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She's here!

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Baby "as yet unnamed" M. is HERE! Born at 5:30am this morning. 7 pounds 7 ounces and 22 inches long. Does NOT want to stop nursing! Born with so much vernix she looked like a little cheese baby!

My birth was...ummm....well, it was like being hit with a mack truck. She came so quickly...I got up at 5am because I started to feel kind of weird and crampy...I went to the bathroom to see if I had diarrhea...didn't. 5:15 or so I threw up and got in the shower because I was feeling lower back ache that suddenly got intense...5:30am my body violently ejected her from my uterus. It was kind of traumatizing!

But guess what...NO TEARS and practically no bleeding! Plus, I'm in love. Gioing to go take a nap and try and recoup! She has so much hair, you guys! All my babies have been hairless...this girl is so beautiful! ♥♥♥


Baby Mitchell - Brand New.jpg

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 I'm so happy for you! Congratulations to everyone in the family! heartbeat.gifenergy.gifheartbeat.gif

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Welcome beautiful little girl!  Good going Mama-yeah for no tears-have a lovely and restful day.

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CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! <3 Did the midwives make it? So much dark hair! She is gorgeous! 

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Awwww!!! So precious! Congrats to mama and family! joy.gifCan't wait for my little guy to get here...I'm going to get so impatient as more babies start coming!

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CONGRATULATIONS, Broody!!!!!!!!!!!


She is absolutely beautiful!


What a labor---so short!


Blessings your way and much rest for a hard working mama and a sweet baby.

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Yay!!!!!   Holy crap-- I can see why you'd feel like a mac truck hit!  So happy for you, and SO happy you can try to get some rest...What a way to start your day :)  She is absolutely beautiful <3  Her hair looks so soft...I think I'd be rubbing my face on it every chance I could get...so sweet. 

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Congrats Broody! Sounds like an amazing experience! She's beautiful.
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CONGRATS!!! That is wonderful news! How exciting!!! Welcome to the world precious little girl!!! joy.gif


She's absolutely beautiful. I'm so happy for you and your family. I want to know too - did the midwife make it? That is a FAST birth

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shower baby still counts as a water birth right? lol congrats on a fast labor!

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She is so beautiful :) Congrats Mama. That is a crazy fast birth!!! Was anyone with you or were you alone in the shower?

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HAhaha, no, MW did NOT make it! NOBODY did! It was just me. I didn't have the ability to speak or move or call out to my husband until she was out of me...imagine the look on his face when he walked into the bathroom!

Her hair is SO soft...I've had nothing but hairless babies the last two times, so I am loving this soft, furry head! The girl LOVES to breastfeed...got a perfect latch the first time she tried and has hardly stopped since.

I feel AMAZING. My husband is feeding me and treating me so well...I feel so special and happy. Had a couple of easy visits from family that were kept very brief and took an amazing nap out on the futon bed while my husband napped with the older two in the bedroom. The weather is beautiful here today and everything just feels so good!

My vagina FEEELLLS AWEEEESOOOMMEE! I can't believe how different this feels with no tears! I have NO idea how I didn't tear...but this is SO awesome! I just can't believe how good my vagina feels!

Thanks for all the kind words, mamas....I'm truly in my bliss right now. DH has two weeks off to care for me while I get my feet back under me and everything feels so light and wonderful right now. I feel so blessed and happy. luxlove.gif

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Broody!  What a birth story!  Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful, sweet girl.  I bet all that hair makes the wonderful baby smell even better.  I'm so, so happy for you.  The no tearing thing is awesome.  You give me so much hope for a non-tearing vagina of my own.  enjoy your babymoon bliss!

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Congrats Broody! She's beautiful! I'm so happy for you, wonderful baby, wonderful birth!

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AWWW! You got your UC! You knew it was going to happen lol

So glad you are feeling so awesome <3 :-D 

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Awesome! Congrats! She is beautiful. smile.gif
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Wow!  That sounds like an intense and incredible birth.  I bet your daughter is over the moon to finally have your baby there!  I know she could hardly wait.  She was probably as surprised as the rest of you that the baby came so quickly.  Congratulations!!!

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Broody, you're amazing!! Congrats and wow. :)

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Now that is an amazingly fast birth! good thing you were ready for a home birth! Congrats!!

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