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Constant Hunger ?

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Is anyone else experiencing constant hunger ?  With DS I pretty much ate normally, but with this pregnancy I am hungry and eating ALL OF THE FREAKING TIME!  I'm 25 weeks and have gained 27lbs so far.

What do you usually eat in a normal day ? 


This morning I got up at 7, and it is only 10.30 now. I have already eaten:


A bowl of oatmeal with 1/4 cup chopped apple

Half of DS's gluten free toaster waffle

3 oz dried mango

7 woven wheat crackers

1 string cheese

3 morningstar vegan 'sausages'

32 oz water


I know hunger is normal, but I'm seriously eating something every 30 minutes. This is crazy!

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I think we all have days like that! I do notice that what you've listed is mostly carbohydrates. Maybe have a bit of protein/fat with each carb meal or snack...it will even out your blood sugar and you probably will go a bit longer without feeling hungry again. That's what works for me anyhow.

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oh, the hobbit days!
(that's what i call them, given the hobbit eating schedule of 1st and 2nd breakfast, elevenses, lunch, tea, etc). 

i try to make sure i get a little protein/fat with everything i eat (both for fullness and because, as a vegetarian, it's the only way to be sure i'm getting enough prego protein) and keep servings relatively small. but sometimes, the eating is just out of control. i gained at least nine pounds in the first trimester and i'm up another ten or so at 23 weeks. but (for the most part) what i'm eating is veggies, fruit, beans, cheese, eggs, and whole grains. yes, there are the entire-bag-of-potato-chips days (i don't even really like plain potato chips. why, baby? WHY?!), but i balance those out with lots of walking and some yoga.

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Mine comes and goes. I'll have a few days of 'eat now' signals ever 1-2 hours, and then a spell of 'normal' days. On the NOMNOMNOM days I sometimes recount to my husband at dinner what I've eaten that day and he just stares in disbelief, because it's such a random assortment of foods. It truly is absurd, but in a good way. :)


I ate mostly low carb/paleoish before getting pregnant so I also sing the praises of protein and fat (glorious fat!), but I've also found that most days I still need to do breakfast as primarily carbohydrates- my stomach just isn't ready for heavy lifting first thing in the morning. So I try to balance in the other direction at second breakfast (ha! which I do have every day) and then try to keep macronutrients in line through the rest of the day. Not a huge formal thing, no listing, just kind of mentally keeping track. I made banana bread yesterday, and, uh.. I'll be needing a mostly protein/fat dinner. ;)

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LOL - Hyde, I was just telling my husband how I've been having my first and second breakfasts. I just can't eat anything heavy as early as my husband and kids when they go off to school and work. 

And Teegan, I love your "Hobbit Days" description, perfect. We all have those days. 

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Originally Posted by teegan db View Post

oh, the hobbit days!
(that's what i call them, given the hobbit eating schedule of 1st and 2nd breakfast, elevenses, lunch, tea, etc). 

 LOL!  I LOVE this reference ;)


Some days I feel like I eat allllllll day long, then some days I feel like I still can't stomach much.


This morning I got California rolls at the grocery store (as I was getting bacon for breakfast)... and I decided I'd eat all the California rolls myself for my breakfast.  Best. Breakfast. EVER.  ;)

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