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Nese, I am sorry to hear this time didn't work out.hug2.gifPlease, remember to be gentle with yourself. It's good news that you still have three in reserve, here's hoping one of them is the one!

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BLUE! I am so so happy for you!

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Nesse- you did nothing wrong so don't blame yourself!!! IF sucks and there are no real reasons why it doesn't work. Hope you can take the time you need and then start thinking abouta FET. Glad to hear you had 3 to freeze.

Tara - sometimes a day 3 or 5 depends on the drs preference. My RE always liked to get them back in you ASAP so actually did a two day transfer. Sometimes it will depend on how the embries look saline are dividing a well so re's like them to go to blast so will do a later transfer. Hope that helps some.

Julieven - thanks!!! Don't give up hope girl. I never expected it to happen for us. I still don't believe it.

AFM - 1st beta Came back at 1300 and my thyroid is a little high as well so they may inc my meds. I'm at my intralipid appt now and typing on my phone. Only an hr 1/2 more to go. 2 nd beta results on thurs and first u/s on Friday. Wow did my week get even more crazy!!
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Nese: I'm so sorry AF arrived. I hope you can be kind to yourself through this tough time. HUG!!! I hope your little baby is among your frozen embies!!


Blue: I'm so happy to hear your docs have been great about accomodating you! And wow, that's an awesome beta!!! How far along will you be on Friday for your u/s. Will you have to repeat the intralipids? 



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Vegan- I will be 5 wks n 5 or 6 days I think. Yes I will have to do intralipid IV's once a month I think until 24 wks. I'm still at my iv appt now. Ugggh!! Hope you are well!!
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keli: Congrats on good follie numbers good luck for ec!


Tara: Good luck!


Nese: look after yourself!


Blue: Glad your getting your meds OK.  I did use donor sperm last time, no other choices have presented themselves! I'm planning on going double donor with donor egg and sperm next cycle.  I have an appoinmnet on 10th sept to see what happend with this cycle.


Hi to everyone else, thank goodness we have Blue miricle to keep us going with all this bad news.


AFM: Been to see my GP who signed me up to get all the level one immune stuff just checked out thyriod, glucose etc.  All for free! Have decided I enjoy wathcing the Olympics so much becuase none of the athlets are pregant! To be honset I'm still in a bit of a funk but looking into where to go next.  I'm thinking of going back to my first clinic becuase I really like them and they have no donor egg waiting list.  What does anyone else look for in a clinic?

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Just got back from a long trip. Wow. I sure missed a lot. Aura. And nese. I am so sorry. Blue! Oh my gosh! Wow! This miracle could not have happened to a better person. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.
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Hello to everyone!  Blue....I couldn't help it anymore......CONGRATULATIONS!!!  I absolutely could not be happier!  joy.gifheartbeat.gif

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Thanks Silver! It's good to hear you aren't giving up. To answer your question, we looked within our area and considered the percentage of successful cycles and live births. We also looked for a clinic using the most up to date technology. If we have to go through this a second time we will find the top rated clinic regardless of location and just be ready to travel for treatment.

I have another appointment in an hour, follicules were between 17.5 - 10 on Monday. Yesterday my estrogen was 1078. Not so sure at this point if this is looking good or not. Today will be a major break over point. I am afraid that most of them aren't growing well or producing the levels they should be if they were strong and healthy (only 2 were in the 17 range). On a positive note my lining was 8.5 on Monday.
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nese, i'm so sorry it didn't take.  don't blame yourself! we put ourselves in capable hands and hope for the best.  the fact that you have anything to freeze shows that there's something good going on in this batch of eggs.  did i read right that you got your period before beta?  i had a long talk with dr wang about this, because it shouldn't happen.  maybe your dr needs to investigate why your progesterone levels dropped even though you were taking supplemental progesterone.


blue, hooray for rising betas!  it's annoying to have to spend all that time doing intralipids, but absolutely worth it for the baby in the end.


keli, fingers crossed that things are growing right! when do you think you'll trigger?


silver, so nice of your dr to do this for free!


i'm struggling trying to figure out what to do next.  i can do my frozen transfer, which will cost me $3k.  or, they've made an exception and will let me opt into the two cycle program, so i'd just need to pay the balance of $7k.  that would include my two frozen transfers and one fresh cycle should they not work.  now, i feel like if i pay out the $7k up front i will get pregnant on my first frozen cycle and be out $4k.  but i think being pregnant would make it worth it.  if both frozens don't work, they i have to think about if i want to use myself for the fresh, or maybe see if i can sub in my sister's eggs.  it's a lot to think about.  i have to see if they are even open to me using donor for the second fresh, since techncially it's not me growing them.  but since we've had such great results at SIRM, do i try to use my own as a fresh?  if it fails, i am out of money and options.  argh!

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Aura - I would probably go with the 7k option, since you would be paying a lot more than that for another fresh if you don't do it and if the frosties don't work. Plus if it works you can still have the frosties for siblings? You had such great results this cycle, I guess if it were me I would try with my own again, but, well, the fact that it is your sister and not an unknown donor changes things I guess. Hard decisions.


All -I am still reading what I missed. We had a nice trip, but a busy one. DS got poison ivy, I took care of a lot of stuff at my moms house, and we drove a lot. it was fun and productive thought (except the poison ivy).  DH had varicole surgery yesterday, and the doctor who did it said that there is some research that says that it will help with IVF outcomes. I got my luverous and gannirelix for my cycle already (I am worried of shortages again).


Blue - I am so excited for you!

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Thanks Aura! Actually, things looked really good at my appointment yesterday so they had me trigger last night. They also found a 13th follicule hiding behind the others. Only one is on the small side but hopefully it will catch up by retrieval. There have been so many delays that I am afraid to get my hopes up that it is really happening. I kept having dreams lastnight about stuff going wrong, like the hospital not knowing who I was or all my follicules falling out before I get there. eyesroll.gif Like there isn't enough to worry about without inventing stuff. Anyway, today will be about trying to get myself back into an optimistic mindset. Tomorrow morning at 7:30 is retrieval...
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Nese:  I am sorry about AFaf.gif.  You need to know and believe that you did NOTHING wrong.  As a PP said, IF is a game of chance.  You can set yourself up with the best statistics and it still can come out all wrong.  Don't be so hard on yourself.  IF is hard enough.  Hang in there.  We are all here for you!grouphug.gif

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Nese, another thing to cheer about is that you did a very early transfer because you were worried about your embryos crashing before day 5, and yet you still wound up with embryos to freeze! Keep your head up!


Keli, good luck tomorrow!  I'll be thinking of you as I get ready for work.  I know it's hard to get a good night's sleep the night before, but trust that all will be well.  The follicles won't fall out, I promise! Your dr knows what to do.  


Rcr, welcome back!  Glad to hear your trip was fun, you sound recharged!  Sorry DS got poison ivy, I'm sure that was fun for you :P  What made DH get the surgery? I don't really know anything about it, so sorry if this is an ignorant question.  Amazing that it helps with IVF outcomes though!  When is your next cycle? 


Silver, when I chose my first clinic it was mainly because it was close to my home.  I had met a few people that went there and had success.  I probably should have looked at more than one clinic but we just jumped right in.  They had good SART data, but I think think that the numbers don't mean much.  Some of the best clinics hand pick their clients, or take on harder cases that bring their numbers down.   When I switched to SIRM, I chose them based on positive word of mouth, their website, the fact that the drs answered posts on the message boards, and the GLOWING reviews of Dr Tortoriello.  It kind of sealed the deal for me.  Switching was the best thing I've ever done.  I'll explain more in the AFM. 


AFM, We decided to jump in and do the 2 cycle plan.  I'd rather overpay and be pregnant than be frugal and wind up running out money before I get my baby.  So once I sign the paperwork we're in!  The nurse will call me tomorrow while I'm at lunch to go over the game plan.  I am really hoping now that Dr Wang has figured out about estrogen/progesterone issue post transfer, we can make it work.  Hopefully the frozen transfers will work and I won't have to go to the last fresh cycle, but it's there should I need it.  DH and I had a looooong talk about whether or not to use my eggs or not for the fresh.  He feels that using my sister is a great unknown.  She's four years younger than me, but we don't know anything about her fertility.  She's been on the pill for years and never tried to get pregnant.  We've come so far since my last clinic.  Had this cycle failed I would have chalked it up to bad eggs and moved on.  But we had a great cycle!  24 out of 24 fertilized, 6 of 24 made it to blast, 4 made it to freeze.  This is further than we've ever made it.  We have no reason to believe that we can't make this work once we fix my luteal defects.  Dr Wang said we pretty much have a 50/50 chance of getting pregnant with these frozen cycles, so the odds are not bad.  I'm jumping in!

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Aura and Nese, sorry to hear that AF found you. 


AFM, AF showed up for me again this month even with more BD in the fertile window.  Hoping that DH's reimbursement comes this next pay day.  Want to get going on the IVF cycle.

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Keli - hi. good luck tomorrow. I guess you came around here when I was gone, so I never really said welcome to you. But welcome!


Aura - Congrats on making the decision. Do you have a date for your cycle? This is how the surgery came about. Dh has had trouble "performing" for several years. We have always been told that it was stress from IF (and boy, is it stressful!), and he used viagra. But that stuff is so damn expensive. So we were in Turkey two summers ago and it was super cheap and you can get it at a pharmacy (no prescription), and it is real (not the fake internet scam stuff), so we bought like a huge supply of it because it was so much cheaper. Well he ran out of it a few months ago, and got a prescription from his general doc, but the pharmacy said that he needs some kind of "medical need" authorization and insurance will pay for it (otherwise it is like $40 a pill or something), so he made an appointment with a uriologist. who was really wonderful and did all kinds of tests and stuff to find out what the problem is. He has low testrostrone, and varicole, but the doc thought it is still kinda psycological too. So he recommended the varicole surgery because it can help get an erection too. The doc called me afterward (I was still out of town) and said that he did have some serious varicoles (which are just like veins that are too close to the surface I think), as well as fluid in his scrotum - both of which could cause sperm quality problems. Oh, and he ended up doing the surgery so fast because we are doing IVF in December, and the doc said that there is research that shows better IVF outcomes if the surgery is done 4-6 months before IVF. So he rushed him in the surgery to get it done in time before out cycle.


Silver- hi! I think I missed something going on with you while I was gone. I am going to read back and see what is up with you.

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 I just clicked on a random post at the bottom in the "new posts" section, and saw that it was by a woman in the TTC while nursing thread I was on many years ago. She was TTC for her second back then. Now she is pregnant with her fourth. ugh. That kind of stuff makes me feel pathetic.

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Aura - i think you are doing the right thing.  Fingers crossed!!


rcr - how is your DH doing?  Fingers crossed this helps and you get your free baby out of it.


Lila - sorry to hear about AF.  When are you hoping to get your ivf cycle started??


Silver - sending you hugs!  Hope you are enjoying these last few days of the Olympics.


Keli - Good luck tomorrow.  Fingers crossed that all goes smooth.  Keep us posted when you feel up to it. 


Nese - how are you doing?  Hope you are doing okay.  hug2.gif


Silver - hope that the test maybe find something that could help out in getting pregnant.  When we were looking for a clinic we look at their stats for pregnancy and also cost since we paid out of pocket.


Grumby - thanks!!!  You are too sweet!

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Blue - he called today to tell me that his balls are three times their normal size. I think he is in a lot of pain, and was not really expecting it to hurt so bad.

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All I saw from the front page was a comment.about balls. I'm sure your dh is uncomfortable rcr, but sheesh your post tickled me! lol.gif
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