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I've already linked to it a bunch of times. Pretty sure it's in the case for vaccination thread.
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Why would you want parental documentation of every doctor visit? There already is a record of every doctor visit in every child's medical record.

And you think that's sufficient?  You've never seen a doctor either neglect to write something important in the medical record, or write something that wasn't correct?


I've seen my kids' medical records.  Doctors have written that there was an ear infection when there wasn't one, that the child didn't have a fever when he did, that he did have a fever when he didn't, that the child RECEIVED a vaccine that I turned down, and that "the parent had no concerns," when in fact, I brought up more than one serious concern. 


I've seen my own medical records, where the orthopedist  wrote that I injured my right shoulder when it was in fact my left, and where my primary care doc wrote that I'd reported a sore throat when I didn't.


It's not just a recent phenomenon.  My mother tells how my hip displasia was misdiagnosed as a progressively deteriorative condition because the orthopedist read the X-rays in backwards order, and how her pediatrician wrote that "mother is spoiling the baby" because she didn't follow his orders not to pick up the baby more than one every 4 hours for feeding, even though she was breastfeeding.  The same pediatrician diagnosed my brother with colic because he screamed after 2 hours--because he was starving because the doctor told my mother not to feed the baby more than every 4 hours.


If you think it's sufficient to have only medical records as the single record, with no input from the parents, then you are sadly mistaken.

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Taximom, I fully agree that medical records have mistakes in them, but so do parent reports. To take my own children, I have never yet managed to hear a child wheezing, even though both have had multiple illnesses with wheezing. On the other hand, I have taken my younger dd to be assessed for wheezing on multiple occasions when there was no wheeze present. Last week, I insisted that our ped culture my dd for whooping cough because she has a cough and there is an outbreak in the community where I teach. But there isn't one in the community where she attends school and the culture was negative - it's her allergy to oak pollen. Why make the researchers sort through two sets of flawed records? I think that parental vigilance in re medical records is really important to ensuring appropriate treatment of individual children, but in a population study like the one Becky proposed, researchers would be using the records to track diagnoses, which should show up even in records with a number of errors.

Something else to consider - the overall goal of the study Becky proposed would be to reassure parents about vaccine safety and increase compliance. Vaccine compliance is an important public health issue. The government agencies involved in public health are already pursuing this through outreach to doctors and insurance companies and through schools and other institutions. They are unlikely to have the funding for a major study on this. If anyone has the cash for it, it would probably be Big Pharma.
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