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WOHM...Are you going back to work or staying home?

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We have decided that I'm not going back to work.  DH is going to be doing construction during the summer, and he has a tentative offer to keep driving the school bus full time next school year.  :)  Doing construction, he makes more than me, and doing just the bus, he makes a little less than I did.  We also have our mortgage through USDA, and we can increase our subsidy to make our house payment less based on income and the # of ppl/dependents in our home now...so that's a huge help.  I have not told my boss yet, but plan to talk to her tomorrow if I can make it up to the office w/ DS.  I am so thankful and glad that it worked out this way, a little nervous about letting a "sure thing" of a job go, with some of DH's work being tentative, but we have prayed about it and really feel that God blessed us with this baby and He will help us to provide for him.


Who else has made the decision to stay home?  Or are you going back to work?

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I'll be headed back at the end of July. We're basically on a 5 year plan around here before we decide what to do next. I make a little more money, and we need the health insurance (which totally covers IVF!!) to have any more babies, so the idea is for me to stay at work until our family is complete. By then I will have been in this job for 10 years and we'll have owned our house for 8, so it'll be a good time to make a change if we decide to move someplace else or just have me stay home with the munchkins. I think with the way I've been feeling post-partum (I'm loving all the time with Edie, but must get out of the house every day or I get sad) that I'll be ok to go back to work in 2 months, and also that I'll be happier considering a switch to becoming a SAHM once she's older and more social. Oh, and we're spending money like it's going out of style, so I can't even imagine cutting back to one income at this point.
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That's great that you're on the same page!

I will be staying at home until next spring. I'm in Canada and am on the federal maternity leave program so I make about $1700/mo from that until next March. I'm thinking that I might want to go back part-time when I do go back but I need to crunch the numbers. I make more than my DP and he's definitely concerned about the loss of income. Honestly I don't even know how to start calculating it all. There must be some sort of tool or spreadsheet to help. I really don't even want to think about any of it yet, but I do need to have a plan by the end of the summer. Ugh.
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i'm back now, and so far it's ok.  i think eventually i may like to stay home, but dh would need a major increase in income, so for now, it is what it is...right now ds is still young enough that he loves to be in the sling for hours on end, so i can actually take him to work while i do paperwork and that way i'm only away from him for a few hours each day, M-Th.

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I'm in Canada so I am on paid maternity leave until next March. Our goal after that is for me to stay home but it depends on if my husband finds a job that can support us. He just graduated from college and we moved to a low COL area where, in theory, we can live on one income. But currently, we are living on my mat leave money and he is job hunting. Because of the mat leave, he has a year to find a decent job, and for now, can settle for any job. If he hasn't found a good job by next year, then I should be able to as my field is always needed. Then, depending on circumstances, I may work part time and have my mom watch her when our schedules conflict, or I may work full time and he can be a SAHD. Our hope is that I can stay home though. That has been my life long goal. I love babies and kids and always wanted to be a full time mom.

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When we were dating DH and I discussed it and both decided that when we had kids, I would stay home. I was blessed greatly by a mom who was able to stay home and couldn't imagine doing anything but.  Until this year DH has been a student with no income (four years with kids), so it has been a financial struggle, but a blessing in so many other ways.  We really had to make a lot of sacrifices about what we bought and where we spent out money.  There were lots of times when we just couldn't do what we wanted because we didn't have the money.  Until last September we have only had one vehicle.  We rented our basement out for extra income.  I manage to make a little on the side with my craft ventures and teaching/tutoring a bit, just to supplement where we need it.  I know it's not the right choice for everyone, but I really am grateful that it has worked out for us.  

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I'm jealous of you Canadian moms!  I wish we had that policy here in the states.


I guess I would've ended up a SAHM no matter what...after talking to my boss and telling her I wasn't coming back, she told me that was great b/c she was struggling financially and couldn't afford to bring me back, not even part-time, so I probably would've been laid off or let go after I came back!


So it worked out for her and me, I guess!

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I wish the USA had mat leave like we do too. When my DD hit 6 weeks, I thought about my poor SIL and nephew. He's 2 now but she had to go back when he was 6 weeks. Seeing my own tiny daughter made me realize again how hard that must be. Plus, since I didn't get her latching without a nipple shield until 5.5 weeks, its possible we never would have succeeded if I had to go back so soon.


On the job front, it appears my husband will get the transfer he has been working diligently on. It is only for a part time, minimum wage retail job (he was in school) but its the difference between being just under what we need as a bare minimum and having a comfortable buffer. It means he can relax and concentrate on getting a good job, and have money for things he may need to get it (interview clothes, etc). So that is a huge relief.

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I'm staying home through the summer. I start back to school in late August. The great thing is that I will only have to be in school 2 days a week, Monday and Wednesday. My dad is looking at another back surgery so he is going for disability most likely. If this happens he will keep DD on the 2 days I'm in school. DSS will go to daycare five days a week since they have a preschool there and he will be four in August. I'm seriously getting nervous about sending him to school here the next year. We live in a small rural community and the schools suck. I was hoping to be moved somewhere else for a residency or apprenticeship by the time he was school aged but that won't happen. I am very glad that my dad would be able to keep DD. He is very attentive and a great dad. It's funny but he was always more emotionally available than my mom. He is also a registered nurse, so even if she was sick he could handle it.


I am very jealous of you ladies in Canada. I've told a few of my friends about your years worth of paid leave and of course we all wanted to move. lol. 

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Oh, Canada. I am so jealous.


We initially saved enough that I could stay home for the summer, but now I'm looking at taking on some dogwalking/domestic jobs in order to make some kind of income and get those savings to last. I thought three months would be enough time for me, but now I'm realizing that I'll be in no way prepared to leave this dude at home by then. I guess the upside to not having a career is that there's no career to worry about losing? Hah, I guess I can always run out and get another waitressing gig if things do get tight but for now I'd like to stay home with him for as long as we can swing it.

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I'm also a Canadian on my year mat leave. I'm debating what to do when the year's up. Go back full time, and put DS into daycare 3 days/week (my parents will watch him the other 2 days), or go back as a casual and restrict my hours to part time (evening shifts, and maybe 2 day shifts a week), that way I don't have to put him in daycare at all.
We'll see how we do on our restricted income this year. We get a full year off, but not full pay. Your employer must guarantee your job, and you collect employment insurance for the year.
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I have been back to work since the end of April and miss my little one dearly.  It has been nice the last week because of lake of work to do and living close to daycare I have been able to feed little Scott at the daycare.  It has been nice to spend that extra time with him but will miss it when the work picks up again which will probably be soon.  Sorry, I have been MIA just been really busy with work and the new baby.  Hope everyone is doing good.  Take care.

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cseky- I'm also in a rural community with crappy schools.  Elementary is great, but it goes downhill from there.  We're talking about home schooling in the future, like starting in 6th grade.  DD is going into 3rd next year, so still some time to decide.  I will say the preschool we chose was great and they really did a lot to help teach DD to read and write early.  She went into kindergarten and was basically ready for 1st grade, lol.


arby- We did the same thing w/ savings, so DH could stay home as I had the steady job.  Like you, I'm sure I could find another job in my field if I need to, but really really don't want to at this point.  Here's hoping we don't have to!  :-)

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