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Wow Deborah-that sounds awful. I could imagine that your body is going to take awhile to recover. I did not have a normal period after my first loss for almost a year after. It was very intense at first. Also, I did not have twins which pose their own challenges. Mine was much earlier. So, I just think and am sorry that you have to experience this but your body is going to take awhile to recover properly. You said that you have endo right? The first loss that I experienced was very intense. I had some intense labour pains. You should get medical help, if it is your doctor or at the hospital because they can if nothing else give you apropriate pain medication. i don't know what tramadol is. I am really sorry, this must be just so terrible for you.

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Daisy Mae - what is microarray cgh? (and welcome too!!)


Hi Silver - nice to see you. All of your travels sound like fun. Last time you checked in you were headed off to a spa weekend with friends, right? How was it? Did you get monitoring done while there?


Praying - my mo has improved. She woke up and is talking a little. She has Alzheimer's so she never really talks a lot anyway. So the little bit of talking that she is doing is pretty normal for her. Thanks for asking. I fly out on the 17th.


Teresa - So glad you are still going! Sounds like a good growth spurt they had! The timing of IVF was always a pain for me. I would work really hard to find somebody to cover my classes, and then find out the next day that my schedule changed and I had to find different people to cover different classes. What a pain. I am so glad it is summer  now. See my AFM about my mom. Thanks for asking.


gtree - glad to hear such great news from you too!


Deborah - glad to hear you got some good news. Hopefully it won't come to doing IVF again though.


Blue - Glad you are hanging in there. I am sorry it came to this, though. We all wanted to badly for you to get your miracle baby. I am sure if will happen somehow though. The nurse at my old RE clinic told me her adoption story once: She had gone through like 8 or 9 IVF cycles, all BFNs, and finally decided to give up. Then about a year later a friend of a friend knew somebody who was having a baby and wanted to give it up for adoption. The nurse eventually adopted the baby. It was a really sweet story of how it all worked out in the end. I visited the parents via egg donor forum for a little while, when I was considering egg donation, and all of the stories about how they got their children ended the same way - it all made sense in the end and it was perfect in the end. I hope you get your happy ending after all you have been through.


Deborah (again) - are you feeling any better? I can't imagine why your AFs would be so painful now when they weren't before. Strange. I hope you got some answers and relief. Hugs to you.


Deport - Sorry you and DH have been fighting. IF is stressful. my DH and used to fight a lot too, and still do sometimes. We went to counseling and it helped a little, but we still fight a lot.


AFM - thanks all for asking about my mom. She did get out of ICU, and went back to a phych ward in the same hospital. She has Alzheimer's, but they say that seizures are not normal for people with Alzheimer's. so they think it may have been related to some drugs that she was on. She is up and talking (kindof), and was standing (but not walking) when I left yesterday. I am going back today and hoping for some improvement. She was pretty groggy from being in a hospital bed.


I was supposed to get my gannirelix today and start it tomorrow. They have to split it at the pharmacy because I am taking 125 units, and the shots are filled with 250, so splitting them makes them have a 14 day shelf life, so I wanted until the last minute to have them delivered. I ordered them 2 weeks ago. The pharmacy called yesderday and said they were all out. I threw a fit, and somehow they found 6 doses for me and are sending them out. Luckilly, I have 10 saved from a previous cycle, so that should get me through, but I am still annoyed that they waited until the day before I needed them to tell me they were out, especially since I ordered them so long ago.

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Hi everyone,


Unfortunately, my results were a BFN.  I apologize for keeping you all waiting so long.  My husband and I leave for vacation, back to the states, in 3 days.  We have one embie left and we will try one more time when we return.  I was really hoping to go home with some fantastic news but I know I have to remain positive.  We had a long talk and decided that we both have to calm down and be more supportive of each other, even when it becomes extremely complicated. 


I appreciate all you ladies! Thank you so much for your support!!  I def have some catch up reading to do with all of you!!

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Sorry Kali hug2.gif I hope you enjoy your trip.

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It is awful and Tramadol is a pain killer that is considerably stronger than ibuprofen/aleve but not as strong as vicodin. I would take the vicodin or some percocet, but then i wouldn't be able to function during the day. Not that I'm particularly doing well with that, but I can at least get some things done like reading for class. Though, maybe today I should take one of the stronger drugs if I need it and just kind of put myself on MBR. If that doesn't work, then I will definitely need to address it with my OB. It's not as bad now as it was early this morning. I'm also really frustrated because they seem to be non-productive contractions. There is no AF in sight so far. It is a bit early for it, but I have had it this early before. Also, thanks for sharing that your post-loss AFs were also really intense. That is slightly more comforting in knowing I'm semi-normal. On a positive note, dancing rainbows in my dreams this morning.

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Deborah: Hugs! I hope you get some relief soon! I had thought that giving birth helped cure a lot of women of bad menstrual cramps. I'd definitely call - have they made sure you don't have any retained placenta or anything?


Deportivo: I'm sorry you're having a rough time. It's so just crazy awful that whether or not we have a baby can depend on money. It angers me so much! And the waiting for things to get going nearly killed me. Especially since my DH kept waffling on IVF the entire time - even after I had paid for the cycle. I hope the next few months go quickly for you!


Kali: I am so sorry!!! I was so hoping you were going to come on and announce your BFP!!! I'll be praying your embie is the magic one! And I think it's so awesome that you and DH were able to realize you need to support each other. Infertility can really do a number on a relationship!! Protecting your relationship with each other is SO important!!


Blue: Still thinking of you so much! I hope you and DH find a solution or conclusion that makes you both happy. Forgive me if you've told us this before, but would you guys consider donor embryos? Would that be an option with your natural killer cells? California Conceptions (I think that is the name) has a money back program where you get 3 tries for 10k. And I believe they guarantee a take home baby - not just a BFP. I know you guys are tapped out money wise. But perhaps one day you could find 10k - certainly cheaper than the 30k for adoption. 



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Hey Kali- So so sorry. Hope you can stay positive and have a good trip to make up for things. I had high hopes for this time, but I really hope and wish that the next embie will stick and be the one. Let me know how you are holding up! Hopefully you can get some support or peace on your trip.


rcr- yeah its hard. i know that sometimes I get a little crazy. I just want him to put in a better effort, you know. I don't ask that much from him. Last time I saw SIL, I used to see her and boyfriend fight all the time. But this time with her and her belly, they were acting like a teenage couple. Him rubbing her belly. FIL keeps ribbing DH about getting married and marriage. SIL was like, yeah thats why we are never getting married so we can stay happy. We were playing cards and they were high fiving each other, saying we're a good team! I couldn't help but feel like they were being so ridiculous. I would really love to have seen them act the same way after dealing with everything we had gone through. And on top of that watch me bounce around all excited and get all the attention and showered with gifts from her family etc. Than when his mom said all that she said to me, it felt like a slap in the face. It really pissed me off how ignorant they are. But I guess sometimes, we go through really hard times ahead of someone and watch them experience what we want. Than they run into problems that may be worse. I don't know. It just hurts you know.

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Deborah-Well I hope your body starts to do better for you soon. Sorry for that experience. It sucks going through all that and no baby to cuddle or to console.


Vegan- I know thats exactly how I feel. And what sucks is the more time it takes, the less serious it seems DH is getting. The more frustrated I am getting. At least it is summer and I can semi-distract myself. I just wish things were different. You know what would really just break my heart is if I were just one of those women who didn't get there baby cause I couldn't afford it. You know, that just isn't fare!

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Vegan- They claim that, but it's just not accurate. They have not checked me for that. I didn't have any reason to believe there was anything left. I'm keeping a close eye on things for now. Just going to take it really easy today and see if I get any relief.

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rcr: I'm glad that your momma is doing better. Seizures are super scary at every age. I'm so glad that you have enough gannirelix - that pharmacy should be shot though. I don't like dealing with a pharmacy that doesn't understand the importance (and agony) of what we're going through. As if we don't have enough stress in this process :)


gtree: YAYAYAY! I am so excited for your 20 follies and 400 E2 - that is so awesome. You are going to have such a great cycle!


kali: No, no, no. Not fair. Not fair at all. I am so sorry. I hope you are able to relax some and enjoy the time back in the States. How long will you be here? Keeping my fingers crossed that you'll leave here with a good surprise :)


deportivo: I'm sorry you're having such a tough time with the waiting. IF is definitely such a strain on marriages. Just remember you're partners on this whole crazy journey. You'll get through it goether.


deborah: Ugh. Killer cramps on top of everything else??? Sorry lady, that totally stinks! Hoping you took something stronger and that you're feeling better!!!


AFM: I think my acupuncturist is the greatest. Things seem to be moving along really nicely now. Same protocol for tonight/tomorrow AM - had to order more Menopur! Check out my comparison of my follies from yesterday to today (below). Estrogen is at 1747. Hoping for trigger shot tomorrow night!!!! Keep your fingers crossed for me, please :)


Yesterday                                                  Today
R: 4 measurable, largest at 17               R: 9 measurable, ranging from 10-18
L: 2 measurable, largest at 11                L: 4 measurable, 2 @ 15 (!!!!), 1 @14 (!!) and 1 @10

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Kali - I am so so sorry, big hugs to you.  Treat yourself right, and I hope the last little embaby will do the trick.


teresa - sounds awesome!  Keeping my fingers crossed for trigger tomorrow!!


gtree - sounds like you're moving along too!


rcr - I can't believe that they didn't call you until the day before.  I'd have freaked, good thing you had some leftover.  I'm very excited for you to get started again!!

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rcr - wow, that would bother me too that they didn't call earlier!!!  Glad you have some left though to get you through.  Do you use a local pharmacy?  Glad they "found" some for you!!  Loved the story you shared and that would be awesome if something like that fell into our laps.  It would be great if we could do something more private like that or someone that we knew or someone knew.  My cousin was adopted and his birth mother drank while pregnant and he was affected by that so that kind of things worries me a bit.  I know if i was pregnant I would do everything I could to be as healthy as possible to give my child the best possible chance. 


deborah -  hope the cramps are better!  Did you call your OB?


Vegan - thanks for the suggestion and it is kinda funny that no Dr has ever really mentioned that to us, but I think at this point if we were going to do anything it would be either adoption or nothing at all.  I don't think I could talk DH into doing anything more fertility related b/c he is totally done and I think has been for awhile.  I've been more of the one to push the issue on continuing in the past b/c I just didn't want to give up.  At least we know if we spend the $$$ on adoption we have more chances of possibly bringing a baby home if we were chosen.  I've looked at those adoption sites and there are a ton of people that want to adopt and I feel bad for the birth mother b/c a lot of those couples look like they would be a great choice.... it would be such a hard decision to pick a couple, I'd think.  Since I have hypothyroidism/thyroid antibodies / the natural killer cells / and being high risk b/c of the pre-term labor we had before, I kinda feel like things are a little staked against us at this point. 

Kali - so sorry to hear your news!!!!!  Hope the next cycle will be the one for you!!  Hope you are able to enjoy your time away and regroup/relax some!!!!


Teresa - Wow, that is great!!!!  So good to see that you are getting such good numbers now!!!!  Yay!!!!


Deport- Sending you hugshug2.gif


gtree - any new update w/ you?


Laggie - How are you??  You still around??  Just checking in on you!!


Hi to everyone else I missed.... just looking back on this one page right now. 

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Blue - my insurance makes me use one pharmacy. If I don't then they make me pay a $1,500 fee per medication. It is actually walgreens specialty pharmacy - you would think they have their act together. I got the 6 vials last night, and the receipt said that 20 were shipped, so I called and left a message to tell them that they still owe me more. ugh. It has been one constant thing after another with this cycle. I was actualy going to suggest the same thing that Vegan did - California conceptions, but I get it if your DH is totally done.  The logistics of adoption seem totally overwhelming to me, but I think it is like IVF, you just take it one step at a time and get through it. I remember when IVF and shots and stuff seemed overwhelming, and now it is easy.


AFM - took my first gannirelix today. I am supposed to get AF today or tomorrow. I can kinda feel it coming. Hopefully it is not late, because my monitoring appointment is on Monday, and I am supposed to have AF by then.

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rcr - Wow, I used Walgreens once like w/ our first cycle and they were fine but it sure sounds like something is lacking there right now.  You are able to use your insurance w/ SIRM (i think they spell it this way not SARM just so you know or maybe you know something I don't) for your IVF in Vegas right?  Hope you get the med situation all figured out!  Also hope AF shows up on time for you. I'm waiting for her as well.


AFM - Okay, this is kinda weird, but yesterday I had a chiropractor appt. after work.  My neck has been all out of wack lately probably partly from stress.  Anyways, the chiropractor is also kinda a naturopathic type dr as well.  I was telling him about everything that has been going on and how we were using intralipids and prednisone w/ these last two cycles and he feels that the reason we aren't getting a BFP is b/c my immune system is totally over-active even w/ the lipids and prednisone.  He thinks that my immune system is constantly fighting a virus which in turn is affecting our embryos that we put back in.  Who knows, but the really weird thing is that this morning I woke up w/ Strep throat.  I used to get Strep every year when I was younger.  Ugghh, I can't win!!!!  So I had to call off work, which i hate doing, and I'm home drinking lots of tea w/ honey!!  Who gets Strep in June!!!  irked.gif Can't believe that it is June already!!!

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Hope: Thank you for the good wishes and the fingers crossed (it worked!!)


rcr: Remind me to never use Walgreens - not that I have one near me anyway, but still.... solidarity, right?!? I know I should know this by now, but does taking ganerilix mean that you're still under suppression or are you on to stims now (want to be sure I put you in the right place on the front page!!!).


blue: UGH, I'm so sorry you have strep throat. However, I think your chiro sounds kind of right on. Did he have ideas for how you might boost your immune system? Were you doing holistic stuff along with your treatments? Take it easy. I hope you feel better soon!!!!!!!


AFM: Well, ladies. The day has come! Tonight I trigger :) YAYAY! I'm doing a "Lupron trigger" which they told me is a gentler trigger because they feel like I have a lot of follies. I think it's weird that they're so excited about 10-12 follies (which is what they think they'll get - E2 is at 2100) when it seems like so many people on here get closer to 20-25. But, I really only care that I get one or two amazing embryos from however many eggs they retrieve. Retrieval will be on Sunday at 9am and I'll know on Tuesday if we're going to be a day 3 (Wed) or day 5 (Fri) transfer. Either day will interfere with two big work events. So, I took the plunge and told my boss what's going on. He was unbelievably amazing about the whole thing. Apparently two of his sisters-in-law had trouble getting pregnant, and one actually went through IVF (successfully), so he was like you should be off your feet for at least 72 hours and not to worry about the events. Woo hoo! I was so happy to have his support. Question for you all.... how long did you stay off your feet after the transfer? Do you think there's any correlation between success and taking it easy after transfer (anecdotal obviously, I'm sure there's no scientific evidence)? Anything else I should know? Eek! I'm a little nervous, can you tell :)

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Crashing to say good luck Teresa! Hoping for lots of lovely little eggies for you!

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Teresa - Yay for triggering tonight!!!!!  joy.gif So glad this is turning out better than it started off!!  I have a good feeling about this and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.  I've never done a Lupron trigger (we always did an HCG trigger) but I've heard of it.  My RE likes 2 days of bedrest after the transfer....  the day of the transfer is strict bedrest and only up to use the bathroom and then the next day he lets you take a shower and up for a meal, but the rest of the day is to be laying around.  RE's veiw's on this  matter really seems mixed, which you will find as people respond, and it seems everyone does it differently, but I figure at least those 2 days couldn't hurt.  Supposedly implantation can takes place even days later.  The day of ER you will probably want to go home just crash for the rest of the day and sleep it off.  Oh and you might want to take a couple of tylenol if you are a little sore.  Oh, to answer your question...no i wasn't on any holistic stuff or am I even now. 

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Teresa - Trigger Happy!?  So glad your boss was understanding, I am sure that takes a lot of pressure off!  I wish I had a good boss.  My RE says take it easy day of transfer, and then back to work next day, but I am going to do bed rest for at least two days.  AT LEAST.  But I am kind of crazy like that.


AFM: I had my first gannirelix shot tonight and it has made me feel funny.  My belly is sore from it, and I feel high.  Like really high.  Have any of you had a weird reaction to gannirelix?  

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Teresa: 10-12 sounds great to me! They only got 6 eggs from me and only 3 were mature. It only takes 1 though! My doctor is pretty old school about the way they do things. They insist on 3 days bedrest - the day of transfer plus 2 extra. And since I did a 3 day transfer and implantation supposedly takes place on day 6 (my first day off of bedrest), I extended mine an extra day. I didn't stay in bed all day, but I had someone come help with my daughter still and just took it easy. My doc also insists on progesterone shots, not suppositories. So I think they like to error on the side of caution. But they have great success rates so I figured it couldn't hurt to do what they say. That said, there is a donor egg IVF thread I follow. Those women often do just day of transfer and sometimes not even that - and they have AMAZING success rates. As long as your boss is cool with 3 days, I say take advantage of the down time. It's nice after going through such a stressful time stimming!


Gtree: I mostly used cetrotide, not gannirelix. But they are pretty much the same - and I did use one dose of gannirelix that my doc gave me for free when I ran out of cetrotide. No reaction at all. 



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Teresa - it means on am on suppression. This protocol has a really long suppression phase. Congrats on triggering. That is wonderful that your boss was understanding. My first IVF I stayed home for a week, but it was not exactly off my feet. I guess I stayed off my feet for that evening. I have a 3 hour drive to the RE, so I laid down in the car and then went to bed when I got home. The next morning I was up. For my second IVF I was planning to go back to work 2 days later but we never got that far. I think 10 is still a lot of eggs. You are going to do great. Just make sure not to over do it with the water.


Blue - yes, insurance is paying for it. That is funny that I had the name wrong this whole time! Did the chiropractor suggest something for the immune issues?


gtree - I get stinging from gannirelix, but nothing else. Sorry you felt so bad.


AFM - I am even more annoyed with the pharmacy. I went to take the shot today (half dose of gannirelix), and the shot had so many big air bubbles in it it was supposed to be at the 25 unit mark, but when I got the air bubbles out of it it was down to the 15 unit mark. So that is one more wasted. They better replace it.

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