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My kids are not vaccinated . . . but how do I stop worrying?? :( - Page 2

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Originally Posted by Bbctchr View Post

I just jumped on to this feed and have been contemplating the whole vax conundrum for over 3 years now. Its a topic I am forced to visit often as we have yet to vax our 2 kids and my mother is petrified. I had a great discussion with my naturopath about them and the one vpd he brought up was tetanus as we hope to have a small hobby farm one day. THEN we talked about homeopathic vaccinations......... Now this is something to consider. I was speaking to my other non-vax mama friends about it and one of them was a nurse in Europe where these are more popular. She worked in the hospital and it was her job to be sure that everyone was up on their vaxs. She encountered a youg woman in her 20's who had only been vaccinated with homeopathic vaccines and was refusing to take any shots. Her titres were checked for all of the vpds and lo and behold..... for the most part, her levels were higher than those in the hospital who had been vaccinated. True story. This is my new research project. Something to think about......


Oh!!! You've caught my attention too. I too, had no idea about homeopathic vaccination. Now we're talking thumb.gif Does any one here have some real life experience with it?

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My sisters best friend uses them from her ND in Texas and swears by them, but I don't know if her 3 boys have ever had their titlers tested.

I know that her kids are very healthy and no problems though.


This has made me want to read up more about it as well.


 Humm... thinking of starting a new thread!

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I've been reading up on Homeopathic vaccines . .. all over the place, I'm finding.  It works.  It doesn't work.  Sigh.  What I am excited about is the homeopathic remedies.  Found this for tetanus:



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Thank you for the link. This part is interesting:


A homeopathic vet who treats pets all over the country told me that, in his experience, Ledum is the most commonly indicated homeopathic remedy in the treatment of pets with Lyme disease.


I wonder if this works for humans.....off to find out!

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I've been doing extensive research on homeopathic vaccination.  It seems it was developed by Dr. Golden.  If you want to read all about it, his book is called "Vaccination or homeoprophilaxis?"


I have the book and I read it.  I was intrigued.  However I spoke to a classical homeopath about it and she said that in the homeopathic community the idea of homeopathic vaccination is really frowned upon since that was not what homeopathy is all about, and they say it could actually be harmful to the body, and negate that remedy for future use in that person.  Homeopathy does not work to seek to prevent the body from contracting an illness in a life long aspect, and homepaths think that is harmful (one of the reasons they also usually do not advocate for vaccination.)  Homepathy can be very useful for acute things, such as if your child got a VPD, or for acute prevention (as in if your child was exposed to pertussis, or had a nasty wound that you were afraid tetanus spores got in to.)  That is what much of what I have been reading about talks about, using the homeopathic nosodes for things like this, not as a vaccination schedule for life long immunity....But I'm just telling you what I have been finding out...I'm not a homeopath.  I do have a colleague who did homeoprophilaxis for her older teen.  But I can't find that many other stories about the use of it.


I did purchase a vial of homeopathic pertussin (the pertussis nosode) from the UK.  I do not plan to do a "homeopathic vaccination" with it.  I am planning to do what Dr. Golden says in his book--For added protection (after a homeopathic or standard vaccination program) if the child (or adult) is exposed to pertussis, they take it 2x a week for 3 weeks.  It can also be used (in a different dosing) if the person actively comes down with pertussis.


I also have ledum palustre and hypercium on hand in case of puncture wounds.  Both have slightly different usage, but both are supposed to be taken right after a puncture wound with a risk of tetanus.  Now in my case, if there was a real concern, I would probably give her the ledum AND go get TIG....But that's just me.

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Originally Posted by Bronwen13 View Post

Bbctchr, you've caught my attention!  I guess you don't know what kind of homeopathic vaccines she was given.  I have researched this abit myself, and am just learning about it.  I know there are two specific homeopathic remedies useful in the treatment of Tetanus, being Ledum & Hypericum.  But like I said, I have alot more research to do!


Added note . . . . I cancelled today's scheduled DT appointments for my girls . . . I'm just not willing to risk the known mercury in this vaccine . . . I need to do more research . . . . I also realize that I've been basing alot of my recent 'rants' on FEAR.  I am consciously removing the FEAR from my being, because it's not my truth.  I know why from day ONE I have not vaccinated my girls . . . I must remember, as we all must, to live by our intuitions.  :)


Yes, bronwen13, that is the best way to go, and to be confident in yourself and in the universe ...  BTW my daughter is only 1 and 5 months but no vax yet except for the homeopathic ones, they were recomended to me by a naturopath, and i thought it couldnt hurt to try them and they could actually do some good, though i dont trust them 100 % it gives me some peace.  the brand is MP mountain states health products, and i got the MMR, DPT, Hep B, Polio and Varicela, but they have much more they have the tetanus alone which i dont know why i forgot to get it ... plus there is the immune boosters ( bacterial, viral, and mycological ) 


I was wondering though, i still havent decided fully about what to do in the future with dd but could someone tell me what the big deal is about the pertussis in the dpt that i see they keep on mentioning, what is so bad about it ??? and the thimerosal?? i know its toxic but it is so minimal and specially if you do selective vax only 2 or 3 instead of 10 or who knows how many there is now.


 good luck mommas on your choices, these are hard choices but may everything work out for each one of us.


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Your titre story is an interesting one. I have never heard of anyone doing that to check their " homeopathic vaccinations" before. 


" Homeopathic vaccinations"  are a practice that most homeopaths are not involved with. I have only done so in cases where people are travelling in areas where certain diseases are epidemic.  That is the history that we draw on - e.g. homeopaths have used remedies (not necessarily nosodes) 

to prevent diseases during a specific epidemic like influenza.  Currently, governments ( in India, Sri Lanka, Cuba and more ) have seen the benefits of this practice and have used prophylactic remedies instead of vaccines in anticipating or in the presence of breakouts of diseases like dengue fever, Japanese encephalitis, or leptospirosis.  This is very different than giving remedies to people who are not even in an area where a certain disease is rife. 


The idea in homeopathy is that normally we only treat what is there and obvious. (Conventional) vaccinations are usually given for diseases that children either should get for healthy immune functioning (like chicken pox) or for diseases that they are unlikely to ever be exposed to (like diphteria).  In any case, everything that there are current vaccinations for has been and can be treated successfully homeopathically. 


So, I encourage my patients who don't vaccinate (and even those who do, since the vaccines are not 100% in any case) to have homepathic first aid remedies available for times when someone steps on a rusty nail, for instance.  In those cases, I do recommend giving remedies, such as  Ledum ( mentioned by another writer ) where there is an actual risk of getting tetanus or of getting Lyme's (as she also mentions), even in the absence of other symptoms.  That is true homeopathic prophylaxis.


I also suggest parents to have a homeopath, who is treating you and your family for chronic issues and generally to boost your immune system.  This person, then, will know your cases and your susceptibilities.  Ask your practitioner if s/he will be available ( or will have a colleague replacing him/her) too, in the event of an acute or emergency situation, so you can be supplied with what you need or will know which remedies to use from your first aid kit. 


Wishing you all the best in exploring this issue ! 

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"I feel damned if I do, damned if I don't.  Sigh."


The secret to avoiding ALL vaccination and MOST toxic drugs and feeling confident in your decision is to understand our basic medical paradigm is incorrect. "Germs" do not normally cause disease and "vaccination" and toxic big pharma drugs are almost never the answer to our medical problems.


"There is only one major disease, and that is malnutrition."    Doctor DW Cavanaugh, MD, Cornell University


"Normal persons are deadly to all germs and parasites peculiar to the human habitat." Doctor J.H. Tilden, MD Toxemia Explained


“Taken as a whole complete self-regulating being, the body is simple and just needs a few things to maintain itself without disease, premature aging, or chronic poisoning.” The Doctor Within




What should be VERY gratifying for a young mother is to KNOW if your child's vitamin D levels are sufficiently high, say 60 ng/ml, he/she will probably NEVER suffer serious lung problems of any sort; to include pertussis, pneumonia, seasonal flu, viral flu, TB, COPD, asthma, and most nonspecific lung problems. Show me a "vaccine" that can accomplish this feat!


“1000 IU of Vitamin D3/25 pounds of body weight/day can abolish upper respiratory infections in your child.”   Doctor Doctor Ronald Hoffman MD, Note you want to get  your vitamin D from the sun if possible


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Originally Posted by Louisw View Post

"I feel damned if I do, damned if I don't.  Sigh."


The secret to avoiding ALL vaccination and MOST toxic drugs and feeling confident in your decision is to understand our basic medical paradigm is incorrect. "Germs" do not normally cause disease and "vaccination" and toxic big pharma drugs are almost never the answer to our medical problems.







This is why I am completely secure in my decision to not (ever) vaccinate. It has taken years of learning from many diverse sources to get to this point. If or when you do get there it is totally liberating!

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Just wish to remind folks that you are in the "I'm Not Vaccinating" forum.  This forum is for discussion of those who have chosen not to vaccinate.  If you have chosen to vax, then it is not the place for you to come in and inform people why they are wrong, all the horrible things that could happen and that you vax.  


Thanks for understanding.

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Originally Posted by Bronwen13 View Post

Thanks for the responses! So another question about Tetanus; I understand the wound needs a lack of oxygen for tetanus to flourish; I will always ensure a wound bleeds and gets cleaned; but what about something like a paper cut, or sliver, that doesn't bleed? These are both puncture wounds, are they not?


Most puncture wounds can be made to bleed with a little pressure and perhaps some suction. I always lick and suck any small wound I receive; just like the animal that I am. A very deep puncture wound, say over an inch or so should be treated medically IMO especially if it is from metal. In an emergency a razor blade to open the wound and lots of H2O2 forced into the opening would not be out of order IMO.


But our fear of tetanus is perhaps overdone. The Amish NEVER "vaccinate" for tetanus or anything else and there has not been a notably reported Amish death from tetanus in my lifetime. How do I know because if there had it would be blasted to hell and back.

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There are many issues here, impossible to cover in a few lines.

But here are a few points to get you started.

Resistance to disease is all about a healthy immune system.

Vaccinations do not stimulate the immune system, they suppress it, Check this article



There are no such things as homeopathic vaccinations. They are homeopathic immunisations. They are taken orally and work in the same way that the body works to naturally stimulate the immune system.


The presence of antibodies does not mean you have a greater immunity. Neither does their absence. Immunity comes from the body defending itself against the pathogen and a healthy body will be able to do this, but will not produce antibodies. Conversely, an unhealthy body will not be able to defend itself against a pathogen, but can manufacturer antibodies so it has some measure of protection next time.


High immunity comes about from healthy food, good living conditions, healthy thinking and holistic medicine, which naturally boosts the immune system. Homeopathy is brilliant at doing this.


Ask and question and do your own research. Only when you fully understand health and disease will stop worrying. Don't get caught up in fear mongering. Research well thought out articles. Those with nothing to hide are always happy to share.

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Originally Posted by nukuspot View Post

Has anyone ever heard of an anecdotal story on here about tetanus cases?


If you refuse the toxic DTaP and your child does contract tetanus  many doctors have CURED tetanus with high dose IV vitamin C somewhere in the area of  50 - 300 grams of vitamin C.. You will have to research this but it is a  treatment.


IV vitamin C is such a powerful medical tool but almost none of the hospitals use it, if you NEED it they will let you die. Of course they "don't know" you need it and besides only "toxic drugs" are approved by the FDA to fight disease.


IV vitamin C will be VERY important in the coming H5N1 pandemic. Most deaths so far are from hemorrhagic lungs. The reason for this is lack of Vitamin C.


When the pandemic starts IMO you want to take LARGE amount of both Vitamin C and Vitamin D. These will help you far more than the toxic "H5N1 Vaccination" millions will be clamoring for. The "H5N1 Vaccination"  will be your best way of contracting H5N1.


A large amount of vitamin C is the amount required to give you loose bowels.


For the D hours and hours in MOTHER SUN.

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Originally Posted by Louisw View Post


But our fear of tetanus is perhaps overdone. The Amish NEVER "vaccinate" for tetanus or anything else and there has not been a notably reported Amish death from tetanus in my lifetime. How do I know because if there had it would be blasted to hell and back.


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The headline of that blog post is extremely misleading and there are several glaring inconsistencies here.

A total of 189 (84%) households with children reported that all of their children had received vaccinations. Which vaccinations? How many vaccinations? And when?

But in that study, only “225 (60%) of the 374 Amish households in the community with children aged less than 15 years old” responded. So it isn’t 84% that received vaccines – only 84% of the people who responded to the survey. And it could very well be that people who were more likely to vaccinate their children could be more likely to participate in a survey like that.

Plus, the study doesn’t clarify how many vaccines they got, nor when they got them. So they could have had only one or all of the vaccines in the current immunization schedule.

In medical studies, children who are missing even one vaccine are classified as "unvaccinated," while here, children who may have received only one vaccine are classified as "vaccinated."

And they admit that the Amish have both a lower vaccination rate and a lower incidence of autism.
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One thing I do when I find myself in a loop of excessive worry (particularly if I have done all the research I can and am just driving myself insane wild.gif)  is visual imagery.  I visually put the item that I am hyper-focusing on in a bubble and blow it away.  Some use a box - they put the worry in a box that they have a key for, and they open it when they choose to.  


Perhaps head to the library and get some books on how to stop worrying?


Good luck!

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I was just posting the Amish article to show that it's not correct that all Amish as a whole decline vaxxes. I should have explained it better! I do think the article is interesting though....
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