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Weekly Chat May 28th - June 3rd

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Just thought I'd start a new chat thread. Write on ladies.


Happy Memorial Day!!

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Good morning and Happy Memorial Day to all of you in the US! I hope you're enjoying a realaxing long weekend! Our May long weekend was last week, so today's just a normal monday. However, we had a great weekend, with great weather and lots of outside time, so even if it wasn't an extra day long we enjoyed it.


Pregnancy is ticking right along now. I can't believe how fast the last month or so has gone. My only real complaint at this point is that I'm getting a lot of hip and/or sciatic pain on my right side. It comes and goes, but really makes it hard to do anything. I have a midwife appointment coming up on Thursday so I'll see if she has any suggestions. I think a chiropractor visit is in order to see if I can get things straightened out, as I can't imagine this continuing to get worse until September.


My DH is going out of town on Tuesday and will be gone until next Wednesday, so I'm in for a bit of a long week of solo parenting. Luckily now that the weather is cooperating, we can get outside for lots of playground time which greatly improves both my and the toddler's sanity level.

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We're trying to get off to a park with a picnic, but these boys are just doing everything they can to push each other's buttons! Argh. This pregnancy has left me with even less patience than I once had.

One big frustration I have with this holiday is that it will be another day before my midwife gets the radiologist's report from my U/S, and another delay before I hear how this 'low lying placenta' affects our next few months. I know it won't be an automatic cesarean because it is 2.5 cm from the birth canal, but I worry I may risk out of home birth on top of having to pay for more ultrasounds. Blech.
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I know I say this every single month, but JUNE!? seriously!?
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Originally Posted by MadiMamacita View Post

I know I say this every single month, but JUNE!? seriously!?


About three more months for us...crazy huh?

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I don't feel ready to only have a few months left! Crazy!

I am sitting here letting my polish dry after a pedicure...I spent the day at the beach with my parents,DH, and DS...we even got some ocean swimming time. I could really get used to weekends like this! Too bad it's back to work tomorrow morning...and the gym. I've slacked since last Thursday and didn't have the best eating weekend. I fear the scale! This baby really wants me to eat entirely too many refined carbs.
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Yeah what is it with these babies and refined carbs?
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Our weekend has been non-stop since Saturday.

Found out a good friend of ours is Due in December.  I'm really excited for her. I want to give her all this information, but i'm being REALLY good and holding back and just saying: whatever works for your family is what works!  

I want to say: use a midwife, breastfeed, babywear, use cloth, stroller?  who needs a stroller? co-sleep ...etc...  But, I didn't.  :)  I just told her about babylegs.  :)  cause they're cool.


PG is going well, baby is still low, i still want to wear dresses, I still dont' have any cute summer/spring dresses that can work with a pg belly.  only ones i have a black and white.  I want springy fun ones!

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LOL.  I've done the same thing, just mentioning about babylegs (and the Baby Book by Sears) and Ergo carriers and just bite my tongue on anything else just to not overwhelm a non crunchy family member :)

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Hi Everyone, yes this pregnancy is flying by!  Exciting but sometimes I want time to slow down a little!  We had a fun weekend but DD is way over tired and has been really sensitive the past two days.  I am suprisingly patient, but DH has no tolerance and I feel bad because she is just tired!  Hopefully she can get caught up soon, but she keeps waking up with the birds!!  I was super tired after camping on Saturday night, I actually went back to bed for two hours once DH woke up, something I normally can't do.  Heartburn is a little annoying, but otherwise I am feeling great.  I have class two full days this week, so although the days will go slow the week is going to fly by after the holiday weekend. 

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I agree, things are flying by! I'm already 26+ weeks! WHAT?!?


I made a chiro appt for the pubic pain. I'm noticing it's getting a little worse every day and that scares me! I tried those exercises someone posted in the other weekly thread (sorry, pregnancy brain, your name has completely escaped me!). Those exercises provide immediate/awesome relief but come back the moment I get to my feet. But I sure the hell appreciate just the few moments of awesomeness. So thank you!


The next few months will be a little stressful as my 6 year old is having a really hard time reading in grade 1. To make a long story short, she has a long way to go between now and starting grade 2 and so we're working hard with her. Luckily, she really is super smart, she just needs a little extra attention. She has responded amazingly well so far to one-on-one.


I am counting down the days until maternity leave. 44 business days until i leave (not counting vacation I'm taking). Can't wait!

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After a spur-of-the-moment overnight trip ouf of town, we're finally back! We went over the mountain to a town about three hours away to stay with one of dh's brothers (who is a Catholic priest in that town). It was quite fun! MIL, another brother of dh's and his daughter (so, my niece) went too! I want to link to some fun pics, but I'm on my phone and haven't had the patience to figure it out yet! Coming back home today we stopped at Powder River Pass (elevation 9,666 ft) and it was sooooooooo cold! It was 32*F (so, 0*C!) and the wind was blowing approximately a million miles per hour so the temperature was frigid! Just in walking from the Suburban to the sign to get a picture, quick posing, and then running back to the Suburban had my ears turning numb! It was blowing so hard you could hardly hear anything! When we got home and it was 56* here, it felt nearly tropical wink1.gif

Fast, fun trip! I got to meet up with a cousin of mine too, so that was great!

I can't believe I'm 25+ weeks!! Sheesh! And my birthday is this week! OnFriday ( June 1st) I'll turn 33! Yikes! Time really does fly by!!
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The time really is going by quickly. I'll be 24 weeks on Friday. Chiro sounds like a great idea Maman! I need to get to one soon myself...maybe a massage too! :) My legs have been hurting, just aching so badly the past two days. I am constantly stretching and taking extra magnesium and hot baths. I think it might be from all the walking I did this past week. I believe I will be spending some time in the pool tomorrow, I think that will help a lot. 


I love how my two older kids are so happy about their baby brother arriving in September. My daughter (6yo) has been extra affectionate toward me which is nice, because compared to my son (9yo) she has not been the biggest cuddle bug. But she has been recently and I really really love it. She gives me hugs and kisses all the time now and kisses the baby/my belly too. It's so sweet. Both kids have announced their plans to read to the baby every day after he is born. And DD is just over the moon, everyday she says, "I'm so happy we're going to have a baby!!". My son on the other hand has gotten much more curious about the reproductive process. I guess at school he read some basic stuff in an encyclopedia and he knows about eggs and sperm. But he told me he is wondering how the egg and sperm get together! LOL. So I suppose it may be a good time to find a good book for his age and let him read it and then talk about it. help.gif Really though, he is so curious and it has now because a mystery he must solve so I'd rather he get the facts from us now. 

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We have 'Its Not the Stork' which is based for younger kids, 4+ i think, my ds has had me read that book cover to cover MANY times.  Anyway, they also have books for 2 age groups above the 4+ so it may be something to look into.

I really like it.  Straight forward, doesn't beat around the bush, tells it like it is, but not GRAPHIC you know?


It's So Amazing




It's Perfectly Normal



The last one, on the title alone, seems like it's geared toward puberty, but who knows.

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I had a pretty relaxing weekend, but both Saturday night and last night were rough. Both nights my contractions turned into one hours-long contraction that lasted all night, preventing me from getting any sleep. I'm not sure what to do- nothing helps, and I wasn't particularly active this weekend.


Last night my belly was so tight and hard that it was causing me a lot of pain, especially way down low. My midwives said to call if I felt crampy or if fetal movement dropped off. I wasn't exactly cramping, I don't think, but it was definitely painful, so I might call the midwife on call even though I don't think they will tell me anything different than last week- rest, drink water, take a bath, etc.


I'm starting to feel extremely disturbed by how my body is feeling- I can't tell if I am being paranoid or what, and I've never been pregnant before, so I don't know exactly what is normal and what isn't. I'm trying not to worry too much... on the other hand, it can't be good for the babies if I am contracting this much, right? I know it isn't good for me, either- I got absolutely NO sleep last night, and now I have to go to work- I can just imagine how bad the contractions will be later today and this evening.


The bright side- the heat wave in Chicago is over! It was 97 on Sunday and 96 yesterday, and we don't have a/c, so this cooler morning feels wonderful.

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Katt - I'll check those books out, thanks so much :)


Wendipauline - Since it is painful and it is worrying you, definitely call the midwife. You might just need way more rest than you have been getting. Hang in there and keep us updatedhug2.gifI bet the heat wave + no a/c wasn't helping much either so I'm glad to hear its cooling down. 


It's been oscillating between 85- 95 degrees here in Florida. High today will be 89 and it might rain. It's cloudy but doesn't look like it will actually rain anytime soon in my area so I am going to make sure to get some pool time, my achy muscles need it. 

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worldshakerz--I live in florida, too--south florida. Where are you? The weather here has been set on "sauna" everytime I think about going for a walk.


I think I'm going to start walking later in the evening...perhaps after dinner. I tried swimming in the public pool and the cholorine gave me the worst headache. So now I've got a bathing suit and no place to use it. :( Maybe I'll get a kiddie pool, but that defeats the "exercise" part of it. I also can't believe I'm 24 weeks. It doesn't look like it. I feel like I've shrunk. Everything seems so much more compact down there. The other day someone asked how many months I was, and I had to think...I said "5 months" and realized "omg, 5 months!". Everyone keeps saying "you look good!" and i wonder if they are saying that instead of "you look small". It is my first, so I guess it takes longer for all that stuff to stretch out. I just hope little Benji is growing well. :)

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Okay, I haven't eaten cereal (or most grains) for about a year before the pregnancy started. This baby already has me eating multiple bagels each week (luckily no IBS reactions), and I just smelled the boys' raisin snacks, and I now have a HUGE craving for raisin bran cereal!! If my husband were home from work, I'd be out the door to the store this second!!!
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Refined carbs: Yyyyyyep. I'm finally starting to feel like I may have solid enough footing to start whittling them back down again, though. Since I came back from MI at the beginning of this month, 90-95% of our meals have been cooked at home, which is huge- first ~20 weeks, when I was tired, pukey, and had crazy food aversions, it was almost the inverse. I don't even want to think about what we spent. So now that we've got the cooking thing re-established, I feel like I can handle evaluation of/action to improve what we're eating. Refined carbs/sugar/etc. will probably not be altogether eliminated--one, I just don't have it in me to do the meal planning and execution with heavy restrictions at this point, and two, I can tell that sometimes my pregnant body wants glucose it doesn't have to work so hard for, in a way that I wasn't really experiencing pre-preg--but I do want to get serious about limiting that stuff from here on out. 


help007, ha! Right there with you. We *never* buy cereal, but wouldn't you know, when we walked past it on the way to something else in the grocery store last week, a box of Cracklin' Oat Bran made its way into the cart. Hehe. Not going to be a regular thing, but it has been nice as a snack when I don't feel like preparing anything for the nth time in a day, and was even dinner one day when my husband wasn't going to be in until 10pm.


Babylegs: What's the good word here? I googled and they look cute- can anybody weigh in on why they're especially great? I saw mentioned that they're really good for cloth diapering- is this just a matter of not having to get clothes over the diaper?


AFM, we had a pretty good long weekend! I was kind of dreading it a bit because the dynamic lately has been stressful in that my husband is crazy to go do things on the weekend and I've been a pretty serious homebody with this pregnancy.. but we went to an international festival for a few hours one day (I committed to one hour, but we found seating and shade and I was up for more), and an arts festival for just about an hour another day, and it was good. We also went to a UU church we hadn't been to before, and I'm feeling really, really good about it. We went a few times to the main UU church in Dallas and I just wasn't feeling it.. this other one has a totally different energy, and I have high hopes for it being a place for building the kind of community I'm feeling a real need to have, especially with this baby coming. We're here with no family or friends around, and as an introvert mama, I really want to make the extra effort to put some things in place so the little one's world is a bit bigger than our home. And it won't be bad for me, either- not a whole lot of opportunities to meet people when you're working from home.


Nothing much else baby-related. She's really moving, or maybe I should say I'm really feeling her. I was getting kind of a lot of BH contractions this weekend- yesterday pretty much whenever I stood up. I think with being out and then just hanging out with hubby, I was less diligent on the water intake. Have been better today and it hasn't been an issue.

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Babylegs.  I LOVE 'em.  They are nice for CD, you don't have to put so much clothes on baby if you don't want to, weather permitting.  They are nice for winter to wear under pants 'cause they can keep covering ankles even if pant legs roll up.  For girls, fun to wear under skirts and dresses.

You can also use them on arms, to add 'sleeves', my 5yo still uses them on his arms as well. 


You can make them from Long socks too, if you sew, not hard.  


I say if you find a good deal on Babylegs to get a stash.  :)  There are newborn size and regular, even long sizes.  Just whatever you feel like.  :)


I'll probably get some more, or i should just put them on our Amazon Baby Registry.  :D


Besides, they are somewhat local to me and I like to support them.  :)

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