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Come on in, Weekly Chat for May 28!!

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Happy Long Weekend Everyone!


Here's this weeks Weekly Chat for May 28 (oops its the 29th already!)


Can you believe its June on Friday?!


Any exciting news? appointments? updates? Upcoming plans?

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Hey everyone!  I'm finally back in my house after DH spent the weekend finishing our new hardwood floors.  They look awesome, but he still has to put in some storage in what will be our new study, so it will probably be a week or so before things are really back to normal.  It's good to be home though!


I cannot believe it's almost June.  I'm officially freaking out.  DH went ahead and hired a friend of his who is a landscaper to clean up and mulch our yard and garden.  While I initially felt weird hiring someone, the anxiety it has gotten rid of is well worth the money.  I can now focus on cleaning the house and really tackling this last chapter of the book.  Final grades are due today, and work is finally winding down. 


I also got a little bag of my and my sister's baby clothes that my mom kept, and I am soooooo excited!  They are so cute.  While I still would prefer a boy, the thought of dressing a little girl in some of these adorable little dresses (including my favorite dress from when I was a little tiny girl) will make it much easier.  (Does that make me a terrible person?  Oh well.)


Otherwise, it will be a quiet week as far as baby stuff goes.  We got our BOB jogging stroller from the in-laws (I LOVE IT!) and we're otherwise just trying to get stuff done around the house and with work.


And finally, I'm 30 weeks!  WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN?  So excited.  I can't believe there's a little over two months before we get to meet our baby.  joy.gif

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I can't believe how fast time is flying! Lilytiger, it must feel great to almost have your renovations behind you. Just in time to enjoy your new space before LO arrives!


I'm 28wks, 3rd trimester(!), this week. We had a great relaxing weekend. We basically just spent a lot of down time together, some hiking and grilling. It was a much needed break.  We're anxiously waiting to find out what DH's orders will be so we can start planning...basically everything. I'm so not a fan of the 'hurry up and wait' situation that military life creates. But it can't be helped, so we're just trying to prep as much as we can now, so when we find out about our move we can focus on the big things like finding a house, a MW, a place to birth...oy...bigeyes.gif

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Time really is flying! 


Congrats on the renovations LilyTiger! That's exciting.  And what fun with the baby clothes! My mom keep a few pieces from when my sister and I were little and it's been great--my daughter got to wear the same dress for her second birthday as I wore for mine. 


LeAnn--I'm glad the weekend was relaxing--I hope you hear soon about your husband--it must be so stressful not knowing. 


AFM, we had a wonderful weekend in Monterey celebrating my grandmother's 80th birthday with the whole extended family--my grandparents, parents, sister and brother-in-law, plus of course my husband and daughter. My daughter had a blast, playing at the (freezing-cold) beach, at the aquarium, and just getting all the attention from the family.  I really feel blessed that she (and soon this little one) is getting to grow up surrounded by so much love.  And I was just so happy to have some time to relax and not have to work.   

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LilyTiger - welcome back to your renovated home!  Must be so nice to enjoy the improvements.... and the bag of your and sister's clothes - oh that's so great that your mom had saved them!!!


LeAnn - fingers crossed for your relocation news/plans...  What a way to make your last trimester to go by quickly as you'll be quite busy!  Good luck with everything!!


Rebecca - sounds like a fabulous weekend with your family out there on the west coast....  :)


AFM - 9 weeks left (at most) and counting!!  Just about all I can think of is baby stuff and I'm getting anxious to meet him!  I can't believe it's just about June which will likely be my last full month of prepping before life changes drastically!  I'm getting my hands on baby/breastfeeding books now and have already started my hospital bag list.  I still have way too much free/alone time on my hands, so I'm beginning to research logistics for our move to NYC this fall (deciding on a best neighborhood)  - since I figure that I'll have much less bandwidth and energy to do so once Baby is here....

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Hi Ladies,


Sounds like everyone is deep in nesting mode, we are too. OMG the house is a wreck, so much of the stuff that was stored in the baby's room is stuff that needs to be sort and restored/donated. Now it's all over the living/dining room. I am redoing our entire home filing system. Fun!

I signed up for two hospital childbirth classes and a breastfeeding class, happy about that. I also just finished reading The Big Book of Birth which was VERY educational and I feel more prepared now.


Thursday is my 3-hour glucose test. I am trying not to think about it. However, I am supposed to be eating a carb-heavy diet for three days prior and it kind of sucks. I have spent most of this pregnancy focusing on eating lots of protein and with a horrible sugar aversion, so this is a huge switch, but I guess if it prevents the sugar solution from shocking my body into a false positive, it will be worth it. 


Huz is almost done painting the nursery, and it looks AWESOME (Lily, yay Pewter Mug, it's the PERFECT gray).

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All the renovations sound so exciting!  We're currently (they're out there sawing away as I type) getting a new patio/deck/porch/balcony/thing, which I'm VERY excited about.  It's going to be twice the size as the old one, and much safer for a baby.  I plan to spend a lot of time out there in the next few months, soaking up the sun!


I hit 27 weeks on Sunday - I think that means this is the last week of my second trimester?

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And of course since I can't do anything I want to do everything. LOL

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And of course since I can't do anything I want to do everything. LOL


that about summarizes things for me right now too. ... having to watch things sit there undone for days is making me nuts. I'm really stressed about the reality of this after birth as its reminding me how unreliable DH is in terms of doing things I need/want done when I need/want them. . . I am going on day 3 of waiting for him to clean the bathroom and he still hasn't for example. At this point its become more the principle of the matter then anything else.. well, and the fact I really cant get into the positions I used too. I'm trying different methods with him and so far nothing works: nagging, list, asking, hinting, nagging, more list.. I need some new techniques.


newmumjoy if you are looking to live in the city city, the west village is very family/child friendly. I used to live a few doors down from sarah jessica parker. its very nyc in terms of very nice streets, brownstones and parks everywhere... also the east village near ave a has turned around, thompson sq. park is really quiet nice now, just a few years ago it was filled with crackheads but now its all strollers..


rebecca ah the time with your family sounds amazing. lucky you!


leann omg, I think I would be having a panic attack if I had to move somewhere without having any ideas where toward the very end of my pregnancy (like now). I am impressed you are able to handle it so well.. I think I would be a mess :)

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Hey everybody... Wow I can't believe how time is flying!  We've finally begun planning for the birth - finding a place (we've got no housing for August just yet) and gathering the birth kit.  I usually deliver at 37 1/2 weeks, which, since I'm 29 weeks, puts me about 8 1/2 - 9 weeks out from the birth.  There's a chance that we may be moving back to the US prior to the birth, but I won't know for 2-3 more weeks.  I'm trying not to contemplate the dif't scenarios too much so as not to obsess.  The baby will come wherever we are and all will be well. 


I am slogging through a tough time at work.  I work with a few complicated personalities and it's stressful right now as we're planning this huge gala event during a time when we're already swamped with end-of-year work.  There are a lot of cooks in the kitchen and not enough transparency.  Ouch.  Kind of want to crawl under my desk and come out when it's all over.  hide.gif


Usually I have a bit more fight in me to help work through things - but right now I just feel like it's not worth the energy.  And man, people can be downright mean and dysfunctional.  How do I work with insensitivity and irrationality?  I'm trying to be self aware so I don't bring my own dysfunction into it, but mostly I just want to eat ice cream and take a nap, and then wake up when it's over.


Have a great week everyone... And Intime0 I read about your hospital trip - hope everything is going much better now!!! Wow - you're in my prayers here.

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How do I work with insensitivity and irrationality?  I'm trying to be self aware so I don't bring my own dysfunction into it, but mostly I just want to eat ice cream and take a nap, and then wake up when it's over.


I feel the same way lately with a few staff members of the university Ive been working on and off at- mostly men and all 'under me' in terms of ranking.. doesn't help that I'm pregnant.. so far Ive used ice cream and candy as a coping mechanism.. dont recommend it in the long run :)

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Hi ladies! I can't believe it's Wednesday already and we're almost in June!! 


Lily, great about the renovations and the Bob stroller. We really want one--how soon can the infant fit in it, can you tell? I found one at a consignment sale, but the parking brake was broken, so I decided against it (well, I was deciding against it when someone else swooped it up!). My mom even saved my cloth diapers and wants to send me all that stuff.


LeAnn, welcome to the 3rd tri!! I hope you find out soon where you will be going and can start planning.


Rebecca, sounds like a great weekend. I really wish that we lived near family.


Newmum, sounds like you are in high gear! I'm relieved to hear you're starting on breastfeeding reading now (since it gives me a little time to get started, whew) and boy am I jealous about your move to NYC. I miss it so much, especially the accessibility of everything on foot or through public transportation (and the closeness of my family).


Boots, I hope everything goes well for the 3-hr test! Great to hear the nursery is coming along.


The deck sounds great, Penny! I have heard 27 or 28 weeks as the 3rd trimester, so split the difference and you are nearly there!


Ithappened, sorry about those issues with dh. I hate nagging and try to avoid it at all costs, but sometimes I have to resort to some with dh. 


Sorry about the work issues, Lizbiz. That's hard. 


AFM, Dh is almost done with school but will be teaching one month of summer school, so he'll be around on Fridays and then all of July/August (I can now work from home, which is going really well). We bought our car seat/base with gift cards and coupons over the weekend (so we ended up paying about half out of our pockets). A colleague gave us his chicco stroller and car seat/base (the car seat is expired and already went through 2 kids, so we wanted our own), but we were hoping to use the 2nd base for our 2nd vehicle--no dice (the old car seat fits in the new base but not vice versa, annoying; but at least the seat fits in the stroller--that's about 140 dollars we save). So now we need to spend about 75 for another base--keeping my eyes on coupons and deals. 

Once dh has Fridays off, we'll be deciding about how much we're going to invest in changing floors and installing an automatic gate in our back driveway, getting bids, etc.


Memorial day was great, but we forgot to go to the nearby concert/fireworks show we've been attending since we moved to this neighborhood :(  I was sure that we did that on July 4 and dh didn't try too hard to convince me I was wrong. Baby brain, I guess?  I shampooed the rugs and was shocked at the cat hair and dirt it got out, in spite of our seemingly hugely powerful dyson vac. More fuel for removing the carpets, I guess.

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Make sure you check the label on the base, andaluza - they expire too.  :)


I've been very sure I've not been in nesting mode but I think I am now.  I'm really into moving things around and such, more than cleaning.  We just had our big citywide spring cleaning where they pick up all your junk no matter what it is so the big project has been making our garage an actual functional 2 car garage for when we get our second car (hopefully end of June!).  It's not such a big deal right now but by winter it will be a must with two little ones and icy front steps.  All I have left to do is move all my holiday decorations to the garage to the place I have cleared for them.  And my mom needs to come get her treadmill and rocking chair.  And J needs to go through the six boxes of books I found in a pile in a corner. 


It's irritating because he hasn't seen these books in two years - obviously he doesn't use them or need them.  But he'll insist on looking through them, yet putting off doing so as long as he can.  And they'll probably end up in a pile somewhere else.  Sigh.  He's also not very helpful with things at the house.  There was a little nightstand that matches the dresser in the nursery, which I wanted cleaned and brought up because it will give me two more drawers for the kids' clothes.  I asked him to bring it up so many times and eventually just had to do it myself.  He hasn't said a word about it, but he has to have realized it's not in the middle of the garage floor where it used to be.  He seems to have the idea that because he works so hard at his job (which he does - it's physical and wipes him out) that means home time is 100% free time.  I'm more of the mentality that I give 100% at home during the day, he gives 100% at his job during the day, at night we should each be giving at least 50%.  Right now it's more 95%-5%.


I've also got some serious pain going on.  I guess it's my sciatic nerve?  It doesn't seem like it from what I've read, but there's nothing else out there that explains it.  Yesterday afternoon I started getting random stabbing pains in one of my buttocks.  It doesn't seem to be related to a particular movement - I can't isolate what triggers it, but it's debilitating.  Like, fall on the floor or squeal out kind of debilitating.  I debated going in to work.  And there doesn't seem to be anything you can do about it.  I go to the chiropractor on Fridays but I may have to see if I can squeeze it in before.

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Lily, great about the renovations and the Bob stroller. We really want one--how soon can the infant fit in it, can you tell? I found one at a consignment sale, but the parking brake was broken, so I decided against it (well, I was deciding against it when someone else swooped it up!). My mom even saved my cloth diapers and wants to send me all that stuff.

Andaluza, you can get an inexpensive infant car seat adapter for the BOB that will allow you to use it immediately.  The baby can lay in the stroller in the most reclined position at 8 weeks (or whenever it has neck control), I believe, without the car seat adapter.

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Hello everyone!~  I'm glad to be back, I spent the last month studying and took my exam yesterday.  I feel like it went well enough, and I definitely felt prepared.  I find out on the 7th how I did.  Yesterday was also 27 weeks for me! 


LilyTiger, congratulations on moving back into the house and having the renovations wrap up, that must be such a relief.


LeAnn and LizBiz, hugs on the move/not knowing situation, that would stress me out just a bit.


Rebecca, it sounds like you had a great time with family.  I took a brief break from studying to drive down to the IL's for a graduation party and it was so great.  It was the first time I've been noticeably pregnant around people I know, and it was nice to finally have me being pregnant acknowledged.  I'm also excited because there is so much family 5 hours away that are so excited to meet and love on this little girl. What a great feeling.  Glad you had a great time!


NewMum, how exciting about the move, and for being so close to having a baby.  I honestly wonder where the time went, I swear, we were all just on here talking about first trimester sickness and now we're in the third trimester.


Boots, you're so ahead of me with planning!  I still need to figure out the childbirth classes, etc, but B has been traveling so it has been tough.  Luckily, his next client is in town, so it will make al of that a little easier.  Congrats on getting the nursery painted and good luck on your glucose test!


Penny, yay to 27 weeks!


I hope you are able to find a good compromise point with your DH, Ithappened.


Great news on the stroller, Andaluza, it is nice to just have somethings taken care of. How neat that there is a concert/fireworks show in your neighborhood (even if you missed it this time).  They had a bunch of stuff like that in FL that I knew about, but I still need to research stuff like that in this area.


I took the day off since I have a midwife appointment.  I'm feeling a little conflicted about birth plans, however, I thought I knew what I wanted to do, but now I'm really not sure.  I wish I was back in Florida for this part.  I just don't feel connected with the midwife here, and I know she was super tired last time I saw her, but I'm hoping that today there is a better connection. After our appointment we have to drive to GA (3 hours away) to pick up our other car, which we had to leave there on Sunday.  It is a really long story, but basically we broke down, were stuck on the roadside for 5.5 hours in the middle of a very hot day, and despite paying for roadside assistance, it was pretty useless to resolve the situation.  We should have been back on the road no problems in under an hour.  Instead our car is far away....  But, it is what it is.  I'm surprisingly not upset about any of it.  Also, circumstances seemed to align, and my mother will be moving up here in a month.  My mother can be a lot of work, she is pretty dependent on, well, everyone but herself, and she has a lot of health problems, but I'm really glad to have her moving closer.  I think the stress relief she will have from having someone close who can help her out, and being in a better financial situation, will do a lot to help her feel better overall.  She has been pretty depressed lately, and I think this move will be good for her.  I'm also going to get her signed up at the Y with me, so she can take some water aerobics classes, and hopefully that will help with her pain and mobility issues. With the all of that, I'm hoping to get more of "my mom" back, if that makes sense.

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andal  its amazing how much you can get out of carpets even when they are new.. really surprising..


nine  sorry to hear about the pain, I hope the chiropractor can help.. you're DH sounds a lot like mine in terms of house help, I'm sorry I dont have any suggestions but I do completely understand and sympathize.


vv i really hope you can 'get your mom back' having her near, esp with grandkids could be a lifesaver so much of the time, I always wished we had someone to rely on- even if it was just 1 -2 times a year.



AFM- I've been super stressed out this week. I'm getting a lot more higher profile offers for the summer and fall- many of which I have to decline and I'm really frustrated still with DH attitude and unrealistic ideas about how to earn income. I have moments I feel like things are caving in around me and taking the summer off is just going to leave us broke and more broke.. I am also trying to look at the longer term picture of things and considering looking at moving back to the US if there is enough money in the US university system that it would make sense.. we will see.


I went on a 'long' hike this morning with the dog up to a hut, it was only about 45 mins up and then 20 mins or so down but was nice to get outside a bit in the sun alone- I've needed that since last week...


I have an appointment on Friday with my new doctor (have to switch because my current one doesn't have access to the University hospital here which is where I have to give birth thanks to our insurance) and so I am both nervous and excited to meet him ... looking forward to hearing his thoughts on my birth and breech babies..

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Originally Posted by Ninetales View Post

Make sure you check the label on the base, andaluza - they expire too.  :)


Oh, that's good to know! We can't use it anyway, since it doesn't fit our new car seat, but I didn't see the tag on the base, and they told me at BRU that we could use the old base. confused.gif

That pain sounds horrible, ninetales. I am still really fortunate to be feeling good, but know that things can change at any time.


Thanks for the info, Lily. We will have to see how our finances look, but it is soooo tempting and I think it will be necessary for me to get back into running.


Great to hear about your exam, Veritas! I hope the meeting with your midwife goes well. And that is good news about your mom--it sounds like you have realistic expectations about her needs and difficulties, which should help the adjustment.


Ithappened, so sorry about the stress about summer income and the future is weighing on you. Can you put feelers out with some contacts at US universities? I don't know your field, but some departments seem to be weathering things pretty well.  It sounds like you should explore your options, especially since you are getting high profile offers! Even if you can't accept them for now, it should be great for your morale.

On the other side of things, Dh and I always thought we would go to Spain if things didn't work out here (especially since Spain's boom was when we were on the job market in the US) and now we think that we really lucked out finding some good fits for us in a part of the country that is pretty stable, considering what is happening to friends and family there. But, we would definitely have completely different life and day-to-day living expectations if we were in Spain (i.e. no suburban house or 2 vehicles, etc.).

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Good luck with the upcoming moves and preparations, Newmum & Lizbiz. We seem to be a very mobile (nomadic, in my case) DDC! :)


Boots - Good luck on Thurs! I'm in the same boat. My 1hr came back a bit high - 163(DH and I hypothesize it has something to do w the fact that my usual diet contains almost no processed sugars). My GTT is on Fri morning. Fingers crossed it comes back clear. Happy nesting! :)


And of course since I can't do anything I want to do everything. LOL



Ithappened - I'm trying to keep it together. I've definitely had my moments but at this point I'm resigned to the fact that almost nothing is in my control right now except for my attitude. I am determined to look back on this birth as an awesome experience. So I'm prepared to fight for it, where ever we end up. One way or another LO is going to come and as long as DH is with me, I'll make it work. IMO, you're the trooper. I have zero patience for the eternal boy. You're a saint! I think mama's just find a way to do what they have to do. We all have some crazy circumstances to master. superhero.gif

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andaluza- I'm do a hybrid of art/design/engineering... Ive been pushing DH to consider the US again after living in NYC i think we both have an inaccurate view of the US.. there aren't a lot of schools who what I am doing, so I'm 'stuck' looking at places like MIT, NYC, Carnage Melon, Berkeley etc.. He's open to the idea- the hard part will be finding openings/funding now :)

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LilyTiger glad you hired a friend, that sounds great and frees up both your time.  Girl clothes are so cute. That sounds like a fun package to get.  Your in laws are good gift givers! 

Rebecca, That is sweet your DD got to wear the same dress as you did.  Sounds like a great weekend! 

Newmumjoy, hospital bag, that sounds like a good plan.  Do you ever attend LLL?  I am doing that in addition to reading the books and feel like that helps.  Of course, nothing can probably prepare me as every baby is different I hear but I am trying to cover as many bases as possible.  Good luck with NYC research. 

Penny, the deck sounds great.  Maybe you can even plant some veggies or something out there since you can soak in the sun.  

Boots, great about the class!  The books sounds awesome.  Thanks for the reminder I need to sign up for classes as well. Sending you lots of good luck on the 3 hour test.  That is strange you have to eat a carb heavy diet beforehand.  I want to see a picture of this nursery color.  

Intime, LOL that is funny but I am really sorry you aren't able to do much, very frustrating.  Thinking about you!  

Lizbiz, comfort food and naps can sure cure a lot.  That sounds tough.  

Andaluza, glad you can work from home.  That sounds great you were able use gift cards and coupons for stuff you really need this weekend.  My DH did the carpets this weekend, so I hear you on animal hair.  

Ninetales, hope your pain gets better.   That sounds bad!  Hopefully your chiro can see you before Friday.  

VV, glad your back.  How are your cats doing, I remember one got out awhile ago and was lost for awhile. Sorry you aren't feeling connected to your midwife and you are unsure of things.  Hopefully if the move goes through for your mom it will be a good one and you can get more of your mom back.  

Ithappened, your hike sounds great.  And changing doctors can be stressful, hope your new doctor is really great for you and your twins.  Please keep us updated.  


Last week was drama filled here but this week has already been better thankfully as the resulting stress is not good on the belly.  Been eating lots of peaches and watermelon, it is like my ice cream, beats candy or chocolate.  Household projects are still underway.  Still need to pick a name and get several big items for the nursery.  Also need to pick up nursing bras but not sure what ones are the best.   And I am wondering if I will need specific nursing clothes, like nursing tanks.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  

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