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Oversupply nursing issues

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I've been missing for a bit because we seem to have some nursing issues over here. I have a serious oversupply of milk and I am not sure how to reduce it. I've tried block nursing and that didn't help at all. I can nurse Cayleigh and pump 4oz afterwards or I can just pump five to seven oz without nursing at all. She is refusing the bottle mostly too. I am leaking like crazy and let down is seriously painful still. I pumped exclusively with my DS so I have never had this issue before. Does anyone have any suggestions? I could really use the help!

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How long are your blocks? At an LLL meeting a couple weeks ago a woman mentioned success with six hour blocks.

Have you tried cabbage leaves?
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I don't have a lot of time right now but wanted to share that I found some good info on the LLL site when I was dealing with this a couple of weeks ago:




The forums on the LLL site have a lot of traffic and information too.




I did blocks of six hours which is easy to remember: noon to six, six to midnight, etc.


I eventually realized that my issue was actually more about overactive let down than oversupply.

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Don't pump so much (unless you need to build a stash), you'll just make more milk. I was able to quickly drop my milk supply from the most ridiculous initial oversupply I've ever heard of to normal amounts with ice. Twice, only twice, I applied ice packs to my breasts for 10 minutes. So, say on a Tuesday I did ice for 10 minutes, then on Friday I did it again. My oversupply was gone.  Be VERY careful with ice, it works FAST.

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I had oversupply/overactive letdown with my ds2, and 6 hour blocks helped tremendously.  Do you have to pump?  I only got it under control when I temporarily stopped pumping (I was building a stash for donation, so I didn't need to pump for work or anything) and kept up with the 6 hour blocks.  It took only 2 months or so, and then I was able to pump again without increasing my supply. 


P.S. I also EPed with my first, and the more milk with EPing, the merrier, right? :)


Edit: It took two months of not pumping. I think I did block nursing for *almost* a month, like 3 weeks or so. 

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SFMB - thanks for the ice tip. I need to dry up my rights breast and I'll be trying this tonight.
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cherrybomb- EP?


I'm goign to ask at LLL next week. IN the morning my boobs HURT, sort of burn with letdown and then all mornign they are a bit sore, by the evening they feel empty. My boobs have never had so much trouble adjusting to how my kid nurses. I don't want to lower my supply just my morning supply and I'm not sure how to do that.  Maybe block nurse in the morning and switch back and forth in the evening? I don't know, I realize I am talking about my own issue and not answering your questions at all.  My suggestions have been offered...oh spearmint I think is supposed to dry you up but it didn't work for me when I went away from my baby for days. I was using the little spearmint altoids.  I have super supply so maybe it would affect some people

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I am working with some overactive let down/supply issues here also. I am definitely going to try the ice trick. Nora has been pretty gassy the past couple of days and does lots of popping on and off, and some coughing/choking. Her poops are normal though so far. I have been trying block feedings and laid back positioning but I think I might switch to the other side too soon. I feel sort of guilty because I have a close friend with IGT who needs milk donation, but I am so afraid that pumping will make the problem worse that I can't help her out right now. I am hoping to get straightened out soon so that my girl isn't uncomfortable. I feel so sad when she is uncomfortable and her crying seems to stress out our five year old also.

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Thanks for all the advice ladies! And don't feel bad about jumping in with your own issues. It's good to know I'm not the only one out there dealing with something like this. I tried block nursing in 4 hour blocks but it was really like six hours because DD usually eats about every 3 hours during the day and every 3 to 4 at night. I only pump when absolutely necessary for me because I am so engorged it really hurts or when she gets the bottle instead of me feeding her. That means once or twice a day at most. It hasn't increased my supply at all so I'm not worried about that thankfully. I think I will try the ice thing and look at LLL info. I will let you all know if something works! 

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EP = Exclusively Pumped.  DS1 got my own breast milk in bottles 24/7 because of latch issues that I couldn't figure out.  This was before I knew what a lactation consultant was. 

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Originally Posted by CherryBombMama View Post

EP = Exclusively Pumped.  DS1 got my own breast milk in bottles 24/7 because of latch issues that I couldn't figure out.  This was before I knew what a lactation consultant was. 

Okay, I thought it might have to do with nursing someone else's kid because the more the merrier that way too.

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Unfortunately I don't really have any suggestions either except to say that block feeding has worked really well for me so far. Every once and awhile when i don't go as long on one side as i should, rosie ends up with a greeny tinged poop but I don't think it's so bad.
One thing that is DRIVING ME CRAZY though is that almost every morning I wake up and my sheet is soaked with breastmilk. Rosie usually sleeps cuddled up to me on her side so she is often soaked through as well. She doesn't nurse much through the night so i guess it just builds up and runs out all over the place but i wish i wouldn't. I have to wash my sheets every couple of days and i realized today that my duvet and some of my pillows have milk stains on them too and i just can't wash those as often!
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tara - I have milk sheets also. I have started putting a flannel pad down under us. It helps a lot if we both manage to stay on top of it.


I tried the ice and it seems to have helped as far as the hard lumpy overfill side that is being neglected during a block. We have also had really good luck with laid back positioning as I have been sticking to it better the past handful of days. She is way less burpy and spitty and while she is nursing she seems more relaxed. As much as I want to savor her little-ness, I am really looking forward to her be bigger and having an easier time managing all this milk. :) 

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Milk sheets- I keep a flannel receiving blanket folded up in quarters one way so I can tuck it wherever a leak is- under, around, me, baby. I like to use the blankets because the are soft and thin but very absorbent and I have a ton of them.

I'm going to have to try the laid back nursing; Emrys handles the flow alright while nursing (better than any of the others) but he is the spittiest one and constantly needs to burp.

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