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my uc

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Jeska Grace born may 25 at 4:12 i think dad said 6.8lbs. i was busy feeding kid well waiting for after birth and then cleaning up and stopping bleeding. eating now to bring up what i lost thru bleeding. will post story later.

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Congrats!!!! :) Very exciting!!!

Hope you and family are doing well!

Looking forward to birth story!!!!

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Welcome baby and congrats mama! can't wait to read the birth story!

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ouch just started taking arnica. hope that knocks out soreness below.

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Went for birth certificate last night. my step father in laws brother works down there at town hall. He knew about birth as I stopped to see his wife the day before. So we walked in and he said you need a birth cert. We have it at home to fill out well they get their comp up to speed and find out the fee. But all is good and looks like will go smooth. The back of paperwork is for health dept. as far as I can tell it's just the info that would have been filled out by a Dr. so I will fill out what I did do, like agar test, most of it. Some of it I didn't have stuff for.


Oh and I call the moby wrap...mom sanity! She loves it and sleeps better and i can get stuff done that I need to. Also don't need to worry about running from room to do something and is a cat touching her. I love my cats so it protects them too.

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joy.gif Glad to hear all is going well!!!

And about the cats- I will remember that! We have a very affectionate cat, who would love to make this little bean its snuggle mate!

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Congratulations ! I had several vbacs in hospital , but have not been brave enough ( yet ) to attempt , what you´ve done !

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Congrats!  I have to send in the paperwork to get Maribel's birth certificate.  The lady forgot to send me paternity papers. =/

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posted story in birth stories under 'my uc story jeska grace'

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the first paper they gave us had 2 mothers on it. we said aaah wears the father listed. she looked again and found mother father papers. still wondering how much the paper work will cost. geuss i find out tomoro.

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