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babies and the sun...

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so i live in louisiana, where it's FREAKING HOT!!! it's only may, so the summer isn't in full swing yet, but it's coming.  that said, we have a membership at a local pool, which of course would involve time outside.  so my question is, how long is too long outside, in temperatures that average 100 degrees (in the shade).  ...ok, so typing it out, it would seem that any time outside is likely not a good idea.  but dd loves the pool, so what would you do? would you try to take ds into the water? sunscreen? ds is about 8 weeks old.

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I have used sunscreen on DS twice. I fully believe that the benefits of applying and avoiding burn outweighs the risks of putting the chemicals on his delicate skin.

We'll also taken him to the pool. He was NOT a fan of the pool but loved the hot spring. The pool was just too chilly. My DD (born 5/19/07) was in the pool her first summer and loved it. I would definitely give it a try and she how he likes it.


I am a pretty laid back parent .... I would use sunscreen AND take him in the pool :)

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If you decide on sunscreen make sure you buy something like Badger Balm or California Baby as other sunscreens are heavily laden with cancer causing chemicals. I personally would only take baby out in early am or late afternoon when the suns rays will be less harmful/strong. A great website to look at to find out how harmful/safe the products you are using is called Skin Deep on the EWG (Environmental Working Group). Just google it:) Enjoy your pool time!
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We are outside all summer long (albeit in Alberta and Idaho, so not nearly as hot as LA.)  I try to keep all my kids covered, in swim shirts and hats.  I know that's harder for girls. My boys can wear long shorts and long sleeved rash guards and basically have no need for sun screen.  We don't have any tank tops, so even when we aren't swimming, they are at least wearing knee length shorts and t-shirts.  My babies I usually just keep in the shade when I can, but before 11 and after 3 I don't even bother worrying about that.  If we're out and about I carry baby in the wrap, and just have a hat with a big brim on his head.  (I really need a gauze wrap, because the Moby is already getting hot.) I don't like the thought of the chemicals, so use the sun screens recommended by the EWG and always slather it on their faces and arms if they are exposed. 

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Chiro- I'm all for being out in the sun, but in more southerly latitudes we do have to be more cautious because the closer the the equator, the  straighter the sun's rays come through the atmosphere, so there is less filtering (polarization?). This is the first warm weather newborn I've had, and I'm in the tropics, so I am definitely taking more precautions than I did with my others, especially the two born in the mountains of NC (where there isn't any sun anyway, lol). I give Emrys some healthy exposure, but in frequent short doses. If I want to sit outside for a longer stretch, I keep him lightly covered. I haven't used sunscreen yet, I am avoiding it as long as we aren't spending a lot of time swimming etc. but I did find a very good and effective and totally safe one... unfortunately, the label is completely worn off, but when I figure out what it is, I'll let you know.

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thanks everyone, for right now we're still erring on the side of caution as ds seems to sweat an awful lot, and very quickly, so dehydration is an issue.  we're doing the pool in the early morning or late afternoon for now, and my mom keeps him while i take dd to swim lessons.  so i think for this summer, we'll just be cautious, and maybe next summer we'll be a little more adventurous! 

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I definitely recommend the EWG's list - we use that to pick sunscreens each year. We live in CO and while there is shade, we also live at 7800ft and work and play at 10,000ft - so taking into account the altitude, I try to be pretty careful with exposure as you can burn very quickly when you are that darn close to the sun.

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