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Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! Bear with me as I learn all the acronyms! As you know this process has been so draining and taking this step of joining a forum was a big one for me.

Deborah: As to my blurb (had to go back look at what folks included) I guess mine should read: 40, diagnosed with Grave's Disease in 3/10, married my awesome DH and partner in '09. TTC since 2010, lost a pregnancy on 5/12/12 at 5-6 weeks and now working with RE, fall into the unexplained category. Had 3rd IUI w/Clomid 6/10/12. We moved to CT (Hartford Area) in September where we live with our two dogs. Did I miss anything?

Sila: We are going to wait and see what the outcome is from this IUI and decide from there. My assumption would be that IVF would be next because of my age. What I found interesting this time was that I had cramping after the IUI for a few days and hadnt for the first two! I think I might take a month off anyway as this last ultrasound (two good follicles, one that might have gone already) before the IUI showed that my lining hadn't thickened as much as they would have liked and they attribute that to this being my third round of Clomid. I also feel like my body needs some time off from the poking and prodding. On the plus side, stirrups no longer faze me! eyesroll.gif The numbers will decide.

Teresa: From what I am reading a bit of a YAY! is in order so YAY! YAY! YAY! We are at the UConn Center in Farmington as we are in the Hartford area.

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Thanks for the welcome. I did lurk for a while before joining so I"m so glad to say CONGRATS to teresa!!! I'm just so, so happy for you! joy.gif

Quick question for those that use progesterone. Do you stop it before AF, or do you get AF while still taking it? I"m 12 DPO and got a BFN yesterday, so I'm not sure if I should stop taking it so I get AF in the next couple of days, or if AF will show on her own. I've never had an LP longer than 12 days even on progesterone, but I was taking it orally before. Thanks for any tips smile.gif
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Nieve: I'm sorry to hear about your less than ideal lining! Clomid kind of stinks for that reason. The cramping is a good sign - it means that they got the catheter to the right spot. Your uterus doesn't like invaders, so it tries to expel whatever has gotten in (i.e. the cath) which is what causes the cramping! I just learned that little tidbit :) Thanks for the YAYs!!! I really like the Hartford area - I go up there sometimes for work. Do you like your RE? The one piece of advice I would give everyone if they would listen, is to make sure you love (or at least trust) your RE. I was with Columbia U. at first and dawdled because I wasn't connecting with the staff there. Anywho, wishing you lots and lots of sticky bean baby dust for this IUI cycle so you don't have to go on to IVF!!!!!!


SKJ: Thanks chicadee!!!! I'm really hoping this is for real. If I get a second positive on tomorrow's HPT, I think I'll let myself believe :) I always waited until my official beta with the RE before stopping the prometrium. I know others who have stopped after a BFN on an HPT though. I always just wanted to keep hoping that my bean was a late blossomer and I didn't want to risk taking away something that was going to help support the bean (as much as I totally hated being on the prometrium!!!). But I'm weird like that :)

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teresaresa, oh good, good to hear things have gone well.


AFM, let's just say that being in room #2, which was right next to the main door to the andrology lab, and having people sitting in chairs right outside the door did not help the "donation" process today.  The "room" was a bathroom with a big recliner and a "wind blowing machine".  DH couldn't relax and there was no donation today to be frozen. We rescheduled for two weeks and will be booking a hotel room the night before so we can get the sample to the RE's lab within the 1 hour limit.  Hopefully DH can be relaxed then without having a bunch of people right close by.

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Teresa -YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!! If you only did a microdose of hCG, I'm sure it's out of your system! And I may be wrong, but I don't think Lupron shows up on HPTs, so that isn't an issue. Can't wait to hear about your beta. Sticky dust to you!! goodvibes.gif


Milk - I was so excited to see your name again! And you aren't crazy. I still hope for a baby for you, darn it! I hope your doctor has/had some good suggestions. hug2.gif

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I wanted to de-lurk and say congratulations, Teresaresa! I've been bopping in on this thread to catch the next BFP and I was excited to see one today.  Again, congratulations!

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Nieve - I see. What dose of Clomid were you on? My RE bumped me up to 150mg this month in hopes of getting me to produce more than 1 follicle. I'm sorry your lining wasn't thick (oh and Bucket too). I've been lucky and have had "perfect" thick lining every time so far. I'm interested to see if it stays that way. I hope the cramping was a good sign! Ugh, I get random cramping my entire cycle.


SKJ - Oh hi, I recognize you from lurking on the TTCAL thread (so sorry for you loss). If you are supplementing durin your LP my RE makes you come in for a 14dpo beta and if it's negative you can stop. I would give it another day or 2 and if you're still negative I would stop. 


Lilac - Bummer! I'm assuming you live far from the lab if you are considering getting a hotel for the next time. That sucks! Our RE is 20 minutes away and DH has never had to go in to produce - he always does at home. I'm sure he was frustrated :(


AFM - I feel like I'm on a shitload of Clomid. Oh wait. I am. Last night was my last dose. So let the real crazies begin lol! 2 meltdowns yesterday and numerous panicky moments today. Cheers to my last time taking crazy pills.


Again, last night was my last dose, but I'm already feel quite a bit of pressure/fullness/cramping in my lower abdomen/pelvis. Which I have come to accept as a combination of Clomid side effect and my feeling my growing follicle. My 1st IUI cycle it was pretty intense, last cycle I barely noticeable until CD12, and this cycle I'm already feeling it. I'm hoping it's because I'm growing more than 1 follicle. If it's still pretty intense by Sunday I'm going to call and talk to a nurse and see if they think I should maybe come in Mon instead of Tues. I really don't want to miss our window of opportunity, but I really don't want to go in only to discover we need more growth and have to come in the next day too and spend the extra $'s. Sigh.


Nieve, we're on the same page. If this fails we're taking a month off. No meds and I'm going to do a juice cleanse/fast to see if I can get as much of this crap out of my system as possible before moving on. It just makes me feel so yucky. Part of me is planning ahead that it will fail just so I can cleanse. 


Sorry that was so long. I haven't been updating lately.

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lilac: Thanks!! I'm sorry to hear that conditions were less than ideal for DH, but I love the idea of getting a hotel room. My DH's doctor said that it actually helps the counts if the guy is really "into it" when producing the sample. Don't know if that's true, but..... I think you and DH should test the theory Sheepish.gif


Monkey: Thank you!!! I'm trying to be calm until the beta, but I'm pretty excited :)


Krunchy: Thanks lady! I hope all is well with you :)


Sila: I'm sorry this round of Clomid has been so hard on you. But, I'm hopeful that it's producing the results you want! I would definitely try to go in Monday - as long as the follies are measurable, I think they can establish from there the best time for the IUI since the folies grow about 2mm each day, right? Hoping it looks good in there!!!

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Huge temp dip today, so now FF thinks I didn't O on CD 11. I think I did. It seems awfully early for there to be a good reason for the dip though. Probably just a really whacky cycle since we're only on the 2nd cycle after the loss of the boys. Ugh. I wasn't even going to chart this month more than seeing the length of the cycle, but I couldn't help it and now I feel a little obsessive. Maybe I've learned my lesson and won't bother next month. I will then have 2 cycles behind me and will have a general idea how long is normal for me.

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teresaresa, I agree with the "into it" theory when producing the sample.  First SA he wasn't into it and he had the " must go to work next" on his mind in the morning, the second time I came home early from work and we played around for awhile before making the collection.  Wala - 25 sperm where there were none.  Hoping the next sample will have even more given a relaxing experience for DH.

Sila, yes, we live 1.5 hours away from the clinic that can do the freezing and we would have to get a sample there for freezing in under an hour.  The hotel room will be a better plan for us, even though it will cost us some money to stay in one.

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teresa - Thanks! It was more of me updating, not really complaining. I mean Clomid sucks, but I have had a great response to it so far (other than at 50mg) so if it's working it's worth it! I'll probably call tomorrow and go in Mon. Better safe than sorry. Are you feeling any pregnancy symptoms???


Teresa/Lilac - I had no idea about the "into it" theory! Maybe that was a problem last cycle. DH was not excited to wake up after very little sleep/long work shift to produce a sample. He should be off when I O this cycle so maybe I can help out...Wow. 1.5hrs away is pretty much a day trip anyways. Staying the night seems like an excellent plan all around.


Deborah - I don't know, to me CD11 just seems really really early to ovulate on a unmedicated cycle. Even if you have a "normal" 14ish day LP that only puts your cycles at a about 25 days. Are your cycles usually that short?


AFM - I tried Googling peoples responses to 150mg Clomid vs 100mg, and instead I ended up reading all kinds of Clomid multiples stories and it's got me thinking about twins. I would love to get a 2 for 1 special. It would be a lot of work, and I don't like the added pregnancy risks, but I'm all for it! 

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Sila- It seems odd to me too, but remember cycles can be way off after a loss. I have had cycles as short as 24 days, but never a longer LP than 11 days without medication, so who knows. All I know is that I had O cramping that night very badly and have not had any positive OPKs since then, nor had I had much fertile cm except on day 14 which was one little patch. I had a temperature rise for 3 days and then a big drop this morning. I might buy some OPKs for curiosity's sake, but probably a better plan is to just DTD again. I do want to try to get a handle on everything too, but I promised myself I wouldn't obsess.

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So...I'm out.  :(  Today is 13 dpiui, and I have my period.  I don't even think I'll go for blood tomorrow am.


We're done now--we have done 2 iui cycles, which is 1 more than we were planning on doing.  We have a 5yo DD, and have decided to just be at peace (hahaha, I know...).


I'm wondering, though, if you ladies would share your best LOW or NO stress ways of continuing to try, while knowing that there is virtually no way to conceive.  Because I don't think I'll be able to just stop, probably not ever.  For instance, are there certain vitamins that DH could try to improve count and motility?  Would you recommend OPK's for me?  I did chart for 8 years, off and on, and I'm not going back to that.  I do ovulate regularly.  It's MF IF.


Since we have known for 15 years that there was virtually no chance of getting pg on our own, we haven't really explored low-tech options.  DD was a--do you call it a "miracle-free baby" when you're going for treatment and suddenly get pg?  


Thanks.  I'm feeling surprisingly sad tonight, although I've known that this cycle failed for a few days already.

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TinyMama- Has DH done acupuncture? I've heard great things about it for MF IF. We also used it in our BFP cycle with the boys before and after transfer as well as for several weeks into my pregnancy.

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Hmmm...no, he hasn't.  I could suggest it, although he hates needles.  He does owe me, though, since I did 2 medicated IUI's!

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Yes he does and they don't hurt most of the time. Not even close to what it's like to inject yourself constantly. If he wants to know what it's like, send me a P.M. and I'll give you my email.

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Yes he does and they don't hurt most of the time. Not even close to what it's like to inject yourself constantly. If he wants to know what it's like, send me a P.M. and I'll give you my email.

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Teresa: I started at Columbia too! Our experience there wasnt ideal but then again we also got pregnant while undergoing our initial testing then lost the pregnancy so our situation was unusual as well. I am still figuring out how I feel about Uconn. Again, our start there is also not the norm as we came with a full evaluation from Columbia and its during the initial testing and consultations (I think) that a relationship is established. Most of my interactions are with the clinical nurse who is great! My husband also prefers the sample system at Uconn as opposed to the "production rooms" at Columbia :-). He said those rooms were less than "production" friendly, they felt like interrogation rooms.

Sila: I am on 50 mg of Clomid and have had two follicles and good lining with the first two IUI's and this last one showed one follicle that might have ovulated already and two ready. Today is CD21 and 7DPO. These next few days are going to be maddening! Its funny, the first two Clomid cycles made me feel like an emotional basket case. Meltdowns, mood swings, and just moments where I knew I wasnt fit for human interaction. But as soon as I ovulated, POOF! Gone and back on even keel and absolutely no cramping during or after the IUI. This time, no mood swings or anything but after the IUI I had cramping for a few days after and I am feeling so bloated and also had some volatile moments! So I am trying to toe the line between optimistic and practical.

Monday I am going to call the office and ask what the next steps are if this session fails. I am working on being a better advocate for myself and a bit more pro-active. Initially I tried to take a less agressive route doing minimal reading except for what I needed to make informed decisions. I just felt like for every book I read, I would get slightly different opinions/ideas/thoughts because if they all said the same thing, there wouldnt be need for entire sections on the subject, right? I mostly read up on thyroid auto-immune disease and infertility. I have also read Taking Charge Of Your Fertility as it came highly reccoomended a number of times. We have attended the IVF info session at our Center so we are ahead of the game there. Oh this waiting game...

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privateeyes.gif Milk! I don't think you're crazy, and I so hope for you to have your sticky bean! Good luck at your appointment! blowkiss.gif
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Deborah - Yes, that is why I mentioned CD11 seeming so early. Time will tell.


TinyMama - I'm so sorry this month didn't work. I second acupuncture. We have/had motility/morphology (and count seems to fluctuate) and have had really good luck with acupuncture as long as DH goes frequently!


Nieve - I'm jealous of all your follicles on only 50mg! I didn't even respond to 50 :( and only 1 follicle both times on 100mg. Which is why I'm now at 150. I usually feel better after ovulation too. Though I experience side effects from the trigger shot (I feel nauseous and like I got ran over by a truck). Keep standing up for yourself and making sure you have as much information as you need! As far as resources and help with decisions, these boards have been a great help to me! Good luck with the rest of your wait. You're almost there. I'm sure injectables will be next for us if this cycle fails. 

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