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Congratulations from here too! So glad it all went well, if somewhat intensely... Enjoy your little one!

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Holy smokes!  That was fast :)  Congratulations and she is beautiful!

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Thank you all so much, ladies. <3<3 I'm truly in my bliss. She is amazing...here is some spam!

Baby Mitchell - 24 hours.jpg


Baby Mitchell - 24 hours2.jpg


Baby Mitchell - Close up face!.jpg

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So cute!  Congratulations!!!

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Amazing and wonderful and beautiful all around!  Congratulations and enjoy!!!!!!!!!!

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What a gorgeous baby girl! Congratulations, Broody! So happy for you!

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Just have to post again b/c she is just so so beautiful! Happy happy baby moon.

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So cute!  After looking at all these pictures I'm going to go down more evening primrose oil and RRL tea so I can get this show on the road and have my own outside baby!

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Congrats!! She's gorgeous!

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Broody she is so cute :) I want to snuggle her up! I told my DH your story and he had this look of terror on his face ROTFLMAO.gif

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I told my husband too and he looked worried too.  Then when I headed up for a shower this morning he asked if he needed to check in on me while I was in there.  :)

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Originally Posted by butterfly_mommy View Post

Broody she is so cute :) I want to snuggle her up! I told my DH your story and he had this look of terror on his face ROTFLMAO.gif

Mine too. And now whenever he is leaving the house even for a minute, he says, "Don't have the baby!" and when he comes back he yells into the door, "Did you have the baby??"

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THIS is so true yeahthat.gif


I went on my usual early AM walk today and DH asked me if everything was OK. Then he said he was worried something might "happen" to me while I'm walking in our neighborhood! I told him that I wouldn't have the baby in the street, if that is what he was worried about. :)


And yes, I told DH your story Broody and he had the look of terror, too!

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Hahahaha...they SHOULD be terrified! This shit is REAL! Apparently, babies can just come flying out of you with little to no notice!! Hahahahah. Oh our poor DH's...this is all so raw and strange for them. Bless them, every one! Hahahaha.

You should all instruct your husbands to carry nets with them wherever they go, so that they can be ready to catch a baby that slips out of you with no notice. Tell them to just wait for a sloshing sound and a grimace on your face. Hahahaha. Then, take a picture of the expression they make and kindly post the photo here...


Hahahahahah I'm losing it over here.

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Congrats on your baby Broody!! So glad to hear that everything was so smooth and no tearing! She's beautiful! I especially love the little tie dye suit she has on. So cute! Have you chosen a name yet?

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your baby is beautiful. i want mine to come so badly but i am oinly 35.5 weeks. i will have at least 3 more weeks to wait. i want little toes to kiss and little butts to change and little cheeks to nuzzle! i am ready! i will have to satisfy mysefl with pics of your lovely baby. lol. 


i also told my DH about your labor. he was shocked for you on how fast baby came out! it takes me 2 hours of active labor to have baby. and even then they come out a little at a time. 

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Congratulations! She's gorgeous joy.gif Enjoy your baby moon!
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