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yep, although i remember Bound better than Foxfire.  another one is Lost and Delirious (with a yummy Piper Perabo)... and All Over Me with Leisha Hailey.   

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I think Bound is one of the best movies with lesbian main characters ever made.  I love that movie!  It perfectly balances being a lesbian movie and a mainstream suspense/mafia flick.  Plus, it's sexy as hell.  We have it on DVD and recently lent it to a newly-out friend who had never seen it.

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Love Bound!

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Hi Gellybeangrl!  Thanks for joining in.  That is a great story.  Nuns are super cool, but that could be a very tough life.  I'm glad you 2 found each other.

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I have a question or two!

Have you or are you planning to go to any pride activities?

Did/will you wear something fabulous?
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Excellent question!  I am not sure yet.  We have Dyke March on the Saturday and the Pride Parade on Sunday and celebrations all weekend.  My wife is going to be out of town because her mom is having surgery and she is going to Ohio to take care of her.  We haven't gone to the Dyke March the last few years.  After going 9 or 10 times, it seems like the same thing every year.  I don't really have a need to watch the parade either.  It's great, but I've seen it or been in it a lot.  Also, I can't drink this year so that eliminates one of the fun pride activities.  Last year, the gay cheerleaders had their own stage at the celebration and that was my favorite thing ever.  I love cheerleaders!  I'm going to see if they are doing it again this year and I might go check that out.  On Pride Sunday there is also a free concert in Golden Gate Park with Adam Lambert.  I love him too, and I am thinking about going.  Anyone want to join me?

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We were planning to go to the Pride event one town over (South Orange - Maplewood Pride) last weekend, but the entire household was felled by a summer cold, blah.  And I think NYC Pride would be a little overwhelming for A this year...


However, we are planning some fabulous outfits for an event up at Raven Kaldera's farm later this summer, if that counts.

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Planning to go to Toronto Pride. I haven't been in 5+ years, and have never been with DP.  We'll probably watch the Dyke march on Saturday, and then sit in a shady beer garden on Sunday and visit with friends. The big parade in the heat and crowds are usually too much for me, so even more so being preggo.  I'll be focusing more on cooling clothing and sunscreen than on anything fabulous! Maybe a fabulous sun hat!! orngbiggrin.gif

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I used to be a Dyke on a Bike, so that was a big deal for me.  Then I sold my bike, and now I just kinda sit on the side with friends and cheer.  I would love to start a Pride BBQ, since we refer to Pride as "Gay Christmas" and always talk about making it a bigger deal.  DW thinks less of the big deal of Pride.  I took a friend's daughter when she was 18 months and she LOVED the dancing gay boys (and to this day, 2 years later, still asks me about the dancing boys.  Oh god, what have I done???!).  And of course the parade people always give kids all the swag.  I loved pride with a little kid, it was SO much more fun for me.  I'm not a big drinker, and hopefully we'll be nearing the end of our TWW or actually pregnant by Pride this year...  


I usually get up in my gay finery, I have an assortment or rainbow STUFF (rainbow bangles, necklaces, mardi gras beads, etc).  Try to look my dykeiest...  Maybe I'll walk with my work this year, really depends on what's going on!  Maybe I'll get to see Carmen this year!  ;)

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I went to Pride this last weekend in the town I went to college in. It has been several years since I have been there and have since gone to pride in much bigger cities (Portland and Denver) and it was crazy to see how small it seemed! I had a good time though. My DP isn't much into Pride but my Mom, brother, sister, brother-in-law and my 18 month old nephew came with DW and I to the parade and it was so much fun being there with a little one! He loved all the music and candy! I hope by next year we are bringing our own babe to their first Pride.


As for the second question, I did not dress in anything fabulous!

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Dykes on Bikes is my favorite part of the parade!  I always see someone I know from somewhere.  I also love the PFLAG groups, people with their kids, and the older folks.  They make me tear up.  I tear up at lots of parades.  It just really gets to me when a group of people is really showing their pride in themselves and/or their passion for something.  Same thing happens to me at protests too.  I can't chant because I'm too choked up.  It's kind of embarrassing.  Most people don't need a tissue to watch a pride parade.  Your comments made me think of a great new possibility.  My friends have a 14-year old foster daughter who's gay, and this will be her first pride living with my friends.  She is very into rainbow anything!  I think going to pride with her would be a lot of fun.  She just went to Gay Prom last weekend.  It sounded like a really cool event.  Probably would have made me cry...

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Pride here is big and I really do not care for BIG crowds of drunk people.. or big crowds for that matter. I used to go when i first moved here 10 yrs ago.. The last few I either skipped or volunteered.. I do enjoy the dyke march and seeing the sisters ( a group of people who are fabulous) but other than that.. I am not a fan.. DP has never been and never wants to.

Last year we went to a small town on the russian river for PRIDE and it was amazing.. small.. meaningful and not a bunch of naked drunk people :) I will happily go to that one every year....




QQOTD.. HAS ANYONE SEEM MY AF? GRRR shes a stubborn wentch who refuses to show her face.. Id really like to start this cycle!!!!!!  :)

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Your AF isn't around here, Cananny, sorry! Myself, I'm missing my O, so maybe together we could keep an eye out for both of them, okay?


I grew up in Toronto and went to Pride there every year from the time I was in my early teens, with all my friends... None of whom eventually came out as queer, as I eventually did.  We also all drank in gay bars from an early age, actually, because the servers wouldn't ID us: It didn't do my liver any good, but did wonders for my sense of acceptance! I hope you all have fun, those of you who are going.


My city's Pride is at the end of the month, and I haven't really thought about it yet.  I'm going to a Pride picnic in a smaller city nearby this coming Sunday, which should be fun... One of DP's closest friends recently moved there and has found the dating scene to be challenging, so we're gonna be her wingwomen and scope out the cuties for her!


I also might go to Vancouver Pride in August, but it's currently a choice between that and some excellent backwoods camping... And I think the quiet forest might be winning over the crowded chaos of the city...

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I go to the dyke march every year and the parade the next day. I've also been to pride in Victoria, Melbourne, Sydney (Mardi Gras...SO BIG), New York City and San Francisco a couple of times. I love pride events...I find the parades annoying but it's fun to see everyone enjoying and flaunting their gayness. And I like the dyke march a lot as an alternative to the more corporate parade. We'll be there this year so there is a good chance of seeing us, darth! ;)

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Carmen, I will definitely be on the lookout for you.  The Dyke march always makes me cringe because it's always super hot and the park has almost zero shade and all the pasty, lily white Vancouverites sit around sans sunscreen in the blaring sun for hours at noon, and then whine when they get burnt.  I'm not even sure where it is this year...  I missed last year on account of Girl Guide camp.

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QQOTD-- What are you doing to celebrate Father's Day?  What are your thoughts on Father's Day in general?  Some of us have fathers we are close to or not, some of us have people who have become like fathers.  Some of us are having children without a typical father figure in the picture.  How do we negotiate these things?

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We each called our dads. I tried to talk the kids into making a craft for my dad. Otherwise nothing.
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Both DP and my fathers passed away many, many years ago...mine when I was 4 and my DP's when she was 25. We don't do anything special on Father's Day but I know a lot of great fathers :)

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Annnnnnd THANK YOU for this QQOTD, Pokey, because it reminded me to email my stepdad! I can't believe I almost forgot. He's off traveling and I'm not even sure if he's checking email, but I hope he reads it at some point.


I called my dad at dinner and we talked on the phone for a while, though I could hear my sisters clamouring in the background... They all live on the other side of the continent, so it's pretty typical for me to phone-in to family events.


I consider myself to be rather close to both my father and my step-father (who are the partners of my stepmom and my mother, respectively... Not each other), whereas DP's father is someone whom we only tolerate for the sake of DP's mom.  Her granddad, on the other hand, is a total gem, and it makes me sad to think that our kids will likely not get to know him very well, since his health isn't great and he lives very far away.  I have no idea how we'll deal with Father's Day once we've got children, to be honest! It's definitely something to be thinking about.

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We had a family BBQ for my dad on Saturday night at our place, and he and I will be going on Friday for pedicures together as his gift. He loves pedicures, but this is the first time we've made it a daughter-dad outing! And then we drove up to see DP's dad on Sunday and we made him dinner. Her mom and sisters are in Montreal, so he was going to be all alone for Dad's day.


I love my dad. He'd do anything for me and my siblings, and is always around to help with projects, or a phone call away in a crisis. I hope he's around for a long time as a granddad! :)

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