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Why no squats, LeAnn?  Does that only apply to twins?



Originally Posted by LeAnn A Doula View Post
And NO squats!! It's normal for baby B to be breech/transverse, Baby A is the one that needs to turn. Baby B has opportunity during the birth to get in the right position. Hope that helps! There is definitely time for Baby A to turn, esp if you start using some optimal fetal positioning exercises. Oh, and massage and miofascial release are good too.


I'm glad that you're getting comfortable w both possibilities. Feeling in control of the ultimate decision is huge!


I agree with those rejecting the GD test or the followup.  We discussed this at our Bradley class and one of the students who is a midwife pointed out that you have a much higher chance of getting diabetes later in life if you test positive for GD and it makes sense to learn how to deal with it early.  That made sense to me then, until I started looking at the false positive rates and the stressfulness of the followup tests.  I didn't have a problem with the one-hour, but I might not do it again.  Sorry you had such an awful experience, Boots.

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I'm glad that you're getting comfortable w both possibilities. Feeling in control of the ultimate decision is huge!


thats really what this all comes down too.. :)

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LeAnn & ithappened-- I have been reading that Spinning Babies website too!  Haven't had a chance to get DH to try the rebozo technique yet, but I have been doing the inversions and pelvic tilts daily.  I don't know for sure if baby is head up or not, because ALL the movement is really low.  This baby likes to be near the exit :)


Boots-- ugh! That sounds just awful. I'm so glad it's over and I hope you are doing okay now.  I had my glucose screening this morning, and thankfully my midwife does it with a meal (eggs, toast, juice, milk!).   I was so incredibly relieved to have the results come out normal. I have had low blood sugar issues in the past and was nervous about this test.


I actually had quite a scare yesterday (well, I scared myself I guess), when I weighed myself, which I only do once a month, in preparation for my midwife appointment.  I had gained about 12 lbs this month!!!  WHAT??  Last month I gained 4, which the books say is right on target.  I was soooooo upset.  Mostly because I was SURE it was indicative of pre-eclampsia or something else awful.  I cried (sobbed) for well over an hour before falling asleep, and even busted a blood vessel under my eye from the exertion.  Yikes.  At our appointment this morning the midwife assured me that I'm fine.  No real signs of pre-e, no abnormal swelling...I'm just getting fat :)  Not ideal, but I am relieved that it's not a medical problem.  She said to lay off the ice cream.   


Also, last month I was measuring exactly on target (24 inches at 24 weeks) and this month I measured almost 32 inches at 28 weeks.  Not sure what that is about, but it could be part of why I gained so much weight.  She said the baby must have just had a big growth spurt.  


Okay, gonna go try to relax and not eat ice cream.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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yeah Im up also a lot as well.. 30lbs at 32w.. ugh.


today when they did the ultrasound the girl was measuring 35w2d and the boy is measuring 33w4d.. but still.. ugh.

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Originally Posted by ithappened View Post

yeah Im up also a lot as well.. 30lbs at 32w.. ugh.



at least you have the twins excuse :)  It's so cool that you're having a boy and a girl together!  My grandpa and his twin sister were always extremely close.

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Lakeruby, hugs! My weight fluctuates a lot, still, and I understand the panic. I'm so sorry you had such a scare but I am glad your midwife was able to reassure you. Remember those fundal measurements are just baselines, they don't take into account your body shape, etc.


Leann, I think it's a smart choice to refuse the 3 hour. I would have felt more comfortable refusing if I didn't have risk factors. Honestly, I thought if I were not going to tolerate it, I would throw up and then I'd get to go home and I could just refuse to take it again. I never dreamed that I would almost pass out instead. It's tricky to balance what is recommended with what you know is right for you and your baby.


intime0, how are you feeling?


VV, I am so glad you felt more connected to your midwife this time. It makes all the difference to feel some personal connection and trust with your provider, I firmly believe!


ithappened, that big girl isn't going to take any crap form her little brother! :) Hope you're feeling well.


I'm feeling better today after a protein-heavy dinner last night and a long sleep. Huz is going to finish painting the nursery this weekend. I am hoping to get some knitting done on the baby's blanket and some more sorting of household files.

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Um, I have gained 20 thus far. If I had an Ob it would literally be the only conversation we would be having at this point. But lucky for me my midwives are all about what keeps mom & baby healthy eat.gif

Boots, sorry your experience with the test was so awful. Hope you start feeling better soon.
LeAnn, good for you for listening to your instincts.

Ithappened, those twins must be looking pretty cute in there!
Lakeruby, not sure if this has been mentioned yet or not but between weeks 27- 31 our blood volume goes thru a major increase. Could possibly be why you have gained weight? We need lots more fluids and can feel anemic according to what I have read. I seem to gain a shocking amount of weight at this point in my two pregnancies also.
I eat a lot of ice cream too. Soooo yummy. I crave it when pregnant!
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Oh, that GD test sounds horrible! Thankfully, my midwife gave me the choice of having the test or not, and said that since I have none of the risk factors, she didn't really think it was necessary. I, too, think it's terribly unhealthy to flood your system with so much artificial sugar.


We just got back earlier this week from the Midwest, where I defended my dissertation last week. I passed! It feels like such a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I can finally focus on getting ready for this baby now. While we were there, we stayed with my mother-in-law, who is an anxious person in general. She is worried about so many things about this baby, including the fact that we're having a homebirth and I'm a vegetarian. She told us many stories of various babies she knows who were born with defects or born not breathing or born premature. Plus, she seemed to relish telling me things like, "You don't look pregnant from the back, but you will!" "You're going to get so huge!" "Your feet are going to swell so much, you won't be able to stand it!" "I think you're going to have a big baby!" "You're going to cry so much and feel so down once your baby is born!" "Breastfeeding is going to be so hard!" It's not like I'm living in some naive bubble, but why tell me all these things right now?


Anyway, I've had to spend the last few days recharging my positivity batteries. 

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Boots, I'm sorry your test went so badly.  What an awful experience. Glad you're starting to feel better.


I'm up 23 pounds at 27 weeks....not sure what to feel about that, but my midwife said not to worry.  I was hoping to stay around 25 for the whole shebang, but I guess my body knows what is best. Although, I should probably lay off the ice cream as well...I'm still not into other sweets, unless it is fruit, and I've been going through a ton of fruit.


Congrats on your dissertation, Sarah, and I'm sorry you had to deal with all the negativity from your MIL. 

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Hey everyone!  Just a quick pop in.  We met with a second doula today, and I really liked her so we're all set for that aspect of the birth. The other doula we were looking at was highly recommended and I really liked her, but her prices were about $200 over what I'm comfortable paying.  So that was a little sad.  But we had a great sit-down with this doula and I feel really ready to face birth with an educated husband, a natural-birth friendly doctor, and a great doula.  Now that I have that checked off my list, I can focus on the 800,000 other things I have to do. 


We also only have two more Bradley classes to go, which I'm excited about.  I liked the classes for the information and for the opportunity to meet other expectant moms, but our instructor has really been rubbing DH and I the wrong way on a variety of issues.  I'll be glad when the classes are over and I can sit back and read Dr. Sears or Ina May and not have to sit in uncomfortable positions on the floor in this woman's basement while she name-drops.  I'm making it sound worse than it is, but I was really uncomfortable last time and I think it created a permanent mental scar.  Heh. 


Congrats on the dissertation defense, Sarah!  Great news.  I was so relieved when I defended mine, but it also felt weirdly anti-climactic.  Are you on the job market now?


Glad you're feeling better, Boots.  What a debacle. 


Veritas, since you were pretty tiny before, I think your weight gain sounds totally normal. 

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I'm fine, thanks for asking.  Getting bored in bed though.  My doctor added in an extra dose of the bp medication and it seems to be helping.  it was, I know, GASP, 160/108 this morning.  and that's low for the last week. 


I stopped weighing myself.  When they tried to weigh me at the doctor I almost told her no. I am seriously the biggest I've ever been in my life.  I have NO CLOTHES that fit. Plus I'm eating about 100 grams of protein a day so I'm constantly stuffed.  LOL.  I'm the pillsbury dough girl...I'll take a picture soon so you guys can see I'm not exaggerating.  BUT the baby is safe inside and that's all I care about right now. :)

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sarah awesome! congrats for passing!! sorry to hear about your MIL.. she sounds a lot like the women here.. and most of the time, none of those things happen.


vv your weight gain sounds totally normal for size. I was about that gain with DS1.. I was in my pre-preg clothes in no time after the birth!


lily congrats on finding your midwife! huge!


intime I think I might stop weighing myself, I am having huge jumps and its getting depressing.. do they know why you are swelling?





I am a bit bummed out, we have good friends who always used to come over every week or so for dinner, then had their baby and stopped. She admitted to me yesterday its because they dont want their baby around our dog.. which I understand, just seems odd, seeing as we have kids, the dog has never been even the least bit aggressive toward anyone esp children, it sort of feels .. weird to me. . am I overreacting? They won't even come over with the baby..  I just I feel sad I guess.. maybe its more to do with the fact I feel we're pretty alone here and that sort of adds to the isolation.

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ithappened, that sounds really weird to me.  Some people get really protective about their kids and if she's a first time mom maybe she's just overreacting, but it's probably not a good thing either way.  Your dog lives with a toddler, so he/she must be pretty used to being pulled/ridden/smacked, etc.  Is there a bathroom or somewhere you could put a gate up to keep the dog away from her baby while you guys have dinner or something?  Maybe she'll gradually get used to the baby being around the dog and eventually just forget about it.  I was recently at a new mom's house whose baby was three months old and she made my husband and I both wash our hands and use hand sanitizer before holding the baby.  Totally weird.  I don't get people like that.


intime0, sorry about the best rest woes.  Hopefully you have something like Netflix to get you through.  lt must be really hard, but it's good to hear that everything baby-related is healthy and fine.

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Hi everyone! Just catching up after the unplugged weekend. :)


Lily -  Congrats on finding a doula! So exciting to have that piece in place. I only say no squats if baby isn't head down after a certain point (34ish wks, earlier for twins) because they encourage the LO to settle into the pelvis, which you don't want to do if baby is breech. If baby is head down, squat away! :) I have heard a lot of comments like yours about Bradley classes - good info but not terribly inline w natural birth philosophies. Sorry about the uncomfy conditions. You should suggest she stock up on birth balls and floor pillows to keep her mama's happy. ;)


Lakeruby - Love Spinning Babies! Gail Tully has a crazy amount of knowlwdge. I need to start doing some inversions, etc. This LO is still pretty all over the place but it can't hurt to start early and its definitely feeling tighter in there these days. I'm sorry you had such a scare but your MW sounds amazing. :) Maybe sub some friut and greek yogurt to help cut back onthe ice cream. Yum! Hope you had a great weekend!


Boots - I'm glad you're feeling better. They want me to monitor my blood sugar for a few weeks, which I'm completely fine with. It makes so much more sense to me.


Sarah - Congrats on passing! That must be a huge relief. I'm sorry you had to deal w all that negativity. My Grandma had some similar nuggets of wisdom to share when I was visiting her a couple weeks ago. "I hope your baby doesn't cry ALL the time...MW? Its really smarter to have an OB on hand", etc. My mom pointed out that she had some very traumatic birth experiences and to take it all w a grain of salt. But it was still disapointing, I was hoping for some nice tips and stories about when my Mom and aunt were small. Oh well.  I hope you're feeling the positive vibes. :)


VV - I agree that your weight gain sounds fine. Super lean bodies seem to gain a bit more since you don't start out w much in the way of fat stores. I was a bit concerned w being up just 9 lbs at 28wks but my MW seems ok w it. I guess we'll see what I'm at when I go back at 32wks. I have a feeling we're due for a growth spurt any day now!


Intime - I'm glad you and LO are doing well. 100 grams of protein?! Great job! I feel full just thinking about it...


Ithappened - I'm sorry to hear your friend is so skittish about the dog. Its always interesting to see how friends respond to being new parents. I've had a similar experience and its a bummer. Maybe you could meet for dinner picnic-style if she's nervous about the dog and baby sharing space inside.

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