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The good:  My kids are finishing up school, each on their own day.  Soccer winds down this weekend.  Looking forward to less chaos.  My sister is planning a babyshower for mid-July.  I guess it's socially acceptable to have a second shower when you have 9 years between babies.  C-section date of August 6 is still on the books.


The bad:  It's taking MUCH longer to finish reorganizing the second floor.  We're very far behind and I'm afraid there won't be enough time to get it all done.  Hoping my family will pitch in at some point, but it's unlikely.


The ugly:  I am having a LOT of contractions and by the end of every afternoon I am having intense pain under my rib cage.  It's consistent, doesn't change with position or movement, and is generally unpleasant.  I'm hoping it's just muscular.  Waiting for a call back from the OB now.  It's been almost 90 minutes and it's after 5 now, so I'm guessing I won't hear from them until tomorrow, which really frustrates me.

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 I think it's time for me to get on the nesting bandwagon with you all, but so far haven't done a thing yet to prepare stuff for this baby.  I really better get started on that. 



NewMumJoy--sounds like you are super prepared.  Exciting about the move to NYC. Seems like there are tons of great neighborhoods, although it seems like everyone I know with young kids in the city lives somewhere in Brooklyn :)


Bootsvalentine--good luck with the glucose test.  I hope it comes back completely normal!


Ithappened--so sorry about all the stress. I wish I could somehow virtually slap your DH into taking more responsibility. Here's hoping that at least when the twins arrive he'll realize he has no choice but to step up.


Lizbiz--ugg, work drama sounds like exactly what you don't need right now.  Hoope it passes soon.


Ninetales--ouch!!!   Does seem like probably sciatica.  Does stretching it out help at all?


Veritas Vitae--congratulations on finishing the exam! What a relief. And sounds like a wonderful party. It is nice to get the special pregant treatment. 


Bjacques--hope the contractions let up!  If they don't and you are feeling worried about them and the doctor hasn't gotten back to you, you could always consider taking a trip to L&D or call an after-hours line if your OB has one.  I definitely have had some days of a lot of contractions--it seems like they are just B/H contractions, but I never can quite figure out how to tell, when I should be worried and when I shouldn't. 


Sol_y_Paz--my favorite nursing bras by far are the Bravado ones--I've been wearing them for two years now and they are still great. I definitely don't think you need other nursing clothes, but I had a couple of nursing shirts, which I really liked and was glad to have, especially in the begining. The other nice thing about them is that they are generally cut for post-partem bodies so I felt like they fit better in the initial weeks. And actually they are now serving double duty as maternity shirts (at least until recently), so keep that in mind for a second.

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Sorry about all the contractions & pain, bjacques - I hope your OB gets back to you soon.  I've been having some ribcage pain also, and it's helped when I sleep with my torso slightly elevated.  That might help?  I hope you're feeling better soon!


And yes, Sol, I have already started my vegetable garden out there!  I've got a couple of containers going with tomatoes, cucumbers, a bunch of peppers, basic & fancy lettuce, and strawberries.  They get SO much sun out there!


ithappened, are you coming to the Bay Area?!  I don't have any advice re: parenting (costs, etc) since this is my first kid, but I LOVE it here!


I just found out that my July training (last 2 weeks of July) is in Boulder, so I'm very relieved that I'll have a short(er) flight for my 34th & 36th week.  30th & 32nd week I have to fly all the way to Florida, though.  That won't be fun.


Good luck to Boots & LeAnn on your upcoming tests!

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Originally Posted by Sol_y_Paz View Post

Last week was drama filled here but this week has already been better thankfully as the resulting stress is not good on the belly.  Been eating lots of peaches and watermelon, it is like my ice cream, beats candy or chocolate.  Household projects are still underway.  Still need to pick a name and get several big items for the nursery.  Also need to pick up nursing bras but not sure what ones are the best.   And I am wondering if I will need specific nursing clothes, like nursing tanks.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  

I used my nursing tanks almost everyday. I loved them! I have a bunch of nursing bras that I just bought at Target. I didn't get anything fancy or anything. I'd just avoid underwire, but that's my personal preference! Wire doesn't feel good with engorged breasts!

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Speaking of ice cream, I have a funny story, from when I was in the hospital.  I wanted some ice cream but it was later. So I asked the nurse if she could get me some. She comes back about 10 minutes later and tells me they dont have ice cream at the hosptial but that she would go across the street to the Shell station if I'd give her the money.  WOW.  I just told her no. I once asked a lady in america at a restaurant to pack up my leftovers and she literally was speechless. The service is sure different over here.  LOL


Ithappened. My husband genuinely wants to help. But he always forgets everything. Or gets sidetracked.  He doesnt mind my reminding him though.  So I'll usually ask once knowing he wont remember.  Then when I'm ready for him to actually start, I'll remind him again and ask if he's ready.  LOL.  OR if it's somethign I KNOW he doesnt want me to do, then I'll start and let him know I"m doing it.  He's there within seconds. But here is a little example from how his mind works. He uses my computer most nights because his battery is being replaced.  I ask him every night to plug it in.  Every night he forgets.  Last night when he turned it off I told him he told me he was going to plug it in.  So, he plugs it in, but doesnt turn on the switch.  ARGGG. LOL (Over here the electricity to the plug must be flipped on. You can imagine how many times we forget to do that. LOL)


Yeah, we are talking about not being able to do the things we want to do...I dont want to clean, it's organizing that I want to do. Everywhere I look I have a new project I want to do.  Anyone actually feeling like CLEANING. I mean, get on your hands and knees and clean, clean?  It will be funny when we all get around 37 weeks or so and we get on here and report that we just spent 4 hours cleaning the fridge grates.  LOL

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I love Bravado nursing bras too. And I LOVE their nursing tanks.  They are pricey - but I've had both Target and Bravado and hands-down - Bravado wins!  They are a much more flattering cut/shape and they are more supportive.  I second the no-underwire thing - your boobs will not need it - they will be plenty perky all on their own and the underwire is uncomfortable and can cause plugged ducts, from what I hear. 


A plug for Bravado - everything I bought for my second is still in good enough shape to use again for this kiddo - so you get what you pay for. 

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Hello everyone! Just chiming in here, I am due in August too.
Since I don't know y'all just yet, I won't speak to anyone specifically, but just wanted to say that I enjoy reading our similarities. I have been nesting too. Without the realization that is what I am doing. Organizing for hours, and feeling really good when I can barely clean the kitchen. Haha.
This is my second baby, & I am so excited to be 29 weeks.
I did my glucose screening this week. I had a monitor and had to test levels before and after eating for a few meals. It was very interesting, but my fingers are tired of being pricked.
I sympathize with anyone who has to do it daily.

Interesting what you said Leann about how your numbers were high. I just read an article the other day from an old "midwifery today" and it stated that very thing. ( that of course you will have high numbers if you don't often eat something with such high sugars) Personally, with my last pregnancy, I felt so sick after the glucola drink that I just couldn't imagine ever doing it again.
Good luck with the next test.

I really liked my target nursing tanks last time. I have pretty big boobs and I was pleased that I never felt the need to wear a bra too. As someone mentioned, underwire not needed! Nursing boobs rock!

Anyways, cheers to you all! Happy 3rd trimester!

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Quick Question:


Does anyone know about belly binding or has done it PP? I am curious what methods are out there and what works/doesn't...

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Ugh, you guys, I am so stupid. I have let my schedule get all nocturnal (usually my natural state) since I'm not working, and now I am going to be taking the 3 hour glucose test in about four hours, and I am not at all tired. Hmm, maybe if I am sleep-deprived it will all just go by in a haze?

Also, my lip split open in two places on the inside while I slept (despite the humidifier) (I am thinking it's from low iron, which I'm trying to deal with but having trouble tolerating any kind of supplements with iron right now) so it's going to suck to not be able to drink water for 3 hours. I'm totally hiding a bottle in my purse for secret bathroom drinking.


Leann, good luck tomorrow, I'll be thinking about you today! Hopefully we survive.


Thanks everyone for the words of support. Hopefully after this is over I will be back with personals.

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Sol - I've been wondering about where to begin w the nursing gear as well. Thanks for the reccomendations, ladies! I think I'll start w a bravado and a LLL wrap-n-snap for comfy days/night time (sooo much cheaper!) and see how it goes.


Ithappened - I've also been thinking about binding. I have read that it helps speed recovery considerably and supports your abs as they repair and regain strength, esp if you have severe diastasis. Does anyone have more info or experience w binding??


Thanks, Boots! Let us know how it goes today. My MW said that you can take sips of water if you need to, so I think you are ok to bring water. I know I won't be able to go that long w no water. That split lip sounds painful! I hope you are able to find a solution.


Hi Poppy! I would love to read that article. The whole test just seems counterintuitive if your body is used to a healthy diet. I wonder if I would have had similar results if I had to drink a Naked juice instead of the Glucola stuff? I'm just concerned that this test will be the same seeing as the solution is 3x's the strength. I just don't see my body dealing well. Ithappened, you refused the test, right? Can you tell me more about that decision?

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lizbiz- i need to find some sort of bras, for some reason I couldnt get the nursing bras to work for me..


intime0- I think my husband means well, but he is insanely absent minded to the point he isnt reliable. As for cleaning, I did do the fridge and the floors yesterday on my hands and knees and Im measuring 40w so there you go :)


boots- how'd your appointment go?


leann- yeap. I have declined the GD test in all my pregnancies- I wrote a long reply then the stupid browser window crashed but the short answer is I dont have any of the historical risk factors (overweight, family history, high pregnancy weight gains, sugar in my urine etc) with the exception of 'big babies' which runs in my family (we all were over 9+lbs at birth and we're all tall people etc). I also looked a lot at the diets for GD which I more or less already follow normally, and I exercise 30-60mins everyday so there is little I could do if I do have it other then take medication which I have no interest in doing unless it was so severe it was needed and I feel if that was the case I would have some sort of signs of it- which I haven't in this pregnancy or any pregnancy before. Id be happy to talk about it more if you want :)




Tomorrow I meet my new doctor, I am really excited and anxious.. I am also going to go see the 'new' hospital where I will be giving birth and am starting to come to terms with having a birth which is radically different then I want but recognizing its not the most important part of this journey.

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ithappened - Nursing attire and me only last so long I find - I use it for the first few months and then when I'm more or less back to normal - I ditch it and go back to all my normal clothes/bras.  Except for the fact that I tend to always layer a nice tank under my shirt so i can pull up my top layer and have my tummy covered when I'm nursing in public or with people around (which is most of the time for me).  I never use a nursing shawl/cover thing - my babies never liked them nor do I.  I do like the nursing bras/tanks at first though - it's just convenient and especially when I have to wear bras or nursing tanks all night for the first few months - I just wanted comfy stuff that also transitioned to daytime wear.  Also, my normal bras just don't fit at first when my milk supply is first getting established.


You might just try to find bigger normal bras that aren't very restrictive if you don't like nursing bras - really - I nurse my kiddos a long time and I just end up sort of shoving the cup out of the way to nurse and then sliding it back - after the first few months I find that easier anyway than fussing with a clip on nursing bra!  


leann and bootsvalentine - good luck on your tests.  so, there may be ONE advantage to the sugar I eat - I pass GD tests no problem :).  seriously though - hope you just pass and can move on.  or just refuse it - i refuse all kinds of things and the doctors have always gotten over it.   


AFM - i've been interviewing intensively.  two more next week.  thank God my husband is a champ and is taking care of basically everything around here.  i'm doing my best to keep it balanced - but with how busy work is - it is getting tiresome.  this weekend is fairly free though - and i'm looking forward to more time with our kiddos and hopefully a little more rest.  my husband also threw out his back (right before he was supposed to run a marathon - big bummer!) and so we are a fine pair - me with my big belly and his aching back and two VERY active kiddos!  thankfully they are sweet (though oblivious).  


it is friday in 7 minutes here and so i am off to bed!  night y'all!

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I nurse my kiddos a long time and I just end up sort of shoving the cup out of the way to nurse and then sliding it back


yeah same here, I nursed DS1 for 2 years (not sure thats long but it is around here) and found the normal bras worked just fine for me, but then again Im small boobed, not sure Id feel the same way if I wasn't naturally a really small B cup to begin with..

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I have some Bravado nursing bras, but they're the plus size ones and they're built like sports bras.  Fine for t-shirts but they peek out of anything with a neckline.  I've never been able to find a nursing bra in my size without underwire that has a lower neckline.  Annoying.  I may try one of their tanks - hopefully they are long enough for me.


Pretty much anyone who works in a store has no more carseat knowledge or training than the average parent.  Same goes for nurses, doctors, and unfortunately even police and firefighters who are the ones people are told to go to for help.  I always advocate parents to read their manuals and if they need help find someone who has had training.

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I wanted to follow up re: my midwife appointment.  It went really well and I felt more of a connection with the midwife this go 'round.  We talked about the glucose screen and she said they do a two hour test which involves basically a lot of carbs.  However, since my numbers looked good, I said I'd just assume not take the test and just keep an eye on the urine figures for now.  After going over some family history and discussing diet, she was completely okay with that, which I was happy about.  The midwife was surprised at how low Quinn was when she was trying to measure her (she is measuring about a week small).  I was just like...yep....it makes it hard to bend.  I also emailed the instructor who does the Bradley classes at the birth center and we start those on Monday.  They run 12 weeks so we should finish them up right before Quinn is due. I'm pretty excited about starting the classes. It also seems that my stomach just popped out of nowhere, it feels like it is pulling my abdomen muscles so tight. I'll have to post a picture in the belly thread.

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I've been wearing Target nursing bras for years. Even when not nursing. they are just comfy.

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Still no energy for catching up with everyone, but I'm reading along I promise.


Honestly, the test was awful. I was not allowed any water at all. After about an hour I was sweating a lot and about to faint, the waiting room was SO busy and full of people and nobody working there noticed I was not doing well. Huz finally went up and told them and he had to help me up and back to the lab room. They took my blood and let me lie down (on a hard, short exam table, but I was too sick to care) and I sort of was out of it for awhile. Then about 40 minutes later I felt better again, although weak and lightheaded, not like I was going to die. I was able to go back out and sit with DH in the (uncomfortable chairs) waiting room for the last hour. It was kind of lame they did not have him come back with me and didn't check on me the entire hour I was lying down. Seriously, I could have been really ill or passed out and they wouldn't have known.

. I did gulp a little water in the bathroom from the sink after hour 2.

I don't know what this means for results, I can't find anything anecdotal or conclusive by googling, except saying that the sweating and lightheadedness was probably caused from my sugar dropping rapidly after the drink.


I still have not had much sleep or enough food (Huz is cooking me eggs right now).


Leann, it sounds like your midwife is much more merciful. I wish I hadn't had to take the test at a busy lab, ugh, and would have been aloud some water. 


I don't know when I'll get the results, but I have a doc appointment Monday, hopefully they'll be in by then. I guess I am glad i did it because I know I will ALWAYS refuse this test in the future, pregnant or not. It's just too extreme for me.

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Boots - That sounds awful! I'm sorry you had such a rough time w the test. From the research I've been doing, it seems that most women end up nauseous and light headed or worse. Yuck! This test really doesn't seem like best practice to me. I hope you're feeling better!


VV - Glad to hear that your appt went well. Enjoy your classes! We're starting our Hypnobabies this week, too (finally!). I'm excited to get DH involved in some concrete baby preparation and I'm looking forward to the conversations that it will inspire! I guess I'm just ready to feel ready, KWIM?


AFM, I've decided to refuse the 3hr. I'm going to talk w my MW about it but I just don't see my system suddenly dealing well w being bombarded by processed simple sugars that are not a part of my regular diet. What's the point? It really seems like a useless extreme. If they want me to monitor my sugars or my urine, I'll do that. But w no risk factors and a LO that's is right on sched in everyway - I'm just not willing to deal w the useless headache. Not to mention the possibility of a bad diagnosis that I then have to deal w. No thanks!

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LeAnn yeap.. I came to the same conclusion this time as well.. and here it just puts me in an even higher 'high risk' category which isn't appealing to me at all. ..

boots that sounds horrible horrible horrible.. I am so sorry.





I met with my new doctor today, this afternoon.. DH came with me so if my German failed he could help me.. I was really surprised by how nice the hospital was- they have a big birthing pool, balls, the rooms were dim and quiet etc.. got another ultrasound today and the twins are still both breech.. I am going in for weekly monitoring from now on and if they haven't flipped, or at least baby A hasn't flipped I will consider a c-section- which means Id be giving birth around 38.5w.. which is just over a month from now- crazy.


I am trying to come to terms with the idea of a surgery based delivery but I also recognize that its not the most important part in all of this if it does happen.. looking at the silver lining -- which is-- DH can be with me, DS will be at daycare, I can shower/shave/sleep etc. I can also line up help for after the birth which I wouldn't have otherwise (my parents are going to visit)..


so there are some upsides.. I am just wondering if at 32w they have not flipped, what are the chances they will?

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ithappened - Check out Spinning Babies. I found this in a quick search, there's lots more info. She talks about jiggling the belly (when you're on hands and knees, wrap a rebozo/wide scarf/sarong around your tummy and have DH hold the ends as he stands straddling your hips. He then lifts the belly gently, taking the weight off your back and gently jiggles the scarf lft to rt in a sort of sifting motion.) This gives babies a little more opportunity to move around and should feel great for you, too! Just make sure the scarf covers the whole belly so it's not cutting you off.


Also the floor cleaning you mentioned is a great idea! Spending time crawling helps, also inversion, stretching and dancing (lots of hip circles!). And NO squats!! It's normal for baby B to be breech/transverse, Baby A is the one that needs to turn. Baby B has opportunity during the birth to get in the right position. Hope that helps! There is definitely time for Baby A to turn, esp if you start using some optimal fetal positioning exercises. Oh, and massage and miofascial release are good too.


I'm glad that you're getting comfortable w both possibilities. Feeling in control of the ultimate decision is huge!

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