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breastfeeding/bottle feeding

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Hey everybody!  I'm starting to feel bad about ALWAYS having questions for you all without ever really having wisdom to share. Thanks you all so much for your advice!
I'm starting to think about pumping milk and maybe getting rosie sort of okay with drinking from a bottle occasionally so that maybe her dad and I can go out on a date or so that I can have more than a beer or two one of these warm summer nights.
First of all, when is the best time to pump without creating oversupply issues? I already have more than enough milk!
Also, any tips for introducing a bottle without completely ruining everything? I'm planning on waiting a couple more weeks just to make sure we've got our latching down pat, but in the last week or so our breastfeeding has improved in leaps and bounds so I'm feeling much more confident that we could maybe introduce a bottle soon.
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hey tara! i'm no expert but i can share my experience.  i was told to pump right after the morning feeding, and that has worked out great.  no oversupply issues at all.  i went back to work pretty quickly, so DS had a bottle by the second week, for one feeding a day, 4x/week, and he still latches like a champ, so i don't think i've ruined him, which i was very worried about! your LO is probably old enough to handle a bottle every now and again without nipple confusion, but the general consensus is 6 weeks old i think.


good luck!

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I started pumping the day we came home from the hospital, which was the day after I had her. Reason was though, my milk came in that quick. I breastfeed exclusively but I pump sporadically through the day, depending on when she is sleeping. She usually nurses every 2 1/2 to 3 hours during the day and will go as long as 4 hours at night in between nursing sessions. I get my best pumping in at night. For instance, I pumped twice last night and got 4 ounces from each session ( 2 ounces per breast) and then nursed her about an hour after that. If I really need to  pump during the day I will go take a shower to help with letdown, it does wonders. I've been focused on building up a supply since I am going back to school in August and I have a total of 65 bags of 4 ounces or more of milk in my deep freeze. 


I introduced a bottle ( the Tommie Tippie, Closer to Nature ones) when she was 5 weeks and 6 days old. I had finals and had to finish a paper, so my dad got to give her the first bottle. She took to it well and we have had no nipple confusion. She gets a bottle about twice a week. Introducing the bottle was a hard thing for me to do emotionally but at that point I felt very confident that we knew what we were doing with the nursing, like you said.

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