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I don't have insomnia anymore, but by the 2nd time I have to get up to pee - it's tough to get back to sleep.  My youngest is 6 now, so I've had a few years of pretty good sleep.  I'm realizing that that's at an end again for a few years probably!

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Still have a toddler who nurses who usually once in the middle of the night. It's awful because once I wake up to nurse her, I'm kind of up for a couple of hours. Argh. So awful to be so bloody exhausted and then be unable to sleep.

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Sleep: Try B12. Find a bio-available version. It has helped me SO much - I was waking up every hour, and now can sleep until the bladder rebels around 4 am, lol, then usually get a few more hours after that! (FYI: I'm taking mine as injections, but there are lots of other options!)


Digestion: Forget about it! I'm posting my belly photo on that thread, if you look you can see that I look like I've got baby up to my ribs - it's mostly bloating (though fundal height under my belly button). I do have a pretty short torso, so I tend to show early and look like I'm ready to pop at 30 weeks, but this is almost all intestinal gas. It's really lovely, lol...


Kel - my youngest will be six next week, so I KWUM. Sleep is once again becoming a thing of the past!


Love to all,


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