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Silver: I'm so sorry sweetie! Sending you many hugs across the pond!!



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I got good news from the fertility center.  Again there were 5 motile and 3 nonmotile which made me question if they had the correct results since it was exactly the same as the last time.  Well I got a good explanation and also learned that this number is not the total that were frozen.  The explanation is simply that a sample was taken from the full volume that DH supplied so hopefully in each of the 4 vials frozen today, there are 5 motile sperm in each vial.  There were 5 vials frozen the last time so now there are a total of 9 vials frozen.  I thought that the 8 sperm were the total number in the vials but that wasn't the case at all.  Fertility treatment requires so much thinking and today was inspiration that good things might happen.  We need to go do another freeze in 2 weeks. Then the fertility center will  decide if we need to do another freeze or not.

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silver, i am SO sorry to hear that nothing fertilized.  so terribly unfair!! how are you feeling? will you discuss it with the dr? i sending you many hugs.


lilac, so glad you got more sperm! do you think you will be ready soon to go for ivf soon? 


kali, how are stims going?  good luck this cycle!  hopefully moving stress with calm down so you can concentrate on yourself.


nese, how are you holding up? any gut feelings?


sorry i've been mia... it's been a really crappy 2ww.  i've been poas for a few days now and all bfn.  then yesterday i had some bleeding.  i'm not having a great reaction to the crinone/e2v suppositories, and we thought the bleeding could be from that.  then after a whole day of no bleeding, i had more bleeding at night.  then it went away again.  and more bleeding this morning....  dr wang was emailing me at 11:30 last night and again at 7 this morning.  can i say again how much i love the drs at SIRM?  i have never had an experience where a dr cared so much for me that they would be emailing me around the clock.  in any case, dr wang had me go for my beta this morning instead of waiting until monday, so if it's over i can just stop torturing myself.  the lab said they'd have my stat results to the dr by 3, but SIRM isn't open that late, so dr wang said he can check remotely so that way i can have an answer later this afternoon.


dh and i were supposed to drive to philly to hang out with close friends, but instead my friend will come to me (dh will go down there for guy time because i feel like otherwise he will just mope around feeling sad and useless).  if it's a negative i plan on numbing the pain with wine and sushi and bad chick flicks in my pjs on the couch.  once i mourn this fully, i can contemplate when we will do our first fet, or if it's worth it to try to do pgd on them embryos or not.  *sigh* i was really hoping i was done with this rollercoaster.  it just never gets easier, does it?

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AFM - HOLY CRAP!!!!!  joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif   I'm totally in shock and trying not to get too excited.  I am 5 days late and accidentally took a LH test and it was positive this morning and then did a $ store HCG test and then that was positive and then I took an EPT and as you can see below.  Wow, is all I can say!  It's a total GOD thing!!!! Very nervous and cautiously excited.





Lila - that is great news too!!!!

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Blue- I only lurk over here from the IF one thread but wanted to say Congratulations, what an amazing story. I'll be hoping. & praying for you! It is so inspiring to see success against all odds, makes me remember why we try month after month, you just never know!
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Blue: joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifbroc1.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gif and another joy.gif for luck

I can't beleive it what amazing news!


Aura: I'm so sorry things aren't looking good.

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OMG Blue Congratulations YAY YAY!


I cannot believe my eyes if anyone deserves a MIracle Baby is you my friend


Now hte jumpers











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BLUE- you know how excited I am already but had to send u some jumpers too. Just proof that miracles do happen. No one deserves it as much as you guys.
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I was logging on hoping to find good news from AURA. I'm so sorry you've been getting BFNs!! It's great SIRM was willing to move up your beta. I hope it turns out to be positive! If not, wine sushi and a chik flick with a friend is a good way to go. 


Blue: Holy crap!!!!!!! This is the craziest, most excited news ever!!!! I'm so happy and thrilling for you and praying SO hard that this is your take home baby. Do you need to start intralipids and meds ASAP?!? 



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Aura I don't even know what to say. I prayed for you when I saw your update. I hope it's too early for POAS! Please know I'm thinking about you.

I POAS last night even though I swore I would not. DH and I decided its better to know and be prepared. So last night was 6dp3dt and it was bfn. I am hoping it's too early. We will test tonight and every night this coming week.
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Blue that's amazing. Prayers for you too!! Fingers crossed
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blue?!?!?!??!??!  i almost fainted when i read your post!! sometimes good things happen to good people who deserve it, and no one is more deserving than you.  i could not be happier for you!  

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and... i have my period.  i'm out.

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aura: hug2.gif I'm so sorry, now it doesn't get any easier

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Aura- So sorry greensad.gifgreensad.gifgreensad.gif
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Aura, I'm so sorry. Hugs for you. Do you have a follow up with you're RE to see what next steps are
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Oh my gosh Blue that is BEYOND exciting news!!!  I am absolutely thrilled for you!!!!  Sending lots of positive thoughts your way jumpers.gifjoy.gifbroc1.gifcarrot.gifbanana.gif

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Aura, I am so sorry to read that this cycle was a BFN.  I hope your RE is able to give some advice on which way to go next.  I know I look into PGD after so many failed FET's, but my RE only recommended it on fresh cycles (not sure why or if that is standard or not).  Perhaps he was just trying to "save" us money since it is so expensive and with a fresh cycle they can test them all at once, not just as they thaw each group?  So sorry again about the BFN, it's really not fair.


Silver, so sorry to hear about your fertilization report.  Was it a different protocol from your last cycle?  Do they give you another try for free?


Nese, I hope it's just too soon for your HPT's and you get a BFP surprise soon!

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EEK... I haven't been stalking as much lately, but I saw the crazy number of posts and was like... either something really good or really bad just happened! BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif I will be praying so hard for a sticky baby for you!!! I'm sure you're still in shock, but do you have any plans for treatment for the immune stuff? Or are you just going to see what happens? So excited for you!!


Aura - I also wanted to say I'm so sorry about AF... I've been so hopeful for you, with this cycle being so very different. At least you have some frosties (if I'm remembering correctly), and a medical team that's with you every step of the way. I'm still rooting for good things to come from switching to SIRM.


Nese - I hope it is too early, too... and I have to say, we are neighbors! I also live in Kingwood... crazy! Now I wonder if I've ever seen you at the grocery store or something...


Everyone else - I do read along and pray for you, too. I just don't often comment. hug2.gif to everyone who's been on the down side of things lately - I know there's been a fair amount of sad mixed with happy over here.

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Blue: Holy macaroni!!! I can't properly express how flippin' excited I am for you (partially because I don't know how to insert all those cute dancing vegetables!). I'm sure you're anxious to get into your doctor's office - will they see you on Monday? Do you think you'll be monitored in the same way as if you were doing ART? I know there are pluses and minuses to all that monitoring. I think we all needed to hear some good news on here - maybe you'll get the ball rolling for the rest of us ;-)


Nese: I'm with the others - it's probably too early to have tested. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.


Aura: I'm at a loss. I know we all had such very high hopes for you this cycle. It goes without saying that you should party like a rock star with your friend this weekend. Hugs.


Silver: Ugh. I am so so sorry. I'm sending you huge hugs. You're right; it never does get any easier.


Lilac: I'm so glad you are building up your stockpile of DH's swimmers! Hopefully, you'll only have to go for one more "donation."


AFM: Having a bit of trouble motivating myself to do much of anything. DH got me to the pool today, but I was a bit overwhelmed by all of the parents/children there. I came home and slept for two hours. Perhaps a mild depression? I've also had a killer headache for over a week. I'm guessing it's a combination of stress and the antibiotic (post-surgery) I'm on? Excitingly, I have to go to Cape Cod for work, so we're going to tack on a few extra days. We'll be up there week after next, and I am so so excited. We booked this cute little place right on the beach, and I think we may take a day trip to look for art in Provincetown and maybe even go whale watching! I've never been to Cape Cod so I'm really jazzed! I've also booked a consult with Dr. Wang at SIRM (where Auraleigh goes!). I'm feeling pretty good (although a tiny bit nervous) about changing doctors. I think at this stage, with so many letdowns, I need more hands-on attention from my doctor. Our boss gave us three-day weekends in August, so I think I may book a massage on Monday. So, it's not all doom and gloom :) 

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