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NC Food Products Suggestions ??

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Does anyone have any favorite NC food products? I'm thinking of making a gift basket for someone who's new to the state.


Here are examples of items that I might include.

Schumann's  (Wake Forest)

Big Spoon Roasters  (Durham)

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Cackalacky hot sauce. Lots of great nc beers. Bone sucking sauce.
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well there are TONS of good ones! If you go Harris Teeter they have a section of NC Foods


I love some of the products from our local restaurants like Carolina Brewery BBQ sauce

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Originally Posted by Carhootel View Post

If you go Harris Teeter they have a section of NC Foods


I mostly shop at HT in Morrisville, but I also go to Chapel Hill North, and I've never seen a NC foods section! I need to pay better attention!


Thanks for the ideas everyone. There are so so so many BBQ sauces out there from NC!

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If you have access to a local coop or Whole Foods, they stock a lot of local products, too. 

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If you are looking for foods that are locally made, or containing local ingredients, as well as those particular to the state, you might try French Broad Chocolates. 



There are tons of microbreweries:



And wineries:



Goats are huge in WNC, and you should easily be able to find goat cheese, and goats milk soap.




What about pickled okra? 



You could also put it all in a locally made kudzu vine basket.


Edited to add: And obviously you should include local honey, and something from Apple Country.


Edited again to add:  And muscadine jelly!!!


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A Southern Season has several NC gift baskets. You could get ideas from them if you don't want to buy one:




You can also go to the store and pick out your fave NC goodies. They have a wide selection.


Peanuts are always good. And grits. I like the Guilford Co ones, now. (Used to love some from White's Mill, but that was in Va and apparently burned.)


Check out the farmer's markets for some less perishable items like local honey, too/

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