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Switching doctors at 36wks... EEEK!!!

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Hello all...


I am 36 weeks along and just yeterday made the decision to switch practices... Intead of seeing my OB I have opted to meet with a midwife in hopes of finding more support for my VBAC (it will be my 1st one!) My OB makes me feel like my VBAC will NOT be successful, but that she will be there waiting to give me surgery when I fail. She is against all of my pain management techniques (walking, using the tub, etc) Also, I am GBS+ and I feel like that is just another reason for her making me feel like I am making a terrible decision for choosing this type of birth. I left her office in tears yesterday and for a brief moment, I even thought about giving up on trying to VBAC!  :( Very sad... I wish I had known her philosophy when I started seeing her but I am prepared to switch now! I'm nervous about switching my care so late but I think this is the best decision for my family (I am married with a sweetheart 18 month-old boy). Hoping to VBAC at Group Health... any similar experiences or advice?

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I switched at 34- 36 weeks and was very glad I did! When you are trying for a VBAC the worst thing you can do is stick with a provider who is actively planning your next c section. I hope you really like your midwife and find she is in favor of VBACS (caution- some "medwives" are not supportive!) I was also a GBS+ with my VBAC. Good luck!!

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I changed providers 5 times with this pregnancy, one change was at my 35th week and then at my 41st week the birth center my husband and I had driven 2 hours each way to go to terminated us because they won't allow a post-term client to deliver at their facility. This was my 4th pregnancy, 3rd VBAC. I met with more opposition with this baby than with any others, each provider I saw gave me arbitrary reasons for declining my requests ( I also wanted a second water birth, to remain mobile during labor, no IV, etc) even though baby and I were totally healthy and basically did the same your doctor is doing. "Well, we'll 'let' you labor as long as we can" mentality, as if they have ANYTHING at all to do with how your body labors. I actually had an argument with one of the midwives at a local hospital because she quoted totally outdated info about VBAC's, and another blatantly lied in my face about the risks of water birth. It's so nerve racking - I just want a healthy child, not to be treated like a farm animal, and for my provider to have some sense of ethics enough to leave me alone to labor. Doesn't seem like such a unreasonable set of requests, does it? 



DON'T GIVE UP. You can at the very least give labor and birth 100% effort, if there are complications out of your control then that's not your fault, but remember: women who are educated about their body and birth and have a strong support system in place are more likely to have a VBAC than those who place their fate in someone else's hands. I've had 3 VBAC's and I owe all of them to strong convictions and education. I will look a doctor right in the eye and tell them to back off if I have to, they are just people, and sometimes they forget that. In an emergency, YES, I will accept their help, but birth is not typically an emergency. Birth is a bodily function. Your body knows how to do it better than any drug, apparatus, scalpel ...


And you can treat GBS naturally, look here: http://thecontrarianmom.com/2010/09/10/group-b-strep-simple-treatments-for-group-b-strep/

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Thanks ladies... VBACmama4 thanks for that article, I've never heard of that before! I don't mind too much about being treated with antibiotics... I just don't want to be on a constant drip which is what my OB was demanding. I just want to find someone who will listen and take my needs into account. I have to be able to labor... not lie in bed and let labor happen to me! Glad all went well for you both... so nice to hear positive stories. I'm back to being excited about birthing my baby girl and I am praying for an awesome experience and healthy baby!

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I had the IV for antibiotics and once they ran it through, I asked them to remove the drip and leave only a hep lock which they were fine with. That gives you freedom from one more thing to get tangled up as you are trying to move around.
Ask for intermittent monitoring if they don't have telemetry. The most important thing for me in my last vbac was standing up/walking. Even if they do not have telemetry, if you can get hooked up to a monitor in a way that allows you to just stand up and be able to lean over the bed it will help.
Good luck and take care
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Update! Lengthy story but I HAVE to tell you about it! nut.gif lol


My adorable princess has arrived 12 days early! And of course... she did NOT wait to meet my new midwife. I was in total shock when I went into labor at 1am on June 7th (the day I was supposed to consult with a midwife) I had some bloody show and some pretty ouchy contractions for about 3 hours the morning before but nothing I thought was serious... the contractions tapered off but more show continued to come. I started work at 1pm Wednesday June 6th, all the while having contractions about every 25-45 minutes. I thought they were pretty irregular but told my husband he may want to start packing his bag (he was sooooo excited!) I work from home so I was comfortable and coped with the contractions without worrying about having to run out of some place if labor did come... Thinking back now, I knew I was in early labor but being so determined to meet my new dr the next day, I think I was in denial! lol My shift was over at 11:30pm, I grabbed a quick bite to eat, took a shower, and was in bed by 12:30. By 1am I was back up with contractions, deciding whether or not to send hubby to work... baby REALLY just might be on her way! Called the hospital, talked to a fabulous triage nurse who told me to take a bath to see if that relaxed my contractions away (it worked, but only while I was in the tub.) By the time I got out of the bath I was almost howling so I started packing bags "just in case", then it was time for hubby to go... sent him on his way STILL not wanting to believe that we were going in today! Almost as soon as he left I had a strong contraction and an urge to throw up, so called him back home... He came through the door just as I finished vomiting... Gross! But I knew IT WAS REALLY TIME! Dropped off my son to his aunt and made our way to the hospital. Got there and was 90% effaced, only at 2 1/2 cm not quite ready to be admitted but the nurses wanted to keep me bc baby's heartbeat was not looking very good. Finally I was admitted to Labor and Delivery where I had to be monitored constantly bc of her heartbeat. I was not happy about that but I needed to do what was best for the baby. They showed me the monitor and explained how her heart rate was flaaaaaaat. I was so worried! But the nurse I had was so sweet and reassuring, suggesting that maybe things would pick up, which eventually they did, (nice job, Baby Girl!) I pushed through some awful contractions still holding out on getting any pain meds bc I didn't want to do anything that would affect her heart rate any further. Even without drinking anything I kept having to pee! lol I was put on an IV and given penicillin due to group B strep... fine by me! Just sad that I could not walk around... but I rocked and breathed my way through contractions. Dr and nurse requested that I let them break my waters to move things along and to have internal monitors put in bc baby's heart rate AGAIN was not looking great :( so I talked it over with hubby, weighed our pros and cons, decided to have internal monitoring and had my waters broken... at that moment I felt SO MUCH BETTER! What a relief! The nurse and my dr kept commenting on the amount of fluid that was in there... It was like a dozen waterfalls. lol The contractions came then like a ton of bricks!!! My mother came in at some point and distracted me a little by rubbing my feet while I kept yelling for hubby to put counter-pressure on my back. With their help, I got along with no pain meds until I got to 6 or 7cm... Then I knew it was time to get an epidural before I LOST IT! I was afraid to get one since I believe that is what stopped the progression of my last labor but finally after discussing the risks and benefits with hubby and my nurse i agreed to one. I was so relaxed afterward, told the anesthesiologist he was awesome and felt like a normal person again... I could even still move my legs, which was awesome since the nurse kept turning me from side to side. I was able to help her turn me without much effort. She was so excited everytime I told her I was starting to feel pressure! She was such a sweetheart, with all her encouraging words... I could feel my girl moving down down down and felt more confident with each contraction that even though it may take a while but I was going to get my VBAC! I kept being turned and finally helped into the "exaggerated sims position" where I fell asleep for a while... I was so relaxed it was unbelievable! I expected it to be a while but around 2:45 my dr checked my cervix again, smiled... and asked me if I wanted to push! WHAT?!? I remember replying, "Sure!" lol we were all so excited that it hadn't taken very long to get to 10cms! I asked for a mirror so that I could see everything and the image of me pushing helped me so much to continue... I WANTED TO MEET THIS BABY! I pushed for about 4 contractions and there was Jordyn's head! My dr asked me if I wanted to help deliver her... Again... WHAT?!? lol I was pleasantly surprised by the question and OF COURSE I wanted to help! (My mother got the most awesome picture of me pulling her out, her body still half-way inside... my favorite picture of the day!) So after delivering her head, my dr rotated baby a bit and helped me place my hands under her arms and pull her up to me... She was the most gorgeous purple/pink/grey, slimy, squishy thing I had ever held! No one had to wonder about the condition of her lungs... she screamed like a banshee! :) All in all, labor was about 15 1/2 hours versus my 42-hour labor-turned-EMCS with my 1st born.  Hubby cut the cord and I delivered the placenta with ease. I barely even felt it. No tears! Just a "deep scratch" as my dr describes it... so I do have 2 stitches. No big deal... :) I welcomed my baby for a few moments while being stitched up then handed her to a nurse to be weighed and measured. She was brought back to me IMMEDIATELY, which I loved because after my c-section I did not see my baby boy for an entire 2 FREAKING HOURS. Her apgar scores were 8 and 9 and she weighed 6pounds 4ounces... I'm the happiest mommy in the universe! :)


I was told that my c-section was due to my hips being small, failure to progress and a bunch of other non-sense which left me feeling broken and feeling like my body was inadequate... well... I DID IT. I  did it, I did it, I DID IT!!! I am so proud of myself! And proud of the way my dr handled herself because I was sure she was going to be such a different person than she actually was! I cannot explain the way I feel... It is the best. Recovery is (of course) painful but so much better than recovering from my surgery. I 'm so grateful for the staff I met while in the hospital. They were so supportive and reassuring... I was made as comfortable as possible the entire time. I am now at home recovering with my 2 children and awesome husband who has pretty much put me on bedrest because I had WAAAY too much energy and cleaned like crazy the next day when we were released... I know, I know I am crazy... BUT I FEEL LIKE SUPERWOMAN! lol Breast feeding got off to a slow start but we are doing way better now.


Thanks for reading. I could not be happier with the outcome of my birth... joy.gif


GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL... I hope your experiences are pleasant ones, no matter when or how they happen!

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What a great story. Congratulations on your VBAC and new baby girl!!

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Oh my goodness, CONGRATULATIONS and thank you so much for taking the time to share your story. I can just feel your excitement, and it is really an inspiring story, especially for people hoping for a vbac (like me)!!!
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Congratulations!!! So happy that you are both happy and healthy, and that you DID IT!! Good job Mama!!

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Thank you ladies! My wish for you is that you just stay encouraged and have a support team who truly believes that your body can handle this! Good luck to you all! I'm so excited to read your stories next! biggrinbounce.gif

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Congrats! joy.gif

So was it your first provider who attended the delivery? If not, I wish you would send her the pic of you delivering your baby with a note saying "HAH I guess you were wrong!"

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Yes, it was the 1st doc... never made it in to see my new midwife! lol I am tempted to tell her "told you so!" at my 6-week post partum visit.

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