaction to the Estradiol patch and I'm allergic to blue dye so I can't take Estrace. You don't happen to have a link to ingredients in the suppositories or the shots do  you?

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deborah, i don't have any yet, so i'm not sure.  maybe rcr can look at her box?  i tried to look online, but all i can tell is that i believe e2v is called delestrogen.  it's estradiol valerate.  i hope that helps!  both rcr and i are doing estrogen priming, so i don't know if it's a form that is specifically used for that? or for anyone?

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blue: Thanks for the good advice. I think I'm probably going to go the whole "I'm on medication" root. I was actually wondering if I could convince my RE to do my blood test on Saturday, but the "if I'm not pregnant I want to get drunk" reason for pushing up the testing a day probably won't fly :) I actually only know the bride, and I haven't been a fan of the girl organizing the shindig, so it's already going to be awkward! Hopefully, no one will push the issue. Ever have that happen? That one random person who keeps badgering you about why you're not drinking? So annoying! Abby is so freaking cute. I wish we could get a dog. Maybe I should look into dog walkers in the neighborhood.... that's the only way we could make it work. I just love dogs so much.... they're so comforting!!!


deborah: Hope you feel better soon!!!


deportivo: My heart is aching for you sweetie. Relationships are so tough even under the best of circumstances. I agree with others that you need to have a serious conversation. But, I also think that maybe you need to plan a weekend away - just for you (not the two of you). You're under so much pressure to be strong - especially with all that is going on with your in-laws. I think you need a timeout to allow yourself to rejuvenate. Do you have a single girlfriend whose house you can escape to? After about a year of trying unsuccessfully, I was so distraught - moping around the house all the time and snapping at my husband constantly. One day, I just decided I had to get away. Hopped on the train to DC and spent the weekend with my bestie. It was awesome - so helpful. Then, I was able to come back and really open up to my husband about the rollercoaster of emotions and where I needed him to support me. Anyway, you get the picture. Whatever you decide to do, just remember to take care of yourself first - it's not selfish - it's the only way to be your best self.


rcr: When would you POAS? I'm freaking out. I don't know how long I can wait! I came home and took a nap - I usually only do that when I don't get a full night's sleep. But, even though I woke up before my alarm this morning, I still got 7+ hours sleep which shouldn't warrant a nap, right? I mean, it's way too early to be having symptoms, right? So, you're only doing shots at night? I had to do shots in the AM and PM. I thought I was the norm, but it sounds like you and aura only do them once a day. So, maybe I was the oddball :) I'm glad the stims are going well though!!! I'm sorry about the FB pregnancy. FB is really a minefield! I actually have this fantasy of posting a blog to FB about the struggle after we get our healthy baby. I just feel like there are probably others among my extended friends group who've struggled with IF (I mean statistically there has to be!) and no one really publicly talks about it - at least I haven't seen anyone on FB mention it. Who knows if I'll actually go through with it!!!


Smiles!!!! So good to see you :) Thanks for the cheers. I need to get caught up on the other thread. I've been trying to follow along, but I sort of lost track last week. Hope all is well with you!!!


aura: I'm sorry you're tummy hurts! Try some ginger tea :) I always took BCP at night - right before bed. I just kept them on the bedside table.


AFM: Part of me feels like I'm getting AF. The other part is reading into every little thing like it might be a sign of pregnancy (read post to rcr re: napping). Sigh. I hate waiting. I'm really not good at it!!! I just have to keep telling myself that there's no reason why it shouldn't work. My fingers and toes are cramping a bit from being crossed so much ;-)

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Teresa - I would POAS now to make sure the hcg shot is out of your system (which can give you a false positive), that way you can POAS and believe it when it happens. Maybe 9 or 10 dpo? When is that? I have had actually one person on FB say something about IF - a woman who I went to high school with and was not even good friends with, posted to somebody's wall "I am so fortunate to know you, I wouldn't even have met you were it not for my infertility" She is now pregnant. She is the one person who I didn't get upset about when I noticed she was pregnant. I am not on FB all that much, but I never noticed a big pregnancy announcement from her, so maybe she went through the same thing we are all going through. Nope, I am taking meds twice a day - gannirelix in the am and follistim in the pm. It is less shots because there is no meniur though. I remember when I was pregnant with DS and not telling anybody, I wouldn't drink and I went to a party and just drank water and our friend made a huge deal about me not drinking some kind of fancy drink that he wanted me to taste. I eventually took it and had a sip, and then when he wasn't looking I went to the bathroom and dumped it out. Oh, and when I was pregnant with DS, the only symptom I ever got at first was being soooo sleepy all the time!


Deborah - the suppositories are "Estradiol val 2 mg suppository" They were compounded by the pharmacy. I have no idea what it in it, and the paitent information sheet is missing (the pharmacy sent a note saying "paitent information is not available for this drug"


The butt shot is "delestrogen MDV 20mg/ml" the generic name is "estradiol" The drug information sheet does not list any ingredients. Sorry.

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Hi ladies, just wanted to say that i'm still here rooting for all of you to get your bfps! 


Teresa, I always tested prior to my beta but mostly because I didn't want to go to work and get the bad news and then have to deal with it then. My testing almost always happened on a weekday. i think that if you have an event coming up, definitely test before but as everyone is saying, take it with a grain of salt (unless it's a BFP---then it's definitely true!) :o) Like Blue said, too many people get a negative first and then get a positive on the beta because of the sensitivity. By the way, AWESOME embies!! That embie wasn't hatching...in my opinion, it hatched! What an amazing sight! i'm so excited for you and i think this is it!


Deport, my heart breaks for you. As the other ladies on this thread say, infertility and all that comes with it, strain relationships, not just with your dh but with other people who you are close to. I hope that you and DH can have a close talk and really, he can try to understand where you are coming from. I agree with Teresa that maybe you should just go away for a retreat or something? It may be time for you to just relax and lick your wounds. You should be so proud of yourself that you went to the baby shower but your SIL sounds like a self absorbed woman who has no empathy for anyone else. As such, it just shows how much stronger you really are. Keep the hope alive and continue to build your hope chest. One day, you will hold your little one; you must have hope of that! Hopefully, things with your dh have been resolved. I'm thinking of you!


RCR, just another few days! I'm going to be stalking you on Friday! i'm so hopeful for you this cycle!


Blue, LOVE the new photo of Abby! That face! That nose. oh my gosh, i just want to hug her!


Aura, I'm sorry about the stomach ache. i never had that issue so I have no advice for you. I used to take it in the morning too but admittedly, I always ended taking it after eating. Hopefully the cracker plan works for you!


Big hugs everyone! I'm definitely rooting for you all!

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