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rcr: I got 0 fertilization angry.gif I hope your dh is better that sounds awful!


Everyone else: Apolgise I prob wont be on line much (unless I can make it work from my phone) as my sister is visiting smile.gif so were running round doing tourist stuff and hoping the sun doesn't disapear! I'll catch up soon, good luck and I'm thinking of you all!

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rcr - wow, that doesn't sound like fun at all!!!  Poor guy! Pull out the bags of peas right!!!


Silver - i hope you have a great time w/ your sister on this last day of the Olympics.




(Spoiler Alert - talks about pregnancy - I know some people are sensitive)


AFM - Hey all just thought I'd update real quick.  2nd beta went to from 1300 to 2771 and u/s today went okay.  I guess they are saying that I'm only like 4 1/2 weeks and I'm not almost 6 weeks which from my last period that is where it would put me. They saw the gestational sac and the yolk sac, but they said it is too early to see the fetal pole or a heat beat yet.  I have to go back on the 27th which is the day after we get back from London.  I'll probably be half asleep for it, but that is okay.  My OB also got the report and just called me which I thought was very sweet.  She said that if the high risk Dr was comfortable w/ me flying over seas then he must have felt that it looked pretty good.  She said if i start having any bleeding before I leave to call her right away.  I also asked her about the high hcg levels of 1300 and 2771 and she said that they are in the normal range and nothing to be concerned about.  So over all I feel better about the whole thing and know I just have to take one day at a time and it's out of my hands if this little bean will end up strong and healthy. Oh the other thing was that he was kinda freaked out by the intralipids b/c i guess there isn't any proven evidence so he was concerned and kinda freaked DH and I out a bit.  Uggghhh!! 


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Silver, hope you are enjoying the time with your sister!

Aura, thanks for the positive thoughts this morning. I know that they helped!

RCR, thanks for the welcome! It sure sounds like your DH has been through the ringer lately, poor guy! Hopefully, the surgey will help with your treatment at least. Sure sounds like you got a good urologist on your side and good docs being around is always a bonus.

Blue, your news is wonderful and so exciting! Again it's awesome to have solid supportive docs around. What a major boost to be told that your docs wouldn't advise you going on your trip if they didn't think everything was ok. The vacation will be just perfect for your little one to grow!

Tara, I know what you mean about the discomfort now! Wow, the level has been surprising for me too. How have you been since your last post?

AFM, my retrieval went better than anyone's wildest expectations! We went in thinking there were 13 eggs and came out with 20! The look on my docs face when she told me was priceless! She was bouncing on her toes and glowing she was so thrilled. She actually made me guess how many eggs we got. LOL

Now, not all were fully mature follicules and right up front we don't expect them all to fertilize because of this but the fact that there were so many hiding and/or developing at the last min is apparently a really good sign! The embryologist expect the mature ones to be really great just because of these little ones existence.

DH's collection didn't go so great while I was in retrieval though. He was too worried about me and had obstained to long or something, so the count was really poor. So after consultation with the same embryologist we decided to go for breakfast and then go back for a second collection. Apparently, that has some success clearing out the bad swimmers and making way for the healthy ones. It ended up working and we got a much better group the second time around. Now, we just wait for the fertilization report later today and hope the cramping subsides so I can get some rest!
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Oh Silver, that is horrible. I am so sorry. I know all about 0 fertilization, and how horrible it feels. Sending you big hugs.


Blue - that is wonderful! I hope you have a great time in London!


Keli - congrats! I can't wait for the fertilization report! I have never heard that Dh could give a second sample. That is wonderful that he could.

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Blue, that is exciting news to hear about your pregnancy.  Always nice to get encouraging news. 


Keli - I too find it interesting about the second collection of sperm for fertilization.  DH has an extremely low sperm count. The last two times we did a sperm freeze, DH had abstained 2 days, this time we are going to try 3 days of abstaining to see if we can get a higher count than 5 motile, 3 nonmotile in their little sample of the to be frozen sample.


AFM, looking forward to the sperm freeze on Friday.  Hoping for a greater concentration of sperm so DH can be done with the donation for freezing since it makes him self concious and embarrassed.

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Silver- sorry that happened, thats awful. I hope your sisters visit is fun or uplifting. I hope things turn around. I really wish that didn't happen.

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KeliG - So glad to hear that your ER went well.  That is so cute that the RE made you guess b/c she was so excited.  Did you hear anything back yet?  Fingers crossed for you!!!  Keep us posted.


Lila - fingers crossed that this will be your last DH's last sample!!!!  Hope it goes well.


Silver - hope you and your sister are having a good time.  Not sure how much you will be on but i sent you a PM asking about London.


rcr- hope you are well.


Aura - how are you doing??  Thinking of you!!!




AFM - Well, my favorite nurse at my RE's office sent me an email this morning and said that she reviewed my U/S w/ my RE (even thought he isn't really my Dr right now but has been so great at following us w/ this) and he really wants me to have another u/s this coming week before I would head over seas.  Not sure if it will make any difference w/ flying and what-not.  So now on Monday I have to call and try to schedule another u/s hopefully for Thurs. That is the scoop here.

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blue- i would totally go for it and get another u/s. It may just put your mind at ease before the trip. wishing all the best for you and your bean blue. Always be here to cheer you on through the process.

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Just popping in with the fertilization report. Of the 13 expected 11 were healthy and mature. And from those we got 8 healthy embryos. The 7 that were our surprise group were all late starters and undersized, as expected. Now we wait for our day 3 evaluation...
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KeliG - that sounds great!!!  8 is a good number!!  Do you know how many you are thinking of putting back in?  Keep us posted when you hear about your 3 day evaluation.  joy.gifSending lots of healthy growing vibes.goodvibes.gif

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Keli - congrats! Wonderful fert. report!


Blue - are you having your other scan today?


ETA - Blue - oops I just read above that you are going to call today to schedule it for Thursday.

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rcr - LOL.... no problem.  I scheduled it for Thurs morning at 9:20am and then I have to run off to work late from there!!  Fingers crossed the bean is growing in there!!!!  How is your DH doing?  Hope better!!!  When do you start w/ your next cycle?  I think you said you are waiting until your x-mas break, is that right??  Hope you are well and I'm sure you are busy w/ classes starting up again here soon.  Take care!!

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Hello everyone,


I had an embryo transfer (one embryo) two days ago, and wow was I amazed at the pain of having to have a full bladder. I completely wasn't expecting it because the last time they didn't seem to need my bladder to be at the point of bursting. I couldn't even wait the 15 minutes after that I was supposed to stay laying downl


Sadly, we transfered one and only had one to freeze (out of 12 eggs).  I guess it only takes one....


It's hard to figure out ways to take my mind off all this until I know the results.... what do others to do keep sane?



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tara, welcome!  all you need is one embryo, good luck!  i have yet to figure out how not to go crazy during the two week wait, but if you figure it out let me know...


rcr, i lol'd at your dh's issue.  did the swelling go down? is he feeling better?  our partners so rarely go through the pain and suffering that we do, so it's funny to see their reactions when they have to physically participate.  i can't wait to see if this brings any improvement for the upcoming ivf cycle!


blue, you're my hero!  how are the intralipids going?  i think your upcoming trip is going to be really exciting, and i'm glad you get an ultrasound first too!  how are you feeling?  any morning sickness yet? pamper yourself, please, you deserve it!


keli, can't wait to hear the next update on your embryos!  the fert report looked wonderful... do you know when you'll transfer?


silver, sending love your way.  how are you feeling?  i hope this visit with your sister is just what you need to be in a good mood.


afm, the birthday festivities are beginning!  i usually celebrate for a whole month, but my big fat BFN kind of put a damper on that.  this past weekend we went to visit friends, and i was treated to a spa day while our husbands hung out at home.  my massage was MUCH needed, and we had a nice steam and pedicure too.  last night dh gave me a lovely pair of earrings for my bday, and there's another gift he's saving for sunday, which is my actual bday.  friday we leave for the lake house with our friends.  i am counting the seconds... is it really only tuesday? 


other than that, i go back to SIRM on the 24th for a new biopsy (to make sure the endometritis didn't come back), ovary check, and if all checks out okay i start back up on lupron.  oh joy.  last time i was only on lupron for about five days, this time i'm on it for weeks.  should i be scared? i'm also doing IM estrogen the whole time, and IM progesterone post transfer.  fuuuuun. 


also, what are everyone's experiences with frozen transfers?  the nurse said we should give them permission to thaw all four (one at a time though) so we can make sure we have two to transfer.  is it common for them not to make it through the thaw?

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Aura - good to see your name pop up again.  I was starting to worry about you!!!!!  Happy Birthday early too before I forget!!!joy.gif I hope and pray that this Birthday year is full of blessings and a BFP!!!!!!!  You know I'm always routing for you!!!!!  When we did all of our FET's we thawed like 3 b/c we knew (initially before we found out we had to only transfer 1) 2 embryos and most of the time only 2 would make it and the other one didn't but my RE does the old school freezing!!  I'm sure SIRM has the high tech good freezing method I'd think.  I think it is more common for them not to make the thaw w/ the old school method but i like the fact that they are doing one at a time so you won't waste some.  You are sweet to ask about me and I always feel weird talking about it on here b/c i don't want to offend anyone, but i'll just leave it at I'm doing pretty good, feeling better than I'd like I guess which makes me a little nervous, but only time can tell.  Next u/s is this Thurs at 9:20am!! Fingers crossed. oh and intralipids went fine except for the huge bruise on my forearm that makes me look like I'm a druggie that the lady said is normal at that site and might not go away for 2 wks!!!  Sure wish she would have told me that before I said she could stick me there.  irked.gif


Nesse - thinking about you too and hoping you are taking time to heal!!!!   Sending you lots of grouphug.gif 's !!!!!!

Keli - any update?  Been thinking of you!!!


Tara - I actually kinda liked the tww w/ all of my transfers in a way b/c it was the only time i felt like I could say i was PUPO (pregnant until proven otherwise).  I always kinda felt like those almost two weeks there was not much else i could do and it was all out of my hands.  I would also pretty much drown myself in work too which always seemed to make the time go by faster.  Good luck to you.  When is your beta?


Silver - hope your are having fun w/ your sister.  How long is she staying?  Did you take time off work to hang w/ her???


rcr - hope you are well!!!




Hi to everyone else.. i'm too tired tonight to figure out everyone else that I'm missing, but I know I"m missing a bunch.  DH is out of town and last night I slept like crap, so i really should have gone to bed hrs ago.  Hope everyone is well and I'm here cheering you all on!!!!goodvibes.gif

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Hi yes, sorry about that! Transfer is in a few hours. Our fur-baby has been sick so our focus has been on her the last few days. She is better now... and DH alarm just went off. Coffee & herbal tea time! Will have to catch up with everyons' goings on in a day or so... Thanks for thinking of us!
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Blue - yea, I am waiting until December. I forgot the date (strange for me), but it is like the last week in November or something like that. Good luck on the u/s today.


Tara - good  luck. I have no advice. the TWW kills me every time.


Aura - glad things are moving along for you. Yes, DH is feeling better. The swelling is gone, but the incisions still hurt him a lot.


Keli - hope all is well.

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On my phone and at work.

Just a quick update: We've got a HEARTBEAT!!! I think it was like 118 and they said I'm 6wks 4 days, I think it was! joy.gif Baby is on track and est due date of April 7th!!  Thx for all the thoughts n prayers!

I'll be around to cheer you all on in hopes that you all get your BFP's! Never lose hope!! I'll post my updates on the grad side bc even though I don't really belong officially over there technically I feel like we are all still part of a family around here.
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Yay Blue! AFM- No AF, No BFP. CD 28. I am starting to get AF like cramping, but I've had that off and on for more than a week. I have been on vacation for 2 weeks and cannot possibly attempt to catch up with everyone. So, know that I'm sending hugs to all (extras to the ones in really bad places right now) and positive vibes to everyone.

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Blue~ joy.gif that is such wonderful news, congratulations!

Rcr~ it's good to hear your DH is doing better. Healing scar tissue is always uncomfortable and I imagine this is worse than most.

Tara~ I had the full bladder transfer too and I was doubled over with the discomfort of it! Thankfully the doc used a cath to empty me before moving me to recovery. As far as the TWW, I agree with what Blue said, PUPO. Try taking it easy if you can and be gentle with yourself. Watch a movie marathon over a few days time or reread your favorite book...

AFM~ the transfer went really well. We had three that looked nearly perfect and three more that were almost as good. The last four weren't quiting though and were still possibles for a freeze. The top two were transferred and the others are set to be frozen today based on evaluation. Now we are just waiting for the official report....
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