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ECC. How to reverse?

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I think my son has ECC. He had a white line on the top of his front teeth near the gum, and after brushing frequently, the white line is gone, but there's still a little discoloration.


I've started him on a multi-vitamin, and brush each morning, after each meal, and before bed. I'm ordering Spiffie wipes, and MI-paste.. What else can I do???

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Is the white line gone or has it discolored into something darker? 


Cell salts are really good. You'll find information here in the dental section about what kinds, etc. 


Squiggle makes a xylitol toothpaste that's nice. 

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Hi! He had a white line, and a little discoloration, but now it's only the discolored area, and now white line.


I will look into cell salts!


Can this be reverse without seeing a dentist?

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I guess what I'm asking is if the white line went back to natural tooth color or it's still discolored? 


Yes! Teeth are amazing things and they can remineralize. Our 22 month old son has ECC and a very rapidly spreading case of it. We taking holistic measures to remineralize rather and fill and drill and his bottom molars were badly decayed, about half as tall as they should be and they our now covered with a nice, beautiful, shiny hard enamel. This is a testament to the body's ability to heal itself. If your child has tooth decay, you've caught it extremely early, don't worry! 

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