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any other active parent of multiples?

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Just wondering if there are more of us out there?


I am pregnant with DZ twins almost 32w (on Tuesday!) and am trying to remain active during my healthy/no complications yet pregnancy. Before I got pregnant I was running, skiing or hiking almost every day.. .  now that I'm pregnant and in the third trimester I'm pretty limited to what I can do- I'm down to lap swimming, hiking (minimal) and biking usually 4-6 times a week for anywhere from 30-180 minutes at a time..


I am hoping for a fast recovery after birth and to get back into it with my twins in tow (with the jogging/bike stroller).



Are there others of you out there either pregnant or PP? How have you managed to keep active with twins (and in my case an older DS too)..? esp. curious to hear from others who are PP.

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I've got part of this...I was very active the beginning of my pregnancy: biking to work, swimming, hiking. I wound up on bed rest for the last three months of my pregnancy, which really sucked.


As soon as I was off bed rest, I started walking, and soon after the babies were born we walked with them in the stroller. Walking/jogging naps are awesome, and now that they have good head control (starting at about 9 months), they can go in the bike trailer. We make sure to go in the stroller every day, and, though sometimes they object, in general they like to be out and moving with things to see. Or they go to sleep, which is great.


There are some really awesome box bikes out there (http://bakfiets.nl/eng/), but they wound up being way too spendy for us. But you can put a rear-facing car seat in them and use them for very little babies.

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ah I'd love one of those bikes but our budget is super tight this year and so its totally out of the question (plus we really have no where to put/store it when not riding :)

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Good stroller until they're big enough for a trailer. That's what we ended up doing.

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I did that with DS1 and it worked great. I am getting a nice stroller but doubtful I can run them in it..


I am considering joining a gym with daycare so that the twins could stay there for 20-40mins and I could workout quickly until they are big enough to come along in the jogging/bike set up (but by then we'll have snow on the ground anyway)

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Good for you! No doubt, you'll be in for a great birth and subsequent recovery experience in being so healthy now. Be easy with yourself too though. In my experience, activity does start petering out when the big birth day gets closer (and the big bump gets more gigantic!), and learn to accept that and be okay with it too. You may feel a shift from cardio-focused activity to lower impact activities that can be quite grounding (great for soon going into birth too!). I'm thinking forms of yoga mostly, keeping up on as much swimming as you can too is great! That's for remainder pregnancy anyway.


Once they're born you can enjoy more activity again. I found wearing my boys was a great way to get around, and enjoy some walking very early on. I was able to wear two slings and wear them both around me when they were very small. After that you could do a double stroller for your DS and one little twin babe, and wear the other, or shoot for any combination of babes and strollers that feels right for you. My twins are my first and only, and so we have a Schwinn (the bike people) double stroller that works well for us. Big air filled tires- we jog on all sorts of terrain quite often, it's great. Beyond that, my boys like to boogie, so we'll throw on different flavours of music on bust a move. I've been enjoying taking up some belly-dance and salsa (you-tube is great for dance instruction for those who are too busy with babes to get out to a class), then I can enjoy my new mommy-moves, and they happily bop about as they wish.



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. In my experience, activity does start petering out when the big birth day gets closer (and the big bump gets more gigantic!), and learn to accept that and be okay with it too. You may feel a shift from cardio-focused activity to lower impact activities that can be quite grounding


Ive def. seen this starting already- walking or hiking more then 45min-1 hour is getting not enjoyable.. swimming feels amazing all the time, esp being in cold water because Im constantly hot.. and biking sometimes works (but other days not so much)..

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yes! I am a 60mpw runner w/6 month old twins and a 3 yo too


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I ran across your blog EoN very inspiring to see you are still running.. do all the kids/DH go with you typically on the runs? My DS refuses to sit in the chariot for more then 30mins (and sometimes he won't sit at all) so getting out is harder with him.. hoping the twins are more sitters and less runners in the early days :)

I was wondering if you bring the twins with you on runs Eon in the evenings? Or do you leave the kids awake/home with the DH when you go out? Do you run daily? Just trying to get a sense of how much/willing my DH might be to take the twins on alone.. DS1 does not sleep much (he goes to bed between 10 and 11pm and gets up at 6) so its hard to factor in much exercise unless DS1 is at daycare and even then with work I cant leave for more then 30-45mins at a time..

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ithappend- I do run daily. We have a treadmill so I run in the mornings when my husband is at work. My 3yo plays while I run and or the twins "play" while I run. I run no longer than 50 min during the week unless they are sleeping. I usually have to stop 1-3 x during my run on the TMill to move the twins around to keep them happy. My 3yo also entertains them too. When my husband is home he watches all 3 of them for me while I run 1-2 hrs.Some days are super easy other days are challenging to get my run in. I just go with the flow.

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I wish we had the space for a treadmill or some sort of machine Eon would be great for the winter! there is a gym just a few blocks away from our studio apt. . they have childcare in the mornings until 12 and I was considering joining once I heal from birth and taking the twins over with me there so I could squeeze in a quick workout in the fall/winter months without depending on the weather or the jogging stroller working out for us..


do you mind if I asked if you had a c-s or a natural birth? both my twins are currently breech and it looks likely I might end up with a c-s. With DS1 I had a normal birth but due to some complications with it, found I couldn't run without a lot of pain until about 3-4m PP.. I also have gained way more with my twins then I did with DS pregnancy-- I weigh at 32w what I did at 42w with DS1..

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I had a csect at 36 weeks.and due to TTTS I was inactive from 19 weeks onward. Kind of a nightmare pregnancy for me.. :(

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oh I am so sorry to hear that Eon.. I was just telling DH how thankful I was to have not been on bed rest (as least yet anyway) as I think I would be crazy from it within 24 hours..

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just chiming in to say that you're not technically supposed to put children younger than 1yo in a bike trailer, and then w/ a helmet...


as for me, i walk/jog with our twins in a BOB revolution double. love it! now i swim with our older children and do water aerobics with the twins...which really just means i do lots of squats/jumping and running underwater while holding two babies. :)

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ladydodson but as I understand it, if you are using the bike trailer as a jogging stroller (with an infant insert) you can use it from the time they have head control onward for jogging/walking .. then biking at 1yr old.. ? Or at least that is what the websites/dealers etc say?

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ithappened: we used a chariot with our girls.  We had the infant slings and used them for jogging as soon as they were the right age (can't remember what it was!!).  I jogged with them in the chariot at least 3-4 times a week.  Sometimes by myself and sometimes my sister would run with us and share the pushing. 

We had them in the bike trailer with helmets at 11months (they were/are really sturdy kids with great muscle tone and motor skills and it was summer and we were dying to get out more!). 

I've given up the running due to an IT band/hip pain issue that had me in PT for months and isn't much better.  Also, being pregnant with twins again makes it a little rough!  So, these days I settle for hauling them places in the bike trailer and walking. I'm fairly certain that it will be really hard once the next set is here.  We are centemplating another chariot so we can ride together, but until they are a year, I feel like walking with the big ones in the chariot and the littles in a moby wrap will be all we can do!  Or leave them all at home.  :)  We'll see. 

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QM yes we had a single chariot which I sold to a friend (but loved until DS was a little over 2 and he refused to sit in it) and 'upgraded' well it wasn't an upgrade really but did get a double burley trailer used/borrowed etc for the twins instead hoping I can take the out running in it come fall/winter... My DS1 hates and refuses to sit anymore so I didn't see the point in keeping the chariot with how little room we have in our apartment.. but the chariot was a sanity saver for me :)

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I hope you do not mind that I follow this thread.  I had been running several miles 4-5x a week before my third pregnancy and intended to keep up the physical activity.  Unexpectedly, my first several weeks were so hard to keep the jogging up and my joints felt like jelly.  Surprise triplets!!!  The girls are pretty heavy and I walk occasionally but I have not kept up the activity that I would have hoped for.  However, I am on my feet for a good part of the day and am eager to get back on track once the girls are born.

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Wow 13pumpkins! Congratulations!

Its 7 months post twins birth and I run 50+mpw and my body is holding onto weight due to breastfeeding. I just ran a 5k race and my time was 1 min slower then before....sigh.... its a long road back but all worth it

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Interesting Eon I had the same experience with BFing!! I actually gained a little right after birth then my held onto weight the entire time- oddly enough when DS1 stopped BFing I lost the remaining 5-8lbs without changing anything within a month or so.. I wonder why that is.

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