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First off, thank you everyone for all your kind comments.  I really am in total shock right now and it's so hard for me to believe at this point in time that I'm not dreaming. I'm trying to just stay positive and not think about all the things that are stacked against us w/ my immune/health in general.  I just have to believe that if it is ment to be it will continue to all work out for the best and we will have a great story to tell for sure when this works out - trying to keep the faith alive.  All I can say is, don't ever give up ladies, no matter where you are on your journey w/ IF.   DH and I have been married this Sept for 9 yrs and we have been trying for a little over 6yrs w/ no luck.  Those of you that asked about the immune stuff.... I don't really know what to do.  Dr. S from SIRM in Vegas recommends me doing the intralipids up until week 24 even now, so on Monday i really need to see if my RE that is out of state would maybe be willing to order it for me again.  I don't know if he will or not, but i really need to get it asap.  Also have to find out if I need to get back on prednisone too or not.  It's so weird b/c i feel kinda like i'm alone in this b/c I'm not under my RE's care at this point in time.  It's rough b/c this week is crazy busy w/ work and then not this coming sat, but the next, i'm suppose to fly to London which my Mom was telling me I shouldn't go, but I can't imagine it would be that bad.  Any thoughts???


Teresa - I love the fact that you are going to be switching to SIRM!!!!  I think that is a great idea.  I hope you have a nice little get a way w/ DH and can relax and rejuvenate and clear your mind for what is next for you. 


Aura - Grrr!!!!  I can't believe it!!!!  How many days are you post ET now??  Do they still want you to have another beta?  I would think it would be good since you tested early.  Are you sure that AF is truly there and its not just bleeding from the crinione?  I have heard of that happening.  hug2.gif my friend.


Nesse - hoping that it is still early for you.  When is your beta again, did you ever find out the actual date???  Fingers still crossed and praying it worked.


Monkey - wow, you are 38 wks.... that is so AWESOME!!  HOpe you are well thanks for your post.


Momtoalexis - you know I stillheart.gif ya my friend!!!!


Belly - thanks my friend!!! Headed over to check on you on the other side.


Silver - always thinking of you and sending hugs from across the pond!!!  grouphug.gif


Vegan - thanks!! I know i have said it before, but you need a ticker!!!!  How many wks are you?  I need to go over to the grads side to check in on everyone here next.


Toothfairy -  Thank you!!!  I recognize your name from the other side b/c i stalk over there some too but don't post too much.  After reading your sig all I can say is don't give up and keep your faith!!!!!  Thanks again for your kind words and prayers.


Hi to everyone else.....Sorry if I miss anyone!!

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Aura - I'm so so sorry! I really thought this was it for you. Ugh. I wish I had something to say that could make you feel better. I'm just so sorry.

Blue !!!!!!!! Eeek! This is AMAZING news! I'm so excited for you!

AFM - BFN. I was really excepting to be pg, so that was not a fun phone call. We are going to do another round of clomid + IUI. Then, I think I'll be pushing for injectables unless my RE has a good reason to keep on with clomid.
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Hi Ladies,


Had a great talk with Dr Wang this morning.  Beta was 0.  No surprise there.  However he tested my estrogen and progesterone levels and those were shocking.  My progesterone was a 6, when it should be 15-20, and my estrogen was "negative" when it should be between 150-300.  I've been on double the recommended dose of crinone, along with e2v/progesterone suppositories.  Obviously the vaginal suppositories did not work for me.  On my second ivf I was on endometrin and also got my period before the beta.  


Dr Wang feels that possibly due to PCOS, I am metabolizing my estrogen reserves way faster than I should be in the ivf luteal phase, and since estrogen awakens the progesterone receptors, I am not getting the progesterone I need to support my edometrium.  For the frozen transfer I'll definitely need to go back onto the PIO shots (we will try a different oil and hope I don't have a reaction),and I'll also have to go for blood work every 2-3 days to monitor my estrogen and progesterone levels.  I'll be taking supplemental estrogen the whole time.  


It's funny, because I noticed around day 10 that all of my symptoms went away.  All of them.  He said this is probably when the hcg was finally out of my system and my own levels plummeted.  


My embryos never implanted, regardless of all this hormone craziness.  Had one implanted, my body "probably" would have kicked up the hcg on its own and been okay.  But it's totally speculation.  My 4 frozen embryos are all grade 2 expanded blasts, and he said they are beautiful.  I hope with the new hormone supplementation and some pretty blasts I'll finally find success.  I have to go in on day 21 of this cycle for an ovary check and to start lupron.  I can't believe I'm going to have to go through ANOTHER 2ww.

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SKJ, I'm so sorry.  Hugs to you.  Did he discuss starting you on injectables for the next round or have y'all had a chance to have that discussion?


Aura, Wow... that's a lot that went on with you!  How are you feeling physically? I have been there before with my first IVF and it totally sucks!  Do you do better on the PIO shots?  My RE swears there is no difference, but the first IVF I started my period within 7 days of ET on the suppositories (not the Crinone) and did not on the PIO shots even though that IVF ended with BFN as well.  Hugs for you as well.  I've been thinking about you a lot.


Blue, I'm still just so thrilled for your miracle!  It brought tears to my eyes when I first saw the pictures!!! 


AFM, I have tested 6dp, 7dp, and today 8dp3dt and all BFN.  I have been testing in the evening and will test tomorrow morning and Tuesday morning.  If they are BFN then I am going to chalk this up to a failure.  I still have not heard back from RE office regarding when my beta is nor how my other embryos did even though I have followed up twice.  Do you know how sh***y it is to sit here all weekend not knowing if you even had any frozen embies?  I'm a little pissed off.  I have been having cramps in the morning after I do the Crinone, TMI but my nipples are a little tender.  I'm assuming that this is due to AF about to show her ugly face because after BFN 3 days in the row it's hard for me to believe that my beta is going to show something different and the nip thing is because i'm preggers.  Sigh.



Monkeyscience, I live in Oakhurst.  Technically we are on the wrong side of the road, but it's definitely not in Porter.  It's always easier for me just to say I live in Kingwood since we aren't really in Porter.  We just have a porter address because of the side of the road we are on.  Maybe we  have ran into each other in the grocery store sometime :)  



love and hugs to all I may have missed!

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Aura - I'm so sorry dear. But, I'm so happy the doctor is AMAZING and telling you all this. It sounds like there is a plan in place and that must at least feel good. I so, so hope your FET works out.

Nese - I'm hoping your BFP is just a little late. With my DD, I tested negative at 10 DPO and positive at 12 DPO, so you never know. Ugh that they haven't called you back! WTF? Not ok. All I know is that I was pretty sure I was pg this month b/c I was dizzy, nauseous, had burning bbs and nada. So, I think symptoms don't tell you much either way. Being on the progesterone is so frustrating b/c it just gets your hopes up. I hope for you, though, that your nipple pain is a sign of good things to come! We need some more good news!
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Blue:  I happened to check in tonight to see how everyone is doing and WOW!!!! I am SO excited for you!!! Everything that can be crossed is crossed for you!!

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SKJ -  Sorry to hear about the BFN.   Hoping that the next one is your time.  We didn't have any luck w/ clomid but did w/ injectibles the first time.  Fingers crossed for you!!1


Aura - I love that you RE is so on top of things!!!!!  I'm glad that they found something.. you know what i mean.  Not that i want you to have an issue but it is so much better to find out why things aren't working which in turn will help you the next time to make sure everything is right. 


Nesse - Still crossing my fingers for you!!  Always want to use FMU first morning urine!!  That would be when  you would have the most hcg if it is there.  I can't believe you haven't heard from anyone from your office. I'd kinda be pissed too.  


Gale - thanks!!!! Hope you are well!!  What's going on w/ you.



AFM - my fav nurse from my RE's office said she would order a beta for me!!  Bad thing is that i'm probably not going to be able to get it done until late Monday or Tues morning.  So the results won't be in till tues no matter what.  Oh well.  Have to make a bunch of calls before i go to work tomorrow and see if I can get things figured out.  Our high risk dr told me last time w/ our m/c that i need to get in asap the next time we get pregnant so hopefully he might be able to get me in but this week w/ work is so crazy and I don't have a job that makes it easy to leave and come back but i'll try and figure it out.  Thanks again all for your kind words... i'm still in shock and so want to be excited, but a little nervous to  but know it is out of my hands. I'll feel much better w/ even an early u/s.

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Blue- just checking in, and saw this amazing news. Oh my gosh, wow. Congratulations. Miracles do happen for sure. Through all of my struggles I always went to try and find all the people I could and read their stories of beating extreme odds to get pregnant so I had hope for myself. I just have to re- affirm that miracles do happen. This is still going to be a challenge I am sure for a while but oh this is an amazing start.


Sometimes, it just seems like it is impossible to get pregnant for some of us and to have a baby, but it is just such an amazing miracle. I feel like their is so much reward in being blessed finally. Maybe I am not making any sense. I am just so happy for you. You deserve it. Try to spoil yourself with this it is well deserved and well waited for.

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Nese: I still have hope for you! I got a BFN at 12 dpo w/my 3 yr old. I hope the doc's office gets back to you tomorrow and that you have some embabies on ice - but I'm hoping you won't even need them!


Aura: Wow! Kudos to your doc for figuring out what's up with your hormones!! I'm still so sad that this cycle didn't end the way it should have - but I'm so hopeful that with the correct meds and monitoring, your FET will turn out dif. My doc insisted on PIO, not suppositories. I hope they can find a dif oil that doesn't bug you. The sore butt totally blows, but it's worth it in the end!


SKJ: Hugs! I'm so sorry about the BFN. I hope your 2nd try is all you need!



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Aura: hug2.gif I’m so sorry, no the roller coaster doesn’t get any easier. I’m so glad your doctors looked after you so well.  That’s good that they figured out about your hormones.  I bled early last time and might ask about such close monitoring. Look after yourself. Enjoy your wine and sushi.


Nese: hug2.gif I hope your bnf’s are just too early.  Thinking of you. That is rotten your clinic has not got in touch.


Belly: It was a similar protocol.  Same drugs but slightly more suprcur, different trigger and ICSI rather than IVF.  I think I will probably get another free cycle but will have to wait a year or so for it.


Teresa: hug2.gif I’m sorry your feeling so down.  I forget how long since you cycled, could your tiredness be a after effect of your meds? I’m glad you have a holiday to look forward to.  Good luck with your appointment at SIRM.  The dancing veg can be got from clicking the smiley face above your reply and scroll down.  Hopefully someone will need them soon!


Blue: Thanks for my hugs and good luck with your pregnancy! joy.gif I hope you get intralipids or whatever you need sorted.  It’s up to you if you go to London but there are clinics here that can help with intrlipids.  Let me know if you need any help for that.


SK: hug2.gif Sorry about your bnf.  Good luck for next round!


AFM: To be honest I’ve taken the result pretty hard. I was prepared for a bnf but not for even getting to be pupo.  The possibility of getting pregnant feels like it’s just receded into the distance again.  I’ve been on a pimms and junk food bender for a few days.  I’m planning to go to donor eggs for my next round.  I just can’t go through all that again and not even get to et.  But I feel totally back at square one.  I really don’t want to have to start looking at clinics again.

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BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am so excited for you!  A miracle is well deserved, and I'm praying that you get everything you need and this is your take home baby!!!  Congrats!!!


SKJ - I'm so sorry about your BFN


Aura - I'm so sorry about your BFN as well.  I'm glad they're getting things figured out and have good ideas for your FET.


Nese - I took my first HPT at 10dp3dt and only got a light positive, it really does depend on your body, so keep the faith, it could still be positive!!!  Even the HPT I took the day of my beta (which was nice and high) wasn't THAT dark.  Big hugs.

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Aura, I am so sorry to hear that this cycle didn't take but I am glad that they have a reason that they can treat. Here's hoping that those frozen embies work out better!


Nese, don't give up just yet. Maybe these guys are just slow starters. :)


Blue, wow! How incredibly exciting for you! Can't wait to hear the confirmation from the docs office.biggrinbounce.gif



My appointment on Friday went pretty well, 12 follicles all decent size. My RE estimated my trigger shot for early this week. I have a follow up today and will hopefully get the go ahead. Really hoping to trigger tomorrow so I don't have to buy any more of the meds! My insurance is great with the exception of medications and the out of pocket for those is... wow. bigeyes.gif

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Hi all...Just popping in!


SKJ:  So sorry about your BFN.  hug2.gif


Aura:  Oh girl...I am sorry.  When do you plan on going for the FET?  With my last cycle, my lining was not growing so, the RE had me on PIO shots daily, progesterone suppositories twice daily, Prometrium by mouth 3x daily and 2 estrogen patches.  I felt like crap...but it worked.  Just thought I would let you know that it can make a huge difference.  Hang in there!


Silver:  Bad news for you too....  I am sorry.  I have been praying for all of you.  It is so unfair.  I am thinking of you!


Blue:  Woooo-hoooo!!!!!!  jumpers.gifblueman.gif  That is the absolute best news!  I am doing a little happy dance!!!  Congratulations my friend.  If anyone deserves this it is you!!!


Nese:  praying.gif  Praying that you are just testing too early.  Keep the faith.


Teresa:  Have a great trip.  Provincetown is a hoot!  Enjoy!


Gale:  Nice to see your name here.  How are you doing?  When is your due date?  Are you still working?


To everyone else:wave.gif

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Blue and Praying:  I'm doing well, thanks for asking.  I'm 27 weeks with a boy! I think the last time I had posted I was five weeks and super itchy with no explanation.  I have since been diagnosed with Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy (basically my liver isn't processing bile like it should), so I will be induced at 36 weeks.  We're looking at the week of Oct. 8th.  I don't post often, but I check in on you guys regularly and am praying for your happily ever afters!!

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Typing from my Phone so might be a mess.

Gale- congrats on the little boy!! Hope all goes well. So sorry to hear about the itching. That sounds awful!! Take care!!

Praying- thanks!!! I still can't even believe it myself yet!!!

KeliG - thanks. I'll feel better hearing from the drs office too. 12 is a great number of follies. Keep us posted

Hope - thanks!! Hope u r well. I'll have to check in on you on the other side.

Silver - did you get to talk to your RE to find out what he thought went wrong??? So you didn't use donor sperm this time, sorry I guess I'm confused. Sending hugs your way.

Deport - thank. Yes it's crazy and I already think I've gotten too excited. DH said he doesn't want to get too excited until after 24 wks since we haven't made it that far. We just keep saying one day at a time.

AFM- I love my REs nurse. She ordered me a beta for today n I think wed and also called in the intralipids as well. I'm hoping that they will come early tomorrow to the drs office here so I can have it done tomorrow afternoon. They are suppose to call me when they arrive and then I can drive like 45-50 mins n have it done. I won't get the beta results back until tomorrow bc I had to go get it drawn after work tonight. My RE said if those two numbers come back good he will tell me to go on my trip to London to see my brother DH who will have been over there for a wk already. He also said if I wanted to come see him 5 hrs away for the first u/s I could. I'll prob do it here bc I've already got a connection w/ the high risk dr. That's about all from my end. Just want to see some numbers and an u/s and i'll feel much better.
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Today I had 12 eggs removed and I am still in a lot of discomfort. The pain is surprising because when my partner had an egg retrieval a few years ago, it seemed quite painless.  We still don't know if it will be a 3 day or 5 day transfer. Does anyone have experience with the difference? We have been told we can do a pregnancy test in 14 days so I guess we are at the very start of our 2 week wait.



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Just woke up with severe cramps and found that I've started my period. greensad.gif. They have my beta scheduled for Friday. I will see if they can push if up. No point in waiting until then to hear the news. I also found out that we have 3 frozen embryos. Going to try to go back to sleep although I know I can't. My mind is just spinning wondering what I did wrong.
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Nese: hug2.gif I'm so sorry.  Now repeat after me "I did nothing wrong.  ART is a game of chance.  Life just sucks for no reason sometimes".  Honsetly you can't blame yourself even if you did everthing right it's still a coin toss.  Try checking out this thread on learning from your cycles.  http://www.fertilityfriends.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=283000.0


I'll catch up with everyone else soon.

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nese - I am so sorry, i was really hoping this was it.  Take care of yourself

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Oh Nese. I'm so so sorry. What a crappy week we've had on this board! The silver lining is your 3 frosties. I seriously believe that FETs must somehow be better b/c your body has a chance to recuperate from the ER. I so hope that one of those 3 guys is your take home baby.
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