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February 2013 due date club!!!!!

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I know there must be more of us out there. I just got my bfp today at 10dpo. I have never got one earlier than 13 or 14 dpo. This will be our 3rd child. Dd1 will be 4 in less than a month and dd2 will be 2 in September. We have been ttc for 4 months and had a chemical pregnancy in January. This will be our last child.... Ok, I wanted to start something, hope to see more of us soon.

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Congrats! I just got a BFP yesterday! Very early, and I had a miscarriage last fall at 10 weeks, so I'm feeling...cautiously excited? But I think day Feb would be the EDD.
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ME ME ME!!!! I was about to start a thread too, since no one had yet! I got 3 faint BFP's yesterday (at 10 dpo) and a much more clear BFP this morning at 11 dpo!!! =D


Chloe'sMama- we seem to have kids all around the same age! My oldest will be 4 in August, and my little one will be 2 in November. This is also our third (and probably not the last)...


I had SO MANY symptoms during the TWW this time! How are you ladies feeling? I am already starting with waves of nausea and dizziness, normally I don't get those until 5 weeks or so along!

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I have also had some serious nausea, which is why I tested today. I had a few moments of beingdizzy too. Super excited though.
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I just got my BFP on friday. This will be our 4th and last. My other kids are: DS (almost) 8y, DD1 3.5y, and DD2 - 2y 

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Hurray!  Glad there are some of us already joining the Feb. DDC.  I think two of us need to contact the moderators to start an official DDC.  I am not quite comfortable hosting yet.... maybe in a few weeks.  Anyone want to host?


Those with more than 1.... do you see that the nausea gets worse each time and comes on quicker?  Seriously, I noticed at 8dpo and I think with DD2 it started at 4 weeks, 5 days,  DD1 was around 6 weeks....


Like I said, I have been having some serious 'twin' feelings and don't know if that could be why I am feeling sick already and already got a bfp.... My line looks about that same as my 13dpo usually looks....

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I'm not sure if I'm in this DDC or not, but I will find out later on this morning :)! If I get a BFP, my "guesstimated date" is February 8th 2013! Please send as much baby dust our way, we are quite anxious to see a positive.

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Sore breasts is my only symptom right now, and some serious bloating! I had crazy morning sickness with my daughter...it wasn't super bothersome, but I was queasy every morning and threw up...until about month 7!! With my last pregnancy that ended in a miscarriage, I had a little nausea but nothing too bad. I was really sick with IBS and sinus problems at the time, but have since gone gluten free, and am feeling a bit better. 


Hoping for a sticky baby this time around, but I'm going to be a nervous wreck. Anyone else get pregnant after a loss? How do you cope with the anxiety?

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I have also had some serious nausea the last 2 mornings, but mild nausea and diahrrea the last FIVE mornings!!!! I have never gotten nauseous so early, with my two boys I didn't start feeling this nausous until closer to 5-6 weeks. EEK! Maybe this one will be a girl. ;) My EDD will be Febuary 6th, but I always go late so I am thinking Mid-February. We are also SUPER excited!!! Have you all told anyone yet? I have told my 2 SIL's who are also 2 of my best girl friends... we are waiting a few more days to tell immediate family and then maybe a couple weeks to announce to everyone ;)

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Kathleen_mary- I had a loss at 9 weeks with my first... it took another 2 years to get pregnant again with DD1.  I was pretty anxious for the first 12 weeks or so.  We didn't tell anyone until 13 weeks and we had seen the baby on ultrasound.  With DD2, I felt so much less nervous and continued doing everything I was used to.  I had a chemical pregnancy in January (first PPAF since DD2) and now I am more nervous about another chemical than a miscarriage.  I am still running and doing all the things I am used to though.


We are most likely going to wait until 8 or 9 weeks to tell anyone, and at that point, just immediate family.  Then we usually tell friends and extended family at 12 weeks.  I am thinking we will wait until the gender reveal to tell facebook or friends over email.  We didn't find out gender with DD2, and I LOVED that, but DH really wants to find out with this one.  Since it is our last, we would love a boy, but would really be overjoyed with another girl too.  I think based on timing though, it will be another girl.


My EDD is Feb. 7, and I usually go right on time with BIG babies.  DD1 was 10 lbs, 5 oz and DD2 was 9 lbs, 12 oz.  


So so so excited!

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I also had 2 big babies! Both 9+ lbs (not quite as big as yours though! lol) but I am a small person.. 5'1" and 120 lbs! DH is not very big either.. just under 6' and 145-150 lbs. I would wait longer to tell but I tend to be really sick during the first trimester, and show pretty early too. Also, I have a hard time keeping exciting secrets. ;)


I am kind of hoping for a girl this time around, since we have 2 boys. :) I am leaning towards not finding out the gender. :)

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Just popping in to say hi! Just discovered I'm unexpectedly preggo with number 4! I have an 8 year old boy and twin 14 month old fraternal boys. Still reeling, as we eventuqlly turned to IVF with our boys because of fertility issues. Still cautious because of a chemical pregnancy 2 years ago. I am sick as a dog though and only 5 and a half weeks or so, so feeling more positive about it. I normally don't get sick until 8 weeks or so, so it is super early for this. Hoping for a bouncing baby girl this time around! Anyway, sending all of you ladies sticky bean vibes and best wishes for a H&H 9 months smile.gif
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My "due date" is somewhere around February 3 or 4. We are elated! I did have a miscarriage two years ago around 7.5 weeks. I hope and pray this baby is healthy and doing well.


LadyCatherine --- I remember you from three years ago. My now three year old (almost four) was a very difficulty baby and toddler. Lots of crying!!! i remember reading your posts about your little one at that time and found comfort in knowing others were experiencing similiar issues.

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Welcome Nanette... What a surprise.  It took us 3 years to get pregnant with DD1 and with DD2, it was before we were trying.... a pleasant surprise.


Welcome bfw0709- Sounds like your little guy is just about the age of Chloe.  It will be fun seeing how the big siblings react to the new addition.  When is everyone sharing with the kids?


LadyCatherine- Wow, I can't wait to see your belly photo progression.  I love seeing the amazing thing our bodies do.  Those are some big babies, especially for your small frame.  I am 5'6" and long waisted, so I can hide if for a while.  This time though, I still have a little pooch left over from DD2 (or actually, I have to say.... maybe from eating so many sweets... :)


So, who is planning hospital or home births?  When are you going to call your doc?


I am doing a homebirth, unless this Twin feeling actually is true, then hoping for a unmedicated hospital birth (I know lots of people have great twin homebirths, I am just not comfortable with that).  I don't have an OB, but think I will try and schedule my appt. for the end of June, when I am about 8 weeks.  

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bfw0709-- YEP that was me, lol!! Liam will be 4 in August.... my second one was also a tough baby (colic, reflux, food allergies, no sleeping, etc etc) so I am REALLY hoping our 3rd is more laid back. ;) my diet has vastly improved since having my first two, so I am hoping that makes a difference!!


Chloe'sMama- haha yeah I usually show pretty early and my belly gets HUGE. I am asked constantly if I'm having twins/about to pop, etc. ;) My belly is already starting to poke out! Of course, there has been a little "fluff" leftover from DS2, but it is noticably poking out! good thing I have gotten some baggier/roomier shirts this summer so I can hide it for a little while! LoL!


We are planning a Homebirth, I had a hospital birth with DS1 and while it went really well for a Hosp birth, I MUCH preffered the Homebirth we had with DS2. I CANNOT WAIT to call my midwife!!!!! She is so wonderful.. :)


We just moved into this house in September of '11, so we have a lot of house projects to do before the baby comes! One of which is to make a "big boy room" for the 2 boys, which will be nice because right now Ian is still in our bed and doesn't even have a bed yet!


Anyone else still nursing? Ian still nurses every few hours and through the night. My supply has already taken a huge hit! I have started trying to cut back on nursing so much and would love to nightwean here soon!


Oh, and we have kind of told Liam, our 4 year old. He insists this baby is a boy. haha!

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alaskanmama-- any news??

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Hi ladies!


I got a faint second line yesterday at 8 DPO, and then got a faint-but-no-squinting-needed second line today, 9 DPO.  I didn't fully believe it until I used a digital test and saw the word pregnant.  It is so early that it is hard to believe it is true!  This was our first month trying for baby number two; my older son is 2 and was a huge surprise so it was fun to TTC.


My guess for a due date is February 10.  I hope to birth at a hospital with a CNM, similar to my first natural hospital birth.


Congratulations to you all!  It is fun to tell someone; only a couple people in real life know, and they are sworn to secrecy.  Today was my mom's birthday, so I called her and told her I had to give her an I.O.U. for her present....it's coming in 9 months.  She is thrilled. :)

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hi all. first time poster! this forum was reccomended by some other mamas i know.


anyway, about me: i got my first positive on 8dpo and i'm currently 17dpo and still going strong! temps high, tests have gotten progressively darker and i am getting some symptoms like being REAL TIRED, REAL HUNGRY and REAL HOT. my EDD is 02/02/13 and it will be our first. speaking of firsts, this was our first cycle trying to conceive, so i am pleasantly shocked that it happened this quickly. i was convinced it would take longer, so if everything works out, i will be beyond happy. my first doctor's appointment is june 18th, and if everything looks good, i'm going to schedule my following appointments with the midwives he shares his practice with.


fun fact: i found out i was pregnant while my BFF was in labor with her first baby who was born last week. :)

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Just got a faint positive, and have been nauseous for days with minor cramping and sore boobies. Im hoping for a BFP with tomorrow's FMU. Or, who knows, I may just not pee for 6 hours and take another one tonight.

I lost my son 7 weeks ago today, so Im not feeling too confident, but I am excited and we did ttc. Not up for hosting, but am suprised that a group isnt already up. According to my calculations, Id be due Feb 9th, so I was thinking a club would already be up.

Nice to meet you ladies smile.gif
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Hurray welcome Joyriders and Rachieface!  We are getting a nice group together now.


So, are there 2 people that want to co-host this group?  That way we can have specific threads instead of having everything in one big post.


I got a positive on CBE digital today, with afternoon urine.  I am 12dpo, but I am thinking that may be wrong.  I have never got even a hint of a line until 13 dpo.... (total of 4 pregnancies before this one).


I am a little in disbelief at this point.  I am also a little scared about #3... yikes.  


I am still nursing DD2, who is almost 21 months.  I nursed DD1 through the pregnancy and tandem nursed for about a year.  We are all in one big bed and I am wondering how we are going to get another one in there.  We have a king and I think we may just bring a twin in for my almost 4 year old DD.  I am not ready for them to move out yet.  I love cuddling with both of them all night!


So, for those who have had early BFP, does it change your due date?  I feel crazy not even being 4 weeks along, but having known for 4 days now.  I am used to getting a BFP on 14 or 15 dpo.  It is so early early early still.  I am wondering if I am further along or if I will measure further since I got my BFP earlier.  Anyone know?

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