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Looking for some mindful mommas in CRESTVIEW, FL!

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Pleeeeaase tell me there are some moms here in the Crestview, FL area!!!  I would love to find some like-minded mommas in the area.  It's looking pretty bleak over here as far as finding people with similar views.  It would be so wonderful to be around people who don't think I'm crazy for avoiding chemicals, or that we're "spoiling" our kids with AP! 

I was thinking of starting a playgroup, but I don't even know where to begin- so I thought I'd check here :)

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I am pregnant with my first child (due November 30th) and will be moving to the area in August. I would love to find like-minded people also! I will be living in Shalimar but attending a birthing center in Freeport for my prenatal and birth. I know it doesn't help you right now because I don't live there yet and I don't have a kid yet :) but I thought I would touch base. I am totally planning on breastfeeding, cloth diapering, co-sleeping, etc. In fact, I have already sewn a mei tai type carrier in manly fabric for my husband to use once the LO is here :)

I also know that there is a Holistic Moms Group that meets at Ever'Man in Pensacola. That might be something that you could look into right away, I think they meet once a month. Hope that helps!

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That is amazing news! Don't be creeped out by my over-excitement! Haha. Shalimar is not too far from here. I didn't know there was a birthing center in Freeport!? Where have I been? I know Gentle Birth Options opened up in Niceville a few years ago- exciting times! They rcently opened a natural baby store next to it. I haven't gotten a chance to check it out, yet, but it looks awesome.
There is so much cool stuff going on in P-cola, but it's a long drive with 2 kids. i'd like to make it out there one day to the farmers market, etc.
Anyhow- if you want to get together sometime after you get here and get settled, let me know smile.gif. We can drink kombucha and talk about babywearing teeheehee. Just kidding, sort of!
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It's great to find someone in the area with similar interests. Yeah, the birth center is called Milton Memorial birthing center. I haven't actually been there yet, I'm going to check it out after the move. I was very excited about Gentle Birth Options but apparently they don't take Medicaid anymore, so it wasn't an option for me. I just really want to stay out of the hospital :)

I love kombucha! I also make my own water kefir sodas, and I can give you the grains to get your own started, too.

The farmers' market in Pensacola is pretty cool. They have some organic veggies, lots of pastured eggs, and some grassfed raw milk. They also have raw local honey and arts & crafts. I really like Ever'man though, have you been there?

Anyway, yeah I'm excited too. I don't really know a lot of people in the area who have kids yet, and even if they did I'm not sure we'd have the same philosophies :) but my mom already found me a prenatal yoga class in the area, so I'm looking forward to the transition.

Talk to you later!

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Ooo I'd love to start some water kefir! I've only had kombucha once, but it was delicious! Recently (finally) found out they have big glass jars with metal spouts at Target, so I can finally make my own (i read you shouldn't use anything w/plastic). I haven't been to Ever'man yet- it's on the mental list lol
Are you living in P-cola now?
That's a bummer GBO doesn't take medicaid anymore! Good thing we're done I guess (at least that's what we keep saying), though I wouldn't mind an unassisted birth!
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No I don't live in Pensacola, but since I am originally from the area I am pretty familiar with it and have found that there are many good resources for healthy food in P'cola. I am interested in UC too. I wouldn't be comfortable with it for my first, I think, but if everything goes well this time then maybe next time it would be an option, especially depending on where I'm living and the services in the area. I will be moving it looks like the second to last weekend in July and then I will be in Shalimar. I would love to check out that natural baby store you were talking about :)

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Hi there,


I posted a while back and got no response- so glad to see that some new people are in the area.  I posted a year ago and decided to postpone my move for a year, which brings me to September 2012.  I have decided to go ahead with my move and would love to connect with you two once I am in the area.  I will be moving to the Shalimar area and starting fresh.  My kids are 7.5 and 5 years old.  I would love to know how you like Crestview and is it a good place for kids?  I was looking into Shalimar/Niceville as an option, but I do want a bit of outdoor space.  Well- if you are interested in meeting, let me know and I will contact you once I have landed in Florida!


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Hello! I saw your previos thread.... Sort of made me lose hope that there were no responses! Lol. Started a new thread to try to illicit more responses :-P.
Anyyhow I'm happy to see you here! From where are you moving? Apparently I'm the only sucker in Crestview! lol. We wanted to stay away from the "city" and tourist traffic areas. Crestview is....ok. I preferred Niceville when I was living there. Much more to do, kid-wise. I'm sure there must be stuff around here that I just haven't found yet??? Ihooe. But Niceville has lots offa,ily activities all the time, and the Valparaiso library is AWESOME- small, friendly, they have a play area and do a verylaid back story hour. We loved it smile.gif. Lots of parks, etc. Fort Walton/Shalimar of course has stuff going on all the time!
i'd say C-view is good for kids in that it seems to be a pretty safe area. But.... I didn't grow up here or anything so I don't know the nitty gritty info! I'd have to ask DH! But it's one of those cities that stays old fashioned because the old ppl still living here refuse to let anything change. I respect that ideal, of course, and it can be wonderful. But.... Mindsets have not caught up with the times,either, it seems! Which is why I'm having such a hard time finding like-minded moms. There is an awesome health food store in town! Hahaha that's about all I van find,though.
Good lcuk with your move, and do let us kow when you get here! smile.gif
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I am moving from the Netherlands and I don't know if I have over thought things- having a whole year to think about it - but I am "concerned" about returning to the US.  I haven't lived there with kids and I read TOO MUCH- so, I am having panic attacks :) 

Glad to hear that the area is good for kids with lots of parks- the one thing that does brighten my day is the fact that there is SUN- and beautiful beaches there.  I am looking forward to a more outdoorsy life, honestly- done with all the rain rain rain.....

What ages are your kids?  Are you in Crestview due to military?  Sorry, nosey :)



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Haha it's ok I'll be nosy, too- how long have you been in the Netherlands? Is that where you're originally from- or is it military moves? I'd be concerned about beig in the US too! Lol. Would love to live somewhere else with as crazy as things are here. It all depends on where you are, though. Obviously some places are more kid friendly, and some are more ummm.... Liberated? smile.gif. The one complaint I have for around here is how close-minded many of the people are in our area. I mentioned homeschool to someone and hey acted like I was going to make my son a hermit and he'd never have any friends! People constantly call him "she" because of his long hair... Thouh he looks very much like a boy. Oh I could go on! Shalimar/ft Walton is more open minded at least! Haha
Anyhow we are here just because... Not military. We just can't seem to stay out of Florida! We've moved to Ohio and Virginia and still ended up back here. DH does flooring/roofing so we go where the work is. It was pickin up down here again and he got a good offer so we came back smile.gif. Thouh now he's all daydreams about moving back up to VA area, NC or SC- he was recently out of town for work and drove brought the mountains- his one true love lol. Now he wants out of FL again. *sigh*.
Oh but if you're looking to escape rain and be outdoorsy.... Hehe. We've had a very rain season this year! And the super humidity is tough. Would love to do some hiking, nature trails, etc but he summer here is harsh. We've been frequenting the parks that have splash/water things. Note to self: dig hole and make pool. But if you can muster up the will to overdone he sweat pouring down, it truly is he sunshine state! Fall/spring are wonderful here, and it's doesn't get too cold in the winter, and definitely not for long when it does. Aside from July/August (maybe some of june&september) I'd say the weather here is great smile.gif
The beaches here are georgeous!! We haven't been yet his summer, but am hoping to go soon. I'm a little apprehensive after all he oil ordeal, so we'll probably stay on the bay side to at least avoid some of the nasties. Or maybe it's worse in the bay? Who knows greensad.gif
Oh, my son is 4 and daughter will be 1 next month. My how times flies! smile.gif
And that was very long...
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   Hey ladies! For some reason it didn't show up on my profile that this thread had any new hits :( Sorry I didn't post sooner, I have been in the area for a while but have been so busy trying to unpack and everything. The first 3 weeks my niece was in town so I got nothing done. Since then we've been trying to get DH a job and get him in school...crazy! 

   I would love to meet up any time. I am thrilled to tell you that I actually was able to get in at Gentle Birth Options in Niceville and am so relieved to be going not only to a birth center but one that is so close.

   DS due November 30 is my first so I don't have any LO's to play with yours yet, but it is nice to talk to people who know where you're coming from :) Let me know if you want to meet for lunch!

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Oh joy, unpacking! haha  I totally understand why you've been MIA.  We've been here since March and STILL not fully unpacked :/   I would say it's because I haven't had time... but more likely it just hasn't been a top priority :P

Glad you got in GBO!  That will be a lot closer for you, won't it? 

Would love to meet up when you have some time.  DH just started a new job out of town, so we're mostly homebound until payday :P  But Next weekend or thereafter I'm game!  Will have to bring the kiddos since DH is gone.  This could be interesting! hehe

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Oh I made a FB group in hopes of rounding up some more awesome moms


It's for Crestview, simply because I'm trying to find people close to me, but anyone in the surrounding areas is obviously super welcome to join!  So hop on over if you so desire :)  Hoping to gather a group for meetups, playgroups, etc. etc.

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That all sounds great! Maybe we'll meet up sometime next weekend :)

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Hi, I just found this thru searching for doulas in Crestview.  LOL  I'm mom of 6; 2 c-sections, one hospital vbac, one homebirth/waterbirth vbac, one adopted, and one that we're fostering.  I had my 3rd with Maria at Milton, it's actually in Paxton, but that was a hospital transfer.  Had my 4th at home, it was GREAT.

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Janette- Glad you found us! I see you also found the facebook group smile.gif.
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Originally Posted by katealicia View Post

That all sounds great! Maybe we'll meet up sometime next weekend smile.gif

I got lost in time over here!! Do you want to plan something for next week/weekend? I really want to hit up the pumpkn patch n Niceville! Maybe lunch? Or U'm sure there's tuff going on in FWB area. I'm also planning a meetup for the MM group if anyone is interested. It will be in Crestview, but there may be some other FWB/Shalimar moms there, as we have a few in the group smile.gif.
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What does MM stand for? Mindful mothers? I'm interested. I would love to go to the pumpkin patch; I usually head out to Niceville on Fridays in the early afternoon so maybe then? I will actually be in Niceville 3 times this week but the other 2 are time-sensitive :/ Life is a little crazy now that I'm 33 weeks! But I would love to meet up :)

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https://www.facebook.com/groups/260119074091772/. <--- link to facebook group, and yes it's Mindful Moms smile.gif
Friday afternoon would work for us @ the pumpkin patch. Or any time, really- no plans yet this week, just finishing DS's ostume. I will probably do the MM meet on Thursday or Sunday, depending on if anyone has a preference!
I reallllly want to goouto he Emerald Coast Science Center or E.O Wilson Biophilia Cnter soon, so I'm going to try to schedule an event or that as well. And maybe a little Halloween party?
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Hello :)

We are moving to the area soon. We haven't decided on whether or not we should live in FWB or Crestview. So far Crestview is wining, because the yards are bigger and houses seem to to be a little larger for the same prices. Do any of you have opinions on certain areas within Crestview and or Fort Walton Beach, either to stay away from or are kid friendly, etc.??


I was happy to find other like minded people in the area :) I would love to meet up with with other AP moms and kids!


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