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Help Finding Kindy Language Arts Curriculum - Secular preferred

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I have been surfing the web for hours and now I'm just confused.  Dd is going to start kindy next year.  This year she went to preschool where they used Abeka but I don't plan on keeping up with that curriculum.  She's just beginning to read and loves to write.  I know many don't do much for kindy level but I'm looking for phonics, writing, reading of course, and maybe even some very light grammar. 


My 8 yr old is homeschooled and has been since halfway through kindy but we floundered around trying to find a language arts program that "fit."


Things I used with ds that I'm not interested in trying with dd:  Sing, Spell, Read, and Write, Explode the Code, K12 LA. 


Out of those I actually liked k12 the best but we were drowning in worksheets and it was pretty expensive.  I do like that it follows the Core Knowledge Series.  We follow the series for history and science using the Baltimore Curriculum Projects free plans. 


I like the idea of Moving Beyond the Page but that's an entire curriculum and I only need language arts.  We're really happy with what we use in other subjects (BCP for history and science, MUS for math).


I would prefer to keep it secular or mostly secular.  I don't mind a few inferences here and there however.


Any ideas?  I know I can put together a bunch of various things but I would love for it to be all in one kit like k12 is. 

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It may not be what you want (not an all-in-one program), but this is what we like for Kinder:

All About Reading (they have pre-level 1 for phonemic awareness/rhyming/etc and level 1 for beginning, c-v-c reading; it works well with All About Spelling level 1 if your child is writing)

Handwriting without Tears (we've used this program for all three boys and will more than likely use it with dd)

The Good Books list (we love Peter Rabbit, The Golden Book of Fairy Tales, Aesop's Fables, tall tales and folk tales)


We don't do grammar in K (except that my almost 1st grader has heard plenty of grammar from his older brothers; he will start First Language Lessons 2 in 2nd grade). We do some memory work at that age though ... simple poems from Robert Louis Stevenson and Christina G. Rosetti. And just for disclaimer, we are literature-based, classically schooling with a large (well, growing) Charlotte Mason influence. 

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Five In A Row. It's not exactly secular, but the Christian/Bible Supplement part is a optional part of the curriculum.

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Yes I think I'm beginning to open up to the idea of piecing something together.  I just need to be more organized!  I'm already feeling overwhelmed at the idea of HSing 2 kids next year.  Dd has a totally different learning style than ds so I don't feel confident yet in my ability to teach her. 


I already piece together our science and history and it gets somewhat exhausting after awhile, kwim?  I think though if I get more organized it won't be so bad. 


So right now I know I'm going to use Handwriting Without Tears for both kids since we used that last year for ds and I do really like it.  I keep going back to look at FIAR so I have a feeling I'll end up with that.  And then I need some sort of phonics right? 


Has anyone used The Road to Phonics?  It looks interesting but I don't see anywhere where I can see some samples.  I hate how hard it is to find samples! 


For phonics I would definitely like something that builds through the early years until 3rd grade or so. 

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I used Alpha-Phonics (http://www.howtotutor.com/).  And as the site says, it has been used for 30 years.  I started using it in 1984 for all 3 of our girls.  We used it for phonics, reading, spelling, and writing.  We used Dr. Seuss and other beginning reader books from the library for oral reading books.

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I like hooked on phonics for reading and handwritting without tears for writting. Both totally secular and I think they are really good programs.

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We use All About Reading and All About Spelling. :)

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We have been using Brain Quest for the mechanical side and Junior Great Books for the literary side. 

We have also picked up some Readers Theatre scripts at a very beginners' reading level -  great boost to communication skills.

The ones I remember from the early years are by SUZANNE I. BARCHERS and  Anthony D. Frederick.  These work very well with mixed age groups.


All are secular.  Readers' theatre books would probably be available in your public library.

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