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skj, amazing!!  it must feel good to see those numbers move in the right direction.  and i'm jealous of your trip! i'd love to travel south america, i can't wait to hear more about it.  


keli, it's funny because my husband is also diabetic and i made him show me his pens so i'd know how to use mine!  the only difference is that with the insulin, if you draw out too much you can lower the dose.  with the gonal pens, once you pull out the meds you are stuck with them!  how did your first lupron shot go?  i didn't have a problem with it, but i think i was pretty lucky, and on a very small dose.  good luck! 


afm, got some sad new today.  my mom called to tell me that she had been hiding something from me, but now needed to tell me more.  turns out my cousin had been pregnant.  my mom didn't want anyone to tell me until after i was done with this ivf cycle.  she is a year younger than me, and was recently married last fall, and according to my mom, she didn't want me to feel "any pressure" about getting pregnant.  i was really hurt that my mom wanted to hide this from me.  as much as it sucks to hear about other people getting pregnant, this is my family and i am adult enough to be happy for her.  i might cry in private, but i would never deny my cousin the joy of sharing the news with me.  unfortunately, the real reason for the call was that she had a miscarriage at 10 weeks.  I called my cousin and told her all about the MTFHR mutations... i'm 99% convinced that she has it too and needs to be tested.  to think that a little extra folic acid and this could have possibly been prevented. she seems okay about it all, she's disappointed but hoping to try again soon.  my heart goes out to her.  i just hope that possibly the info i could share with her may help her going forward.  maybe all of the ivf issues i've been having will actually turn out to be helpful for someone!

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So about 2 hours ago I gave my first injections. 75 menopur and 225 bravelle and i'll be darned if I didn't lose some of the bravelle between mixing the 2nd and 3rd vial. just a little bit, but I almost burst into tears. It was so nerve racking. I guess I'll continue through Monday and see what blood work looks like and pray that that little bit I lost didn't hurt anything. 

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Wow, I feel like I'm really behind.  Just trying to stay up to date.  Sorry if i miss someone. Just going off this last page:


Aura - sorry to hear about your situation w/ your mom/cousin.  That is too bad they didn't tell you sooner b/c then maybe you could have said something about the MTHFR but who knows if it would have even come up.  My one cousin has had like 6 or 7 kids with like 3 different fathers so I'm so used to hearing about how she is pregnant like every other year or less.  She is actually adopted so I don't share those "fertile myrtle" genes unfortunately.  Glad to hear you started shots!  Yay!!! So excited to keep watching your cycle this time!!!!  Fingers crossed for you and praying this is your BFP time!!!  Oh and my RE always said to take my shot between 6-8pm at night.


SKJ - glad to hear your numbers are better this time and you are feeling better about them.  I'm sorry but that is crazy that your Dr won't do IUI's w/ injectibles unless you are over 37.  I wouldn't like that at all.  I think the first time we started doing IUI's w/ injectibles I was like 31 and it worked for us (even though we didn't get our take home babies).  I'd almost be leaning towards getting a 2nd opinion, but that is just my opinion.  Is your trip to Brazil and Argentina a vacation?  Sounds like fun!!!  Is it just you and DH/DP going or your DD going too?  Have fun!!


Silver - good to see your name pop up!!  Hope that it has stopped raining over there!!!  I know the Olympics will be starting soon and the rain is really going to put a damper on that.   You are getting closer!!!! Fingers crossed for you!!  I'd be careful w/ those extra supplements.  Does your RE know you are taking them?


Nese - I wouldn't worry too much!!!  You should be fine w/ just losing a little bit and worse comes to worse they will just have you take it a little longer.  The first shots are the hardest, but it gets easier as you go.  Deep breath!!  hug2.gif


Keli - Welcome!!!! Sorry you are here but it a good place w/ lots of great support!! Hope your stay here is short!!!


Deport - hope you had fun at the cabin and got to relax some too!!!!


rcr - what is going on w/ you?  Did you decide to go back to vegas in the winter for sure???  What will you tell people this time if you go back there?  Hope you can enjoy the rest of your summer.


Hi to everyone else i missed.

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Nese, don't worry!  I think they figure in a little human error.  I've had shots where too much squirted out when i was trying to get the air bubbles out, I've had shots where some seeped out after I injected it.  Just the other day my HGH bottle was over pressurized and a bunch of it squirted out at me! It was always fine, there was never an issue, and I still responded just the way I was supposed to.  The meds will do what they need to do, just have faith!  Did you get q caps with any of your meds?  I get them in the Menopur box and I find them really helpful for getting every last drop out of the bottles.  


I'm actually lounging with a heating pad on my stomach (my acupuncturist says that heat brings blood flow to the area and it's good for the lining/ovaries) and trying to relax too!


Hello Blue!  What are you up to this weekend? 

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Aura - I had my first scan on stim day nine. It felt late. It it was ok. Don't worry.

I am camping this weekend. Will be back later.
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aura- I am really glad you got to share that information with your cousin. I hope your experience can help a lot more people, that is the hope I have for myself too. Before I started going on line, I struggled for yrs. I just kind of buried myself in work and distracted myself with being busy. I am sure there are other women who do the same. I think it is great if all that we go through with IF can help others. I would never wish any of my experiences for anyone. I do think that if I could get to the other side of this and succeed at having a full-term baby. It will have made me a much more compassionate, caring person.

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Hi all,


Aura:hope your shots are going well.  The meopur does sting! I did womb warming too.  And I defitily will be this time as I'll be camping! Sorry to hear about your cousin.


SK: glad your numbers are looking good.


Nese: Hope your shots are going well.


Blue: Thanks I'm being more careful! My doc recomened omegas, dhea and foilc acid.  The other are from my hair test or other recomendations.  I'm going to come off most stuff after ec.  Hope you guys have a good weekend.  It would be great if it stopped raining for the olympics but no sign of that yet! U guys still having a heatwave.


rcr: enjoy your camping.  I'm off camping on sat so let's hope the weather changes!

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Wow, lots of posts since my last login to this thread.


rcr, sorry to hear about the BFN.  Blessings to you and your DH as you decide what to do next.


teresa - ah a heartbeat!  Looking forward to seeing what's next and hoping that little Al Seed keeps growing!


AFM, AF has come and gone for the month.  Still saving up our money for the "ART case management" fee to schedule our IVF month.  Looking like Sept/Oct may be when we can try.  So as a novice to this stuff, I will have to be on birth control pills for a month and then the next month would be the stimulant injections/egg retrievel/embryo transfer?  DH and I need to schedule another date for him to make a sperm donation.  Dr wants more than 5 motile sperm that they froze the last time for an IVF attempt which makes sense.  I am hoping there will more motile sperm the next time.

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Hi all, lilac's post made me realize I haven't updated lately. I'm reading along and cheering everyone especially Aura, Nese, and Keli. I hope to be able to do personals soon. Latest on me: RE is giving us less than 5% chance of having a full-term pregnancy. I'm not ready to let go yet, so I'm still on all meds and will go for another ultrasound on Thursday. If there's been no growth then I will likely stop meds and wait to miscarry. Not sure I can stomach a d&c, but who knows how I'll feel next week. Sorry to be a downer :-/
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Big hugs Teresa. I am so sorry to hear that.

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Big hugs Teresa. I am so sorry to hear that.

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Teresa, I am holding on to hope!  This little fighter has come so far, and has held on for so long.  I'm focusing all my love and energy on you, just take care of yourself this week and know we're all rooting for you.  

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Also Teresa,  We are here for each other in good times and bad, so never worry about being a downer.  Life happens!

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Teresa...sorry to hear what the doctor has said. Just remember...Al Seed can't hear yet! Just because the doctor says it does not mean it has to be. I am praying lIke crazy for you. Hang in there and try to stay positive. All hope is not lost yet. Who says Al Seed can't be part of that 5%?hug2.gif
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Tersa: I'm so sorry to hear that news.  Thinking of you hug2.gif I always thinking thoes stats are meaning less, what counts is what happens to yours.  Hopeful yours its a fighter.


Lilac: hope things are going well.  Thats the normal sort of time line, I'm on a short protocol so I miss bcp and down regging and just start stims from af.


AFM: I'm just feeling really bummbed out.  The gov is changing the tax system so I won't be able to get the support I was expecting.  I thought the only good thing to come out of the mess that is my life is that I could stay home with my babe if I can get that far on my widows pension and tax creidts and now I can't.  I've lost my husband, I've lost my chance of having his baby, I've lost the chance to bring up a child in a couple and now I've lost my chance at finical secrity and staying home with my child.  I'm just so fed up.  And I have a new phone I can't work.  I'm sorry to vent I'm just fed up and stressed and thats not going to help my cycle.

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Silverbird, Hugs for you. Government are so annoying.  What is "down regging"?


AFM, spent the day reading.

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silver, this must be so incredibly frustrating for you.  life is not fair.  i'm so sorry, i hope you can catch a break somewhere along the way.  is the tax change effective immediately or is there a window of time?


lilac, sounds like a relaxing day! what are you reading? 


afm, spent the day with my mom and am now just waiting around for it to be time to take my shots.  not sure what i did this morning, but i must have hit something, because i was bleeding all over the place.  i ran to get a gauze pad and left a little blood trail on the kitchen floor.  it looked like a crime scene!  i've never done that in all the injections i've given myself, so now i'm a bit freaked out for the three shots tonight.  dh comes back from comic con tomorrow, and my first scan is at 10am in the morning.  i'm excited to finally get a peek at what's going on inside, but also nervous.  new protocol = not sure what to expect.  i hope i've got a good number of eggs, i hope they're growing all together, and i hope dr t is happy with my progress.  this time next week i'll be either having my retrieval, or about to have it.  crunch time!

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Been reading up on #flipclass on twitter as I am reviewing different things I want to use in my classroom this fall.  I love teaching and I love learning.

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Teresa - Oh no! I am so sorry. I really really really hope that your little Al Seed is a little fighter baby and will make it. I don't want to give you false hope, but when I had my m/c, I came across a web site called Misdiagnosed Miscarriage, that has all kinds of stories of people who were told they were going to miscarry (usually a blighted ovum), only to go on to have a healthy baby. In some cases, these women turned down a D&C, and the baby survived. Do you have a tilted uterus? Apparently, that can make measurements be a little behind. Anyway, stories like that gave me a lot of hope.


Aura - ouch about the blood. I have had that happen once or twice when I did a shot in my butt. So do you have all your meds now? I can't belive your retrieval is so soon! I can't wait for your scan tomorrow. What is comic con? I have a FB friend who keeps posting pictures from it. I have never heard of it.


Silver- I am sorry. I don't really understand the government stuff, but it seems like the U.S. system of treating mothers and women like crap is spreading throughout the world. I am really sorry. Will working part time be enough for you?


Lilac - yea, BCP are usually part of it, but not all the time. It depends on what type of drug protocol you use.


Nesse - hope the injections are going ok.


Blue - thanks for asking about me. I will answer in my AFM. How are you? We have family up near you, and I heard it is crazy hot there. We are hot here too, but that is normal for the south. I am thinking of heading up to the midwest in a few weeks to visit family before school starts in August. The summer has kinda flown by. I spent the first half waiting for my vegas trip, and now it seems like summer is over. It kinda feels like I wasted the summer, which really bums me out.


AFM - Well, we decided to go for the december cycle. I think that the date I need to be there is Dec 3. In the meantime I am going to try not to obsess, and try to loose weight. We are going to tell people that we are going out there to spend the holidays with my cousin (the little detail that we are not christian, and I haven't spoken to my cousin in 15 years is minor, lol). I asked Doc to order my meds, because I am worried about Luveris running out (they stopped making it), and not being able to get drugs when I need them. So I am going to go ahead and get whatever drugs don't expire before then, and just hold off on the others. I feel good about doing our last cycle with my own eggs. Doc wants us to do half donor sperm, so we ordered the same sperm from the last donor that we used and it should arrive at the doctors office on Tuesday. There was only one vial left, so I wanted to go ahead and get it. I took DS camping last week, and it was really fun. It rained a lot though, and the tent leaked, so we left a day early. Like I said to Blue, I am thinking of going out of town next week to visit family. I start back at school Aug 10, so I have a few weeks, and I kinda feel like the summer was wasted, so I would like to do something fun to make up for it.

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Teresa - I'm so sorry to hear that news but i'm keeping my fingers crossed and praying that things work out for the best.  Keep us posted.


rcr - glad you have a plan!!!  Where abouts in OH are going to be?? Hope you have a relaxing time. It has been hotter than normal here so I'm a little worried to see what Aug is going to be like since it is already so hot. We really need rain too. Good idea to get your meds early.  I'm doing fine.  Not much going on here just trying to enjoy life and not worrying about much of anything.  We really haven't talked much about the adoption route at this point (both DH and I can't figure out what we are suppose to do so we haven't done anything basically), i think we just are happy not to have the expense/stress of anything at this point in time.  I just keep hoping for some kinda of crazy, amazing miracle and we get our free baby.


Lilac - I never took one bcp w/ all the 6 IVF's we did (fresh/frozen).  Good luck to you.


Silver - I'm sorry to hear your news.  So does that mean you won't be doing an IVF w/ this upcoming cycle or you will have to wait to save up the money or what?  Sorry I'm a little confused.  That doesn't seem fair that they tell you that you are approved and then go and back and change their minds.  Grrrr!!!


Aura - when is your first U/S check?  Fingers crossed for you!!  Can't wait to hear!!!  I've had that happen w/ bleeding in my belly once or twice before too... i think you just hit something wrong.  I just found that if i put a lot of pressure on it afterwards it would finally stop but took a bit.  No fun and then i would have a nice bruise there too. Sorry, I just saw that you asked what we were up to this weekend.  Lets see...nothing too crazy, Friday we took Abby to the lake to swim and then came home and worked on edging the sidewalk and driveway (pretty exciting Friday night don't you think...working like dogs in the heat), Sat we went to a friends house at a lake for a Birthday get together and we did some water skiing which was fun, and Sunday, today, we took Abby to see a dog trainer to get a little extra time in b/c she is really bad on a leash and we need to "break" her of this bad habit and then we took her back to the lake again to go for another swim.  She loves the water and it is so good for her to get out on the beach and run off energy.  So a Pretty chill weekend...nothing too crazy which is nice sometimes.  Hope you had a good weekend and that your DH gets home safe and sound.

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