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Yesterday's QOTD: Myself, and my lack of progress on dissertation work and articles. Bah! Don't even want to go there. We have another week up here at the cottage, and I need to settle down and concentrate.  *Self-flagellation over*


Today's QOTD: Hanging out at cottage on a rainy weekend. Tonight we're visiting DPs classmate & hubby an hour away. Then, just hanging, doing some work, watching Big Love - season 1, enjoying the fire. Have a great weekend, everyone!!

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This weekend was busy.. Fri night had an overnight with my little buddy who is 8 weeks now.. he kindly let me have 3 hrs chunks of sleep :)


Then yesterday we sat in our very LONG and kinda boring foster adopt class.. the worst part was the metal folding chairs.. next week I am for sure bringing my comfy camp chair to sit in.. i mean 6 hrs in a metal chair.. We did meet a very cool lesbian couple and they told us they TTC and said it was way to emotional and stressful.. when asked how long they tried.. the answer was once :)  LOL But we connected pretty well with them.


Then had work from 6 till midnight....


Today interview at 9 am.. and I will NOT be taking this job...


DP and I did grocery shopping and later getting to meet a fellow forum pal who lives in our hood :) 



Phew I need sleep tonight~

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I missed the first one, but I'm going to tell the story anyways because I think it's amusing!


DW and I met at Girl Guide camp 5 years ago.  We were both leaders at a "Pathfinder Spring Break camp" for the weekend, which involved hiking 45 minutes up one of our local mountains to a Scout cabin (the Girl Guide cabin was booked..... unfortunately) with 20 12-15 year olds. We clicked right off the bat, we had a crazy weekend (it rained, two of the girls got some kind of stomach virus and puked all day Saturday, it was freezing cold, we couldn't get the fire going, etc).  She claims I spent the weekend in the kitchen "bopping around" (she was running the kitchen, as she's a chef).  The other leaders and us were all friends, and they were talking about doing speed dating, and I gave up on the idea that she was even remotely interested in me.


I dropped her off after camp, noticing that she had left her rain jacket in my car.  I slyly kept her jacket as an excuse to see her again.  I ended up at a meeting with her the next day, where she claims I was almost "sitting in her lap" the whole time (which was dirty lies!  There was a plant in the way and I couldn't see the person across the table!).  Two weeks of sleepovers and seeing each other almost every day and incessant texting (there may or may not have been an incident involving icing while we were decorating cupcakes for a fundraiser), I finally screwed up the nerve and kissed her.  I moved in with her 5 months later when her roommate (her mom) moved out, and we've been together ever since!!


There is another angle to this, in that DW is straight, I am the exception.  We probably never would have been if it wasn't for her AMAZING friends who simply shrugged and said "go for it, you're clearly into her" when she said she was interested in me.  She now refuses to identity her sexuality, mostly cuz she doesn't care.  ;) 


(Im the one with crazy hair, DW is kissing me!  Taken after we had only been together a couple of months at at the top of the mountain on Salt Spring Isl).


First year!


(I'm in white, DW is in blue, taken last year at our wedding by our AMAZING photographer!!!)



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As for the most recent QOTD, I know the weekend has passed, but we were at a Girl Guide sleepover at the Vancouver Aquarium!!  SOOOOOO much fun!!!  :D

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I was a Girl Scout when I was little and we used to have sleepovers at COSI (Center of Science and Industry), and they were so fun!!!  I think it's awesome you met at a Girl Guides camp and that you are so involved with them.  Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos!  I will post a QQOTD about weddings soon, but I don't have time right now, so...


QQOTD --  Seen any good movies lately? 


We watched Albert Nobbs over the weekend.  I was excited to see the performances of Glenn Close and Janet McTeer.  They were great, but the movie was a lot sadder than I thought it would be.  greensad.gif  I guess I was hoping to learn a little more about the characters and how queer women lived back then.  Still, it was a very good movie and I definitely recommend it.  The last thing I saw in the theater was Hunger Games.  It was great too, but I think I need to wait a few years until the book is not so fresh in my mind and watch it again. 

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Much like the book question, I don't really watch deep movies anymore. We go to the movies a lot, they're super cheap here. We are going to see Madagascar 3 soon as a family but I saw The Avengers most recently and What to Expect a couple of weeks ago. What to expect made me cry a lot but was pretty entertaining.
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Sara, I heard "What to Expect" was better than expected!!  I still imagine that it'll be pretty terrible...  but I'm so hard on baby movies as an NICU nurse.  You should hear me when I watch Grey's Anatomy!!!


As for QOTD, I'm not really a movie person, I lack the ability to sit through the ever-lengthening movie experience (SERIOUSLY THREE HOURS?!).  I find movies in theatres to be overwhelming and totally overstimulating for me.  Movies at home I'm often doing two things at once, or pausing it a lot to get up and move around.  DW LOVES movies and is happy to go on her own (she's a cheap date, movie and popcorn and she's a happy camper).  She saw "Mirror Mirror" as the most recent and was disappointed, apparently a lot of K-Stew (that would be Kristen Stewart) running around and not a lot of plot.  Which is too bad.  I watched "Rent" the other night, but stopped it FOUR TIMES (and finished it this morning) as I had to do other stuff.  


However, I do adore Harry Potter (no problems sitting through that) and saw all of them except the 4th one at midnight, in costume, with my friends, which started while we were still in high school!!  In fact we managed to get together again to watch the last one together at the same theatre we had been to each previous movie!  That was very fun!!  I love cheesy sappy Rom Coms usually, one of my absolute favourites is "But I'm a Cheerleader".  I love all the Pixar and Dreamworks movies (Shrek, Finding Nemo, Kungfu Panda, etc).  We're not very into Disney in this house, with no intentions of having it in the house (I'm sure our kids will get their exposure at friends houses!).  

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darthtunaqueen: I love BUT IM A CHEERLEADER! I actually looked at my movie shelf the other day and thought to myself that it's been too long since I've seen it. 

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DW and I watched But I'm A Cheerleader together just before figuring out that we liked each other.  It will always, ALWAYS have a special place in my heart!  That, and Imagine Me & You.  We love that one.  


Recently we've watched the American version of Girl with a Dragon Tattoo, which was good but still not as good as the book.  Looking forward to seeing the other two.  


Harry Potter is an absolute favorite in this house, DW and I have seen most of them at the midnight releases.  Plus, the last movie has been playing a lot (A LOT) on HBO and so we keep watching it, but it really kills us and makes us cry in a few parts, so we turn it off, haha.  (Funny note: we've started reading Harry Potter to the belly every night from the beginning of the series, haha.)


Oh oh, and have you guys seen Babies?  The documentary following four babies?  I know I'm totally behind, as it's several years old, but it really tickled me and DW.  

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But I'm a Cheerleader is such a fantastic movie... My queer friends and I watched it religiously and drooled over Clea Duvall after we had come out.

Also hilarious but HORRIBLY cheesy (even more so cheesy than BIAC) is "The D.E.B.S.". I saw it at our Queer Film Fest one summer and just about died laughing in my seat. Found in online on DVD a couple of years later. It's supposed to be horribly cheesy, which is its only saving grace. It's great for when I'm not feeling great and home with a cold. Also good for newly out teenaged queers, which was conveniently the category I fit nicely into when I first saw it (although I had had my Dyke license for a couple of years by that point).

What did you guys think of "The Kids Are All Right"?
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I don't watch movies too often any more either. My DP and I do try and fit in some shows on netflix on the laptop in the evenings but most of the time I'm too tired to stay up late! We don't have cable TV so netflix is a treat sometimes! The last movie I saw in the theatre was The King's Speech. Oh, we also watched The Business of Being Born recently which I really liked - I thought it was very well made. I didn't really think much of The Kids Are Alright. I didn't dislike it, it just seemed like Hollywood slop to me lol I'm not a big fan of "romantic comedies" and it sort of fell under that category for me. As for the way it addressed the donor/kid dynamic....I actually thought it was quite positive.

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Desert, we saw Babies in the theater, we had to go to The City to find a theater that had it. I am in love with yurts so that was one of my favorite parts.

Darth, I dont think any of the babies needed medical attention but I know what you mean about having a hard time watching medical stuff. WTE wasn't hugely medical, and it was obviously comical so I survived that part. It made me cry about 20 times, tho.

We try to watch movies on Netflix but it takes 3-4 sittings to make it through a movie lately.
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Babies was a very cute movie. It was so neat to me to see what the 4 babies had in common and how they differed. I liked The Kids Are Alright from what I  remember. I thought it seemed very Hollywood and I hated that she slept with the donor, but loved how it ended. I am a fan of romantic comedies and so it appealed to that part of me. 


I am not someone who goes to the movies very often. I can typically wait till it comes to a Redbox or on Netflix. I did see the Hunger Games and I agree with Pokey that it may be better to wait till the book isn't so fresh in my mind to see it again. DW and I recently watched In Time with Justin Timberlake and I thought it was decent. 

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I may be a little older than some of you.  I enjoy But I'm a Cheerleader very much.  It's been on Logo a lot lately and I always end up watching some part of it.  But my favorite movie like that is The Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls in Love.  It's hilarious!  And it's the first time I saw Laurel Holloman in anything.  She was Tina on The L Word.  I'm a big fan of hers. 


I thought The Kids are All Right was a good movie.  All of the actors were great!  The plot bothered me a bit.  I can see how there might be some sort of strange attraction between the mom and the donor, but them hooking up is weird.  My wife was furious.  She nearly walked out of the theater.  I had to convince her to stay and finish watching the movie.  She's very sensitive about cheating, and we were both upset that Lisa Cholodenko sold out to Hollywood and included the affair.  Plus, there was a lot more straight sex in that movie than lesbian sex considering it was advertised as a film about lesbians written by a lesbian.  High Art was a much better movie, but it didn't make nearly as much money.


I could watch Harry Potter movies over and over again.  My favorite goofy movie is Blades of Glory.  It's ridiculous and hilarious!

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pokey -- i'm glad i'm not the only "older" one ;) .   i saw The Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls in Love when it was playing in (a very, very few artsy) theaters.  it was my 23rd birthday, and i was in the process of realizing that i was attracted to women.  it was also the film that got me my first "lovin" a year later in korea when i showed it to the girl i was madly in love with.  until she saw the film, she had this idea that two women together was disgusting..... after she saw it, she asked me if i still wanted to kiss her, and then she proceeded to attack me (in the best possible way.)  so,  yeah, it has a very special place in my heart.   


as for other lesbo films... has anyone else seen Fire  by Deepa Mehta?  it's really beautiful and well done (unlike the majority of lesbian-themed films out there).  i also really liked a Swedish film called Fucking Åmål (which i think is called Show Me Love in English),  and i love If These Walls Could Talk 2  (even if the first story makes me sob and sob.)


i liked The Kids Are All Right initially, but i got really pissed off at what felt like the typical "all a lesbian really wants/needs is a gooddeepdicking" hollywood thing. it really felt like they sold us out there.  


the most recent films i've seen are The Hunger Games and Todos Sobre Mi Madre (All About My Mother) and a bunch of very typical french films.  i thought the HG was a pretty good adaptation, and i just adore Almodovar...especially that film.  i also am a huge Harry Potter and LOTR fan (books and films).  Amélie Poulain  is a big fave...along with the original Star Wars trilogy, the Triplets of Belleville, many Miyazaki films and quite a bit of classic Hollywood.    


did i mention that i love film? biggrinbounce.gif

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We saw what to expect when you are expecting that was pretty funny ! Better than I thought it would be.. Also saw Mirror Mirror with Julia Roberts.. was not impressed with it..Saw the Hunger games .. but I didnt read the book so I can not compare... 

Im taking the kids to see Madagascar 3 tomorrow ! 

Harry Potter is another favorite

I also love "but I'm a cheerleader.. DP had never seen it so about 6 mo ago I got it for her and had her watch it :) 

I also love the adventures of two girls in love! I have not had DP watch it.. ill need to see if Netflix has it

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Haha! Can I join the 'old gals' club! Loved TITAOTGIL, and saw it with friends in the theatre too!


Also, a beautiful older (and Canadian) queer film... When Night is Falling. Highly recommend if you like artsy stuff.


We're going to the drive-in tonight!! Heehee! There aren't many around anymore, but there is one still going up here at the cottage.  It's a choice between a combo of The Pirates - Band of Misfits / The Avengers OR MIB3 / The Dictator. What to pick... :)


Fave movie of last year... and best film I've seen in a long time... Beginners with Ewan McGregor and Christopher Plummer.

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Hey old gal!  I vote for MIB3/The Dictator.  I'm not familiar with The Pirates.  Have fun at the drive-in.  I have never been to one but they always seemed so cool.  I have Beginners on my Netflix queue.  It does look very good.


I would like to see What to Expect When You're Expecting someday, but I don't want to pay for it.  I will wait until it comes out on DVD.  I am a birth junkie.  I studied it in school and I am working on my doula certification so I enjoy watching all sorts of things about birth including ridiculous crap.  I get very annoyed when I see birth on dramas like Grey's Anatomy because it's always a crisis.  You never see normal births on tv.  There was a show on Lifetime for a while called One Born Every Minute, and it was filmed in a hospital in my hometown in Ohio.  I could only stand to watch a little bit of it, but one episode featured a guy I went to school with and his wife.  It was so funny to see him on tv!  They were actually a pretty entertaining couple, cracking a lot of jokes and such.  It's a small, small world.

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I'm way behind...but to answer the first QOTD...DP and I met when she came to visit one of the other nuns that lived in the same community with me. I had decided to leave the Sisters, and I was planning on moving to Milwaukee. DP started calling and emailing me, and when I left the Sisters we begain dating. 5 months later we moved in together and a year and a half after that we were married. This last May 23rd, was our 3rd year anniversary.


DP and I love, love, love movies. I saw "But I'm a Cheerleader", "The Adventures of Two Girls in Love", "If These Walls Could Talk 2", "High Art", "Imagine You and Me", "Fingersmith", "Desert Hearts", and several others when I was coming out to myself. The latest movie that I saw at the theater was "What to Expect When Expecting"...it was sooo good. I cried three or for times...some of the situations hit close to home, as far as the infertility issues go. But there were some really great funny parts as well , especially since the character that breastfeed until she was 6 reminded me of a friend of ours.



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Movies from coming out, does anyone remember Bound or Foxfire (?) ?
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