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Chord blood banking???

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Has anyone on here done it, know someone directly who has, or know any reliable information about it? I am googling and I find a lot of pros and con's. I have to say it is all very confusing. I can't even find a list specifying all of the diseases chord blood banking is supposed to be able to cure or help with.


This seems to be very risky considering cost and how little information I can find without giving out my home address to a chord blood banking company. I can't even find any real life testimony's saying they had to use the chord blood for one reason or another and it was successful. I can only find testimonials that are linked to companies.


Anyone out there know anything about this?

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We do not plan to bank this baby's cord blood. I've read that the cord has to be cut rather early to be able to bank the blood, but I believe in delayed cord clamping for maximum benefits to the baby.

We have dealt with severe, life-threatening blood issues (dd3 when she was 2.75 nearly dued from hemolytic anemia), but I still wouldn't do it.
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I remember doing the research with ds and ultimately deciding overwhelmingly against it but I cant remember specifically why not. I remember an anecdote about a lady who had paid all this money to bank it and then she actually needed it and they had mistakingly given hers away or something likethat.
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I agree that delayed cord clamping seems to be the best thing to do, rather than have the cord cut immediately so that the cord blood can be banked.  I have been researching this as well and delayed cord clamping is the route we're going to go.  Does anyone know how long to delay the clamping for baby to receive maximum benefit?

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The hospital where we'll deliver does it for 3 minutes.

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I did delayed cord clamping with my daughter, we were able to wait about 25 minutes but I have heard of much longer and shorter. There really is not enough research to support how long is long enough -or what benefit really ( I have read lots of reasons why to delay but not scientific articles)  I am a childbirth educator and even though it is greatly supported even most midwives agree the research why isn't there yet. It makes sense logically that the baby would benefit from this nutrient rich blood so I figure the more the better.  On the other hand My SIL did the blood bank but thankfully has not had to use it. She was happy with her choice and the company. Although I am in favor of delayed cord clamping my DD has a blood disorder and I really have to think about what benefits could come from banking that blood - it is hard to deprive one child of possible nutrients but at the same time the potential benefits are huge and really it is just not a reliably researched area. Watching my daughter go through what she has makes me wonder what the best option is. I don't want her or my new babies to have a potential lifetime of suffering because I didn't bank it - sometimes being a mommy is really hard!

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Wow, 3 minutes to 25 minutes is quite a difference!  Maybe I'll ask my midwives about it too and see what they say (there are 4 midwives and if I start asking now, I can ask them all at different appointments and see if they have similar answers) :)  Hugs to you, ColoradoMama, with that decision.  I can definitely see how banking the blood may be a better choice for some.

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We waiting until the cord stopped pulsing. I'm not sure how long exactly (my memory is really fuzzy about all things time related that first day or so :-) but I would guess it was between 3 and 25 minutes.

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heres an older post that references some articles about blood banking and delayed cord clamping.. (not both at once.. just talks about both issues) http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1311811/delayed-clamping-of-cord-how-long-till-stops-pulsing/0_100

and can someone please edit the title of this post to make CHORD say CORD orngtongue.gif
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I didn't bank, we waited until the cord stopped pulsing before cutting it.

My sister Banked with the first baby but not either of the other two after that.  I don't know why, cost maybe?

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As a MW I can say it's super difficult to do both delayed cord clamping AND cord blood banking.  It can be done in rare circumstances but usually the definition of delayed is shortened...Maybe 5 mins vs 30 mins which is usual?  Many times we try and do both but it's not successful.  I'd always personally go with delayed cord clamping over banking.  There was a silly campaign going around on FB a few years ago which was "Stop cord blood banking--Do delayed cord clamping.  Your baby needs its blood NOW not later!"  I have to say I agree :)

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I had a home birth and did both delayed clamping and cord blood donation. My midwives understood that my baby's health came first, but I had a donation kit on hand in case it worked out :-)

I think only certain "at risk" families should consider banking, but everyone should consider donation.

Wonderful website to help your decision and find resources, not run by the cord blood companies:
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Hopefully that link works :-)
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I must be really behind on the times because I have never even heard of delayed chord clamping. Now I have even more to think of. I will have to do some actual research, but it sounds like it may be the better choice. Thanks for the input and websites ladies.

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