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Baby wearing question

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Savian does not like to be swaddled or confined. He hates the moby if he is awake because it is confining and he can't see. I have a ring sling that I can somewhat get him into a semi supported cradle position where he is up high and can move his arms about and see but I still have to hold him with one hand as it isn't that well supported. Any ideas on holds for babies without neck control that still gives them visibility, freedom and safety or am I just going to have to wait until he has more neck control?
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I usually carry Tavian in an upright position in the ring sling, with him sitting facing me with the fabric up to his shoulders. Like this:Ring%20sling%20tummy%20to%20tummy.jpg

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I have the same problem with my 6 week old in the ring sling.  I wear her pretty high but always have one hand behind her head when she's awake and moving around.  When she sleeps with the side of her head and ear agains my chest I let go more often and can use two hands for many tasks.  I still don't bend over much because the head control just isn't there. I also have to wrap a cloth areound the rings because I'm afraid she'll hit it with her head.


The Moby is pretty much the same as far as head control but I do tuck her head under the strap when she's asleep like was suggested in the instructions. 

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I have this problem in my ring sling and baby k'tan. If she's awake she wants her head out like a little turtle looking all around. I'm still having to hold the back of her head until she falls asleep. Glad it's not just me!
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Same thing goes on with us in our ring sling.  I didn't even want to try with the Moby, I hate that thing. 


The only time I don't have to support her neck when she is awake is when she is in the Ergo with the infant insert.  The top of the insert goes right where her neck is, and if I tighten the Ergo really well, she is able to lay her head back with it resting on the insert like a pillow.  


Is that easy to visualize? 

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you can face your baby out more in a cradle position with a stretchy wrap like the moby or a woven wrap or even the ring sling.  Just cross their legs and insert them into the pouch in a reclined sideways sitting position.  That way they have the support of the wrap or sling but they can still see out.  In a stretchy wrap use the inside cross as the pouch I am talking about.  I had to do that a lot with my baby because she is the same way. Also if you have a woven wrap you can do the "burp"hold which puts them over your shoulder and looking over your shoulder.

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