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Playdates in Delaware County

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Hi There,


Are there any other "crunchy" moms out there with a toddler? I have a 19 month old, and am looking for play dates. It would be nice to get together with other like minded moms! We can get to know eachother here. Whatever works. :) I live in Havertown.



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Hi Lavinda,

I live in Drexel Hill and have always had a harder time finding more like minded families right near me, but as my kids are growing, I'm finding it less important actually. I parent how I parent, I'm comfortable with it, and I've gotten to know so many families through both my homebirth community and my doula work whose views are all over the spectrum (although not usually close in proximity, the once in a while community is nice), though most are parenting very consciously and thoughtfully and usually less mainstream. Either way though, I'm happy to chat and hang out with any of them. But now I mostly just want playmates for my kids because I need less support, I'm happy with my mom friends I do have, and when I find a kid who's nice enough, I'm BEYOND THRILLED smile.gif and I don't care who their parent is or how they were parented! Nice? Ok, you're in...ok, now go play together... haha. That's just where I'm at, but I totally remember being where you're at, too. My suggestion for you would be to attend the La Leche League meetings at the Old Haverford Friends Meetinghouse in Havertown on Eagle Rd. and St. Denis Ln. You'll most likely meet some like minded families there. We went for years, and still will occasionally. Whether you are still nursing or not, I say give it a try! They meet on the first and third Wed of the month at 10 am.

Also, have you tried the library storytimes? That, just like the mom's club, will have a mixed bag of parents, but you'd be surprised how many other moms might be out there trying to locate a friend just like you, too smile.gif Someone who will take a deep breath and relax when she witnesses you parenting like her or how she wants to parent but needs support for. You never know.

Oh, and Belly Pilates in Bryn Mawr is soon starting a post partum workout class where you can BYOBaby - anytime post partum - so that might be a good place to go, too!

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