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Transitioning to Vegan...Ack!

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So, after a long period of thought, study, etc...I am going to begin making the transition to vegan. The issue isn't so big a deal for me (and I'm the lucky recipient of all kinds of yummy new products like Coconut Milk ice cream!) but for my kids it will be tougher if I do it for them as well. My dh I have few hopes for -- he's an inveterate meat and dairy lover. But I can really limit it in the house as much as possible (what he eats on his own out of the house is his own concern).


We also keep kosher so this will make my life a heckuva lot easier, at least in terms of what I prepare. For outside the house, much harder. And for my kids who have loved their (yeshiva) school lunches which are almost always dairy, even that much more difficult. I probably will leave that alone til the end of the school year so as not to make things tough for them (only 2 more weeks anyway). And when my girls go away to overnight camp this summer they will have to make their own choices regardless although we do talk about it a lot. My oldest dd (11 1/2) hs been a vegetarian over a year although we are working on good choices (i.e. non 'noodletarian). Dd2 has always loved meat although less so lately as I rarely prepare it anymore. I stopped buying any meat that was not grass-fed/humanely raised/handled and kosher which is so expensive it's pretty much a non-starter anyway. I have I think a couple pounds stashed in the freezer left and that's it.


Ideas for transitioning, for meals that are relatively simple yet also delicious would be great. To add some complexity, I've got Celiac Disease, so seitan and the like are not an option for ME (I can make it for them though). And I'm confused about soy, etc. etc. Sigh.


Just looking for support I guess. Peace.gif

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http://www.welcomingkitchen.blogspot.com/ and they have a cookbook too!

I am pretty sure my husband has Celiacs. But, he is really fighting it. I hope you can find ways to make a vegan diet work with your Celiacs so you feel nourished and not crazy.
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Ok, We eat soy with no hesitation, but not a lot of fake meats. Here are some of the dinners that I've made at my friends' house lately, they are GF.


Tacos - corn tortillas, black or pinto beans, shredded cabbage, avocado, salsa, maybe some fajita veggies


Rice Pasta - with marinara, strawberry marinara, or cashew alfredo, and veggies. I did roasted butternut squash and caramelized spicy onions with the alfredo and it was amazing.


Stir fry- mixed veggies, stir fry sauce mare with tamari, rice, fried tofu.


Cream of broccoli soup - with cashews and white beans pureed in for richness, texture and protein.


Breakfast for dinnner- roasted potatoes with onions and garlic powder topped with soyrizo, oatmeal-hempseed pancakes, fresh fruit.


Cauliflower red lentil curry with basmati rice

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Those look delicious, thank you for the ideas! To cream cashews, do you just process them in the food processor?


Tonight I am making black bean burgers. Have to send h to the store for some buns as I have no time to make them, and some avocado. Yesterday I made a recipe from Vegetarian Times -- Sicilian pasta (I made my gf pasta separately) with broccoli, garlic, pistachios, and chickpeas. Sauce was a veggie broth, earth balance, and marsala wine reduction. It was delicious.


Of course, ds ate plain noodles. eyesroll.gif Which frankly regardless of veganism would be his choice. 


Still working on it...any ideas are welcome!

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