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Constant Contractions - Twin Pregnancy

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Hi everyone,


I am new to the group so congrats to all! I am pregnant with twins and have been having constant contractions this whole pregnancy. They are worse as the day progresses ( i have a 3 year old so I cant take it super easy though I try) I drink lots of water etc. and my cervix is long and closed but it just is scary and annoying ( I have a previous loss and I just can't shake the fear this pregnancy). Thecontractions are miniutes apart in the evening sometimes painful where I feel like I need to breathe through them. With my daughter I loved being pregnant had a great natural birth but this time is so different. Anyway have natural ways to ease contractions? Any thoughts?

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Welcome ColoradoMama. There are a few mamas pregnant with twins in this DDC so they will probably have the best advice to give. Since you say you are already drinking lots of water, all I can think of is figuring out a way to get more rest. 

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Hi mama, welcome! I'm 25 weeks pregnant with twins and there are days when I have constant contractions as well. Like you, they are mainly in the evening and usually much worse when I am tired or have pushed my body too much. I have no other children, but I do teach preschoolers (just two weeks left thankfully) and I know how they keep you running.

When my contractions turn painful I also get very concerned, but what has been freaking me out even more is when my uterus contracts and then just stays that way and doesn't relax for hours. It will turn into a big, tight, painful ball and the babies stop moving. Super scary. I've talked to my midwives, gone for a cervical check and a non stress test, but like you my cervix is closed so they just make sympathetic faces at me and tell me to stay off my feet. Yeah, okay. One midwife told me to take a long warm bath and have a small glass of beer or wine.

They did tell me to call them right away if my contractions start feeling crampy again or if the fetal movement drops off again. Have you talked to your care providers about this? Have you been in to have the contractions monitored at all? If I were you I would probably call and maybe go in to get checked out, in the hospital if need be. So far this weekend mine have been mostly painless, but I am going to call for sure if I start experiencing the painful ones again

It's really frustrating to be continuously contracting, especially when I am drinking tons of water and not being very active. I wonder if our uteruses are just on the irritable side? Or maybe they contract a lot when the babes have a period of rapid growth? I don't know, but I hope you feel more comfortable soon (and I hope I do, too)!
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Hi and welcome!  I am 24 weeks pregnant with my second set of twins.  To be honest, I haven't noticed any contractions so far this pregnancy and I am running after two 16-month-olds all day!  However, my last pregnancy, I also felt great but during an ultrasound at 24 weeks my cervix was found to be short and I was put on "bedrest".  I did carry my twins full term though.  I do have occasional tight feeling but nothing painful.  I would definitely be in close contact with your care provider so they can monitor you appropriately, since things can change quickly.  Definitely drink lots of water and rest when you can.  The only other thing I can think of is to soak in a bath with epsom salts (magnesium sulfate), something my midwife recommended.  Hope you can get some relief!

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Thanks Ladies,


I will try the bath I heard about that but forgot - worth a try. I am not using a midwife this time and have a regular ob who I am in constant contact with - I have been getting a lot of ultrasounds because of this but my cervix always looks long and closed. They have offered me the anti-contraction meds but I am reluctant to take if it is just an irritable uterus. twice I broke down and took the procardia but didn't feel much effect he says I need to take it more to have it work but again is there a reason if it is just contractions. They haven't pushed it and agree there is really no reason if I am not dilating etc., but it can change quickly so I just never know what to do. And Wendi I also have that hard as a rock belly where I can't feel them cause I never relax enough. I was thinking maybe acupuncture or massage but I worry about someone who doesn't have a lot of knowledge of pregnant women. Anyway thanks for the advice and commiserating. If I get my healthy babies it will all be worth it!

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Hi ColoradoMama626, welcome to the DDC and congrats on your twins joy.gif

I'm 26 weeks along with twins and I've been having the constant contractions too. My OB says its partly from the uterus stretching faster than it would with a singleton. She advised lots of rest with my feet up (with a toddler? hahaha) and to drink lots of water.

If you are worried about an acupuncturist or massuse not having a lot of knowledge about pregnancy, look in a community resource guide or even google you area to find someone who specializes in pregnancy care. They are out there!

Something that helps ease the contractions for me (and the back and pelvic pain) is swimming. I've been trying to get to a pool twice a week. Gentle swimming or just floating in the water really helps my whole body relax, and taking the gravity effects off my belly helps the contractions to subside.

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Hi Mama. :) 


How does your Dr feel about this going on? Or is s/he not bothered because they aren't changing your cervix? 


I have a set of twins and am now pregnant with triplets, even with my cervix long and closed neither my OB or peri want me to be having contractions. Im sorry this is happening, it must be very annoying and painful. :(

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Well my OB has said if I want meds they will give them but hasn't pushed them so I guess he isn't overly concerned. I am though. I just don't see how this many can be good for the babies. I did a bath today with Epsom salt and it helped for an hour or so. I try relaxation and meditation to no avail. Part of my fear is that with my DD I was in labor and they said I was no where close then I had her within the hour. With my loss I was at the hospital explaining all my contractions and they said cervix is long and closed and again an hour later our angel was born. My Dr knows all this and says we can check everyday if I want which i don't because I know it can change quicker than that.  Plus I am sure that would drive everyone crazy including me. They will do a fetal fibronectin at my next appointment. I just hope this is an irritable uterus - I have heard twins can do this. I am a bit on the smaller side and am growing quick! anyway thanks for the support ladies it really means a lot. I am just scared I feel like the confident person who had my DD is gone and all the faith I had in my body to know what to do and how to grow healthy babies is gone - I hate feeling so scared and out of control

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