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Aura- I am on Concept DHA. I was on it with the boys and didn't have much trouble. However, I recently bought some food-based ones and am considering switching to see if they work better. You like the citranatal? Is it OTC or prescription? Thanks everyone! Looking good so far, but still trying not to get my hopes up.

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Blue - the interlipids took about two hours. I have a big bruise on my arm but other than that, and bring cold, it was fine. It is 104 degrees here. Ds may be getting sick. He was up at night with a stuffy nose but I hope it is just because of the constant air conditioning.

Silver - sorry. Hugs to you.
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Thanks Blue- she is getting big now almost doubling her birth weight! Ive updated my picture!

Deb- hoping it will be easy for you this time around! And this is your month!!

Rcr- thinking of you following along hoping this is the cycle!! Wishing I choice vegas to go my cycles!! Lol

Thinking of everyone else and following along!! smile.gif
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Lyndi- I sure hope so! Looking good so far. Usually my temp has plummeted by now (9 dpo) and it hasn't yet :-). Crossing fingers, toes, and everything else.

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Deborah- thanks, that was helpful. I have to get out of this head-space. I just have a lot of challenges to overcome. The BFP is the first one. These headaches are making it hard for me to think clearly. I just want to be able to see a heartbeat and get past 8wks. The headaches are the only real pregnancy sign I have had in the last two days! Can I interpret this as ok still, because I have them and not nothings! What do you think? My first pre-natal appointment isn't till the 28th. Is this too late?

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I had lots of headaches with my boys- this is a good sign of blood pumping where it needs to be going. I think the 28th isn't too far off especially since there is not much they can see before 6 or 7 weeks. If you are really concerned, call your provider and explain your concerns. At the very least he/she can talk you through the feelings.

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Deborah- no, thanks so much. that really puts my mind at ease more. Your right I don't think there is much OB can do right now anyways. I have never gotten past 8wks before. this is nerve racking for me after so long of not getting pregnant at all. But your right. I will take the headaches as a good sign. thanks. apreciate it!

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Glad I could calm you at least a little bit.

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Deborah- wow, I am vetting excited for you.

My appointment is 8:30 tomorrow morning.
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rcr- can't wait for the update!! 


deportivo, it will be nice to see what the dr has to say, i wonder what they will have you do differently this time around.


it was a little crazy to be walking all through the city today in 97 degree weather.  it was HOT.  very sweaty, very very sweaty.  i sat down with the cranky nurse to go over my calendar, and she was nice enough.  later in the lobby she made a snarky comment about another nurse "not getting the email", but whatever!  i don't think i have to deal with her much now that she's ordered my meds.  i did have a very pleasant saline ultrasound with dr t.  i tensed up waiting for terrible pain, and i honestly didn't realize the catheter was in until he let me look at the screen to see the fluid going in! he said everything looks clear and good, and we can rule out any physical issues in the uterus once we get the endometritis under control.  i asked him if the doxy was going to interfere with the effectiveness of the birth control pills, and he told me that i could get pregnant.  we both had a good laugh at that one!  i enjoy his personality, he was full of corny jokes today and really made me feel at ease.  can i say again how glad i am to have met him?  granted, i hope he can give me a successful cycle, but i feel at least he is erasing my doubt.  


hope everyone is doing well! 

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RCR- I sure hope these temps are not a fluke :-).  Thinking of you for your appointment tomorrow. Who has prenatals that aren't bothering their belly/digestive system/bowels and what brand are they? Mine are causing problems. Took the food-based one last night and still had pain. Ugh.

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deborah - My OB said I could take 2 flintstones vitamins instead of regular prenatals cause they were causing me all kinds of stomach issues and gagging.   

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Kewpie- I can't take the Flintstones ones. I'm allergic to wheat and soy. The chalky ones have soy and the gummmies have wheat.

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Also, BFN this morning, but temp still above coverline (looks like it dropped-even above coverline that early), but I was also up really early and an hour and a half later was at 97.9, but that wasn't a good solid 3 hour block so I used the earlier one).

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Deborah- I hope this helps. My stomach is super sensitive to everything. These ones I found were fine, The Ultimate Expecting, New Chapter. The Ultimate One; I didn't think it had great absorbency! I didn't find it to be the best. New Chapter, I took at anytime on an empty stomach it was fine.


The pre-natal that I love right now is; Preg-Vit Duchesnay. I had my doctor prescribe this. I take one in morning and one at night. The vitamin is split in two for maximum absorbency. I find it is great. I do make sure that it is say within a half hour of eating breakfast and dinner. Might be worth trying. this is the one I use now.


Also, I wanted to mention. I had ordered fertile aid for men, out of desperation for DH! I found this on the website; fertile CM. I started taking this because one of my issues I found. I noticed I had little to no CM, basically like I had dried up. Since, it had been so long we were not getting pregnant at all, than the chemical pregnancy. I figured that I also had a problem with implanting.


If you havn't tried this yet it might be worth a shot! It made a difference in my CM I know that for sure! Also, no problems with my stomach. Since you are trying natural cycles they also have fertile aid for women; a pre-natal or multi. This might be a good option too for pre-natal. If you havn't already tried this.


I started trying everything out of desperation. Hopefully this helps. Really really hope you get your free baby!!!

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Deborah - The one I've always taken is Rainbow Light prenatal One vitamins.  They are a vegetarian based vitamin.  I would just buy them in the health food store and they were a little pricey, but it was what my acupuncturist had recommended many yrs ago.  Here is a link so you can maybe look and see if there is anything you are allergic to in them. It says here it is suppose to be a "no stomach upset" pill.  I would take them w/ dinner too so I'm not sure if that helped or not.  Good luck!!





rcr - how did it go?  I know w/ the time change maybe you haven't even been there yet.  Are you adjusted to the time yet?  How is ds doing??  Hope he doesn't get sick!


Aura - glad the u/s went well and everything looked good.  It really does help to have an RE that you like and trust!!  Keep us posted.


Deport - Fingers crossed for you!!  Can't wait to hear how your first appt goes!!!


Teresa - any more news????  Hope all is well.


Silver - thinking of you!!!


AFM - i just got off of a 45 min phone call (most of it was me being on hold listening to their awful music) w/ our old insurance comp about a IVF monitoring blood work bill from last July.  Uggh.  Drives me nuts b/c the office coded it wrong, so that insurance wouldn't pay for it and I've been waiting for them to re-submit it w/ the infertility testing code so they can re-submit it.  Sometimes i wonder if i should just pay the darn thing b/c this has been going on for so long now and i'm so tired of chasing all these people around to try and get it fixed.  irked.gif  This is the excitement in my life right now!!!!!!! LOL

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Deportivo- I used to have a ton of cm but haven't seen much since the boys, so I may try that next month. Still no sign of AF so I'm holding out hope for a couple more days anyway. Blue- Unfortunately, rainbow light has soy lecithin. Some people don't react to it, but I do. Soy is in just about everything which makes this incredibly challenging.

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Aura- Yeah, I am wondering what he will do, hopefully something. My first appointment is next Thursday. They told me that progesterone is normal pregnancy level, so i hope that works out. That my levels were good. The pain that I have been having in my stomach has settled down. I don't know. So, far symptoms have been different.


blue- thanks, my first appointment with OB is next Thursday. If I can make it till then. If this little one can stay with me.


rcr- Hope everything is going well!!!!!!

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Deportivo- New chapter has- Contains: Fermented soy.

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Fertileaid looks promising! Thanks Deportivo :-).

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