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Just joined!

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Howdy, my name's Erika, just moved from Atlanta to Sebring, Florida with my family of 6 (me, partner, four kids and the dog, so 7 technically)

We have been downsizing tremendously over the past nearly two years, last spring was our first big downsize as we sold most of our belongings and moved to the Blue Ridge mountains in a 800 sq ft cabin, then moved to Atlanta as a transitional space to be near family and had a few items we acquired on craigslist, freecycle and thrifting, which we then either sold or gave away everything except for three suitcases, one tupperwear bin and two medium sized cardboard boxes and moved in our van. We're now living in a 900-ish sq ft 2 bedroom 1920s bungalow, have made beds out of layers of memory foam, egg crate and blankets inside a futon cover, have always used a large coffee table for a dining room table and made our couch out of blankets and pillows. we have a few books, art supplies (as we are a family of artists) and a few personal items. The kids have basically ten days worth of clothes, which we reuse when not too dirty (only have to do laundry twice a week max, usually just one load a week, for our big family) we eat as simple as possible, focusing on whole foods and we find our entertainment in the yard, hiking, in our art. We are slowly transitioning to a semi-nomadic life, trying to find a lien property or a foreclosure for under 20k to transform, have been working on saving as much money as possible every month so that we can make all business and property purchases free of banks, and be free of landlords. we want to eventually have a mostly solar powered reclaimed formerly abandoned property and a school bus transformed into our mobile circus/steampunk coffee house for festival vending (which will provide, eventually most of our required annual income) We have cut our budget for a family of 6 down to around 1000 a month, give or take depending on if a festival or travelling is involved, this includes utilities and food. I'm in the process of starting a blog to chronicle our journey and our process and would love to share more. Will post pictures later in the week, as well. Just wanted to introduce myself and say hello to all my fellow minimalist mamas!!



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That's so awesome!  I love hearing about large-ish families.  We have three kids and are planning to have more.


I am sure jealous of your laundry though, I wash clothes a few times a week, and my girls can go through several outfits a day.  I keep hoping it will get better once they are consistently using the potty.


I am also in awe at keeping your expenses so low.  That is awesome.

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