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So, I finally caved and had a glass with dinner last night, I am 22 weeks.  It was so good!  Does anyone else partake during pregnancy or do you find it too risky?  I did initially get it for a recipe, but it still felt strange to waddle into a liquor store 5 months pregnant.

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I don't have a problem with an occasional glass of wine during pregnancy, though I've never had one myself. Though an ice cold glass of Riesling sounds super delist right now.....
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I don't have a problem with an occasional glass of wine during pregnancy, though I've never had one myself. Though an ice cold glass of Riesling sounds super delist right now.....
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i have been craving alcohol throughout pregnancy. i'd be in zumba class and all i could think about is baileys lol. i did have a sip after and that did the trick. i think i'll have a glass of wine later in pregnancy since it seems to speed things up for me a bit.
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My dr (60 yrs old PHD) belivees that it's completely fine. So would most European doctors. I have 100 ml  of red wine with a diner now and then. Perhaps 8 times during the 5.5 month.

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I personally don't partake, as most alcohol is totally unappealing right now, but I don't see any problem at all with an occassional drink. Obviously we should all avoid binge drinking, but as far as I've seen there is 0 evidence that a small amount of alcohol causes any issues.

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Yep, I've had a bit here and there, and I know others in this DDC have said they do as well. Not as often as I'd like to sometimes.. duck.gif


I'm not a big drinker, but this is one of the things I look forward to about not being pregnant- though breastfeeding is still going to pose its own limitations. Right now with having to keep up my water intake, the diuretic effect of alcohol almost makes it not worth it. (Evi, I'm so glad you mentioned alcohol cravings--I've had those just in the last few weeks and thought I was totally weird for it!)

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With my DS, I had no interest in alcohol at all but I really crave wine this time around!  I have had a few glasses of red here and there and will likely have a few more.  I would never have more than one, and they are MUCH smaller than my usual, non-pregnant, just home from work glass!

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I just had a glass of red last week!  I opened the bottle to cook with and thought, Darn it!  I'll just have a little. It was yummy. I also had a glass of white with a lovely seafood dinner a while back (after the first tri, though). We're headed to a wedding this weekend, and I'm bummed that I am all-too-obviously pregnant because it's hot as Hades, and a nice white wine spritzer would be a great treat.  Oh, well.


So yes, I do partake a bit. This hot summer-like weather really makes me hanker for it!


And hyde I often have heard it said, "The breast is an even better filter than the placenta." :)  I just had a funny conversation about nursing babies in public while sipping a beer. I mean, it's not circulating if you're just drinking it, so that's a great time to nurse!

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red wine has been a total turnoff since i got pregnant, but i do miss good beer (my husband home brews). whenever he drinks one, i get a little sip of it, and that's usually enough for me - though every once in a while i'll do a 4oz juice glass of it! i've also had a very little bit of champagne on special occasions.

as far as breastfeeding - my mil's doctor had her drink a little wine right before her 'last' feeding every night whenever her babies were fussy - her body filtered out most of the alcohol and her babies went to sleep with far less trouble than they would have. 

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Recent evidence shows that the amount of alcohol that passes the milk barrier is negligible. A small percentage of your blood alcohol level which is itself a small percentage of what youdrank. I'm also ok with the ocassional glass of wine during pregnancy but I am likewise uninterested!
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