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CD 11 has happened for me once before and my chart mostly agrees with me now. 

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My cycles have been as short as 24 days.

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Thank you, Sila and Deborah.  I mentioned acupuncture to DH and he said that he would be willing to try it.  It may be invasive and stressful for him, but it gives me a break!  duck.gif

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TinyMama- That's great news! Yay for DH!

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Deborah - Well maybe you body is getting back to its "normal" then.


TinyMama - Definitely find an acupuncturist that specializes in infertility. Your RE may even know of some. It actually can be very relaxing! Unless the acupuncturist thinks that he needs electro acupuncture (where they attach little electro stimulators to the needles on certain points) which can take some getting used to. I honestly don't know where she puts the infertility specific needles on DH, and I don't ask, but I think some of them go pretty low... bigeyes.gif Hey, like you said, if we have to spread our legs and have a wand stuck up our vaginas numerous times a month and take crazy pills and give ourselves injections, I'm sure it's not THAT bad.


AFM - I wasn't feeling anything this morning (when the RE was open) so I figured I'll probably be fine until Tuesday for monitoring. Now, after dinner, I feel like there are baseballs in my ovaries. I really hope I have at least 2 follicles. I have so much respect for you IVF ladies growing crazy amounts of follicles. I can't imagine how you feel!

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Sila- Yes and when I thought about it the one time I remember Oing this early was after 6 months of Lupron to treat Endo (not recommended). I imagine the re-balancing of hormones is similar.

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TERESA!!!! Aughghghghghgh! What's the word? I almost jumped up and down when I saw those dancing vegetables. :) How was the beta? I'm dying from excitement over here! joy.gif

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Teresa!!!! yay for a BFP!!! so happy and excited for you!!

Sila- hope you've got great follicles growing, cant wait to hear it tomorrow.

Welcome nieve!

Tinymama- acupuncture can be very relaxing & it is good to her you are keeping the hope alive.

Shesaidboom- happy wedding! I was thinking of you that day. Now to get excited for IVF!! Wohoo on the weightloss too, awesome!

Sorry I've been so terrible about checking in... I have been reading almost every day just too busy & distracted. AF came, CD 5 today. Likely that DH will be gone for O week unless I Ovulate on day 16 again like this past month. He is gone CD 11-15, figures. I was pretty crushed last month. AF was 2 days late. Even DH was really sad. Why hasn't it happened yet? It has been 2 1/2 years. No pregnancies... No birth, no loss, just nothing.
The only good news is my appetite is finally back so maybe now I can put on some weight. Oh and my progesterone at 7dpo was 16.9 which is pretty good for no meds, LP was 13 days but 4 spotting.
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Nieve: We actually never got too involved at Columbia. We went there for initial testing after trying for 9 months. Dr. Guarnaccia was great. But at the time, he said, "well, there's nothing wrong with either of you, so we're going to put you on Clomid." I didn't like the idea of going on a medication for no discernible reason, so we decided to keep trying naturally (I actually started acupuncture at that point). Then a few more months passed, and I decided to think about help again. By that point, I was working in Westchester, so I switched offices and worked with Dr. Thornton who I also really liked. I did a few monitored natual cycles there, but never went any further. It just never felt right! At any rate, I'm glad your DH likes the UConn sample collection system - I think that's important. I also think liking your nurse is really important. I spent more time with my nurse than anyone else, and the fact that I really liked her made all the tough stuff a little easier! Good luck with the rest of your 2ww!!!

TinyMama: Yay for acupuncture! I hope your DH falls in love with it. I think it can be just so, so relaxing!

Sila: I'm always so in awe of how in tune you are with your body! Lugging around extra follies was definitely unpleasant at times, but I think I was distracted by all of the things I had to remember with meds smile.gif

Chicajones!!!How are you feeling?? When is the big move?? Beta went well... I'll post numbers below smile.gif

Cait: I'm so bummed for you. I really feel like your time is getting closer, but I know how discouraging it can feel. I still can't believe it's been over three years since we started trying. Totally stinks that DH will be away during prime horizontal tango time greensad.gif I'll be hoping that your O date comes a little later this month. On the flipside, sounds like your progesterone numbers were stellar, so something's definitely moving in the right direction!!!

AFM: I cut out all of my complaining (from my IVF thread post - I'm in a better mood now!!) My RE called with my numbers: hCG is 56.3 (good), Estrogen is 540 (excellent), and Progesterone is 10.8 (which he said is low, but that it should be low because I'm on Endometrin instead of shots). So, there you have it. I go back tomorrow, which I think is weird, because my numbers won't have had time to double yet, but.... I do as I'm told smile.gif Still feeling really anxious and nervous!!!! Even though I've already had morning sickness, my lower back is killing me, and my breasts are starting to get really sore, I'm still having a hard time believing this is true. Hopefully, I'll start to relax soon smile.gif
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Sorry all - posted from my iPad which doesn't always do the bolding right greensad.gif
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 lilac:  I'm glad that you have some good results for your testing.  Sorry that DH's donation did not go so well greensad.gif  DP has to give a "donation" for our appointment on Friday, and I am nervous for him!  I can't imagine what it must be like for the fellas!  


Bucket:  Welcome.  How are you travelling with your meds?  Hope you are feeling a little less drained.  goodvibes.gif

Teresa:  Ho. Ly. Crap.  joy.gif Congrats sister!  I'm very excited for you.  Sounds like all of your numbers are reassuring!  Yay for sore boobies.  Try not to poke them too much!  



Sourire - Thanks for understanding my super interventionist approach!  It's Tuesday night here, so I guess you will be going for your RE appt soon.  I hope that it goes well, and that he listens and gives you what you want!  I'm sorry that you have been having such nasty side effects.  And panic attack?  That sounds scary.  I'm glad that your cycle wasn't annovulatory after all.  love.gif


Monkey - I'm so glad that you are all graduatey and stuff, but I kinda miss your company too!  flowersforyou.gif


Tear - Don't think that I don't stalk you too... I know what you're up to blowkiss.gif  I miss you too 


Sila - How are you and your baseball ovaries doing?  bigeyes.gif


Cait: Sorry that you are in a rough patch.  2.5 years is a long time.  Although my journey is different, we are past the three year mark, and it really does suck the big one.  angry.gif

I hope that DH and your O timetable play nice for this cycle.  


AFM:  My appt is on Friday.  As I said, DP has to provide a "sample", although I'm fairly certain that he is not our problem.  I think he will have the sperm DNA fragmentation to be safe though.  

I'm trying to write up a list of questions to ask, and medications to ask for!  ROTFLMAO.gif Poor doctor won't know what hit him.

DP & I had a bit of a talk last night, because I wanted to be sure that we are on the same page, and it would seem that we are.  We may put ourselves on the adoption waiting list early next year if nothing has happened.  


I am attempting to get the hang of this charting thing, because I'd like to know a bit more about how my cycle goes.  But I suspect I might be a bit hopeless at it.  

I absolutely never get three hours of sleep in a row, and I'm using an electric blanket, but I like to have the fan blow on my face too.  I'm pretty sure I'm a charter's nightmare!  

My Chart is confusing the heck outta me, and FF keeps changing me from fertile to not fertile, but I suspect that I have already ovulated.  Heaven knows.  


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Milk - Your chart is confusing smile.gif Maybe temp vaginally? Not sure if it would matter or not. I started to temp vaginally b/c I seem to get more consistent temps that way. I've been stalking/lurking here for a little while and I really, really hope the doc is able to give you what you need. Fingers crossed for you for Friday.

Teresa - So glad to hear all your great numbers! You are pregnant! That's so, so exciting.

toothfairy - hug.gif. I'm sorry you are feeling bummed. And, it's totally not fair. I hope your cycle works out this month with DH's travel.

Sila - can't wait to hear about your follies! I so hope this is it for you.

AFM - nothing much going on here on CD2. Waiting to hear back on scheduling my CD3 blood work. I'm happy that last month my LP was 14 days. The longest it's ever been. I guess the vaginal prometrium does work better than oral for me.

I just wanted to say that I am totally amazed at everyone's strength, courage and determination. I've only been at this a year and already feel so worn out and deflated. It's not fair that any of you should have to be tested in this way, but it is inspiring to be around such strong women. grouphug.gif
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I'm disappointed. I'm not ready to trigger. It looks like I'll still only have 1 follicle mecry.gif(on 150f'ing mg of Clomid!!!) I've got 1 on the right at only 18mm and on the left at 12 that looks like it tried to start doing something but will probably turn into nothing. The PA said it's common to have a dominant ovary, but I'm convinced my left ovary is retarded. I am upset we'll likely still have only 1 follicle. The PA and nurse were trying to be encouraging, reminding me that at least I have 1 and am ovulating now. I guess all of my discomfort is from the Clomid, not giant follicles.


Biggest disappointment is that it looks like I ovulate this weekend and miss DH's off days. I seriously want to cry about it. It was going to perfect but my body didn't cooperate. The RE's office schedules all of the drop offs and IUI's in the morning thinking that people can come in before work. Well, we aren't the majority and DH works nights and now I'm going to have to listen to him whine about "waking up early" on a work day after only ___hrs of sleep to produce a sample. Not looking forward to it. And we've already started arguing about 1 IUI vs 2. If I'm only going ot have 1 follicle it feels like doind 2 IUI's will give it the best chance. Even though statistically it seems that doind 2 IUI's doesn't really make a difference. I just want this to work.


I guess I'll be even fewer dpo when we go on our trip next week and I'm planning on having a glass of whine with dinner until maybe 8dpo when I reach the possible implantation phase. Thanks for listening to me whine.

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Sila- hug2.gif. Hope you can make it work and it goes better than you expect!

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Thanks Deborah.


Oh and my lining looked fine. 7.8mm, fine for where my follicles are. PA said it needs to be at least 8 and will definitely be there by the time my follicle is ready.

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Sourire: That is awful about those comments. I'm sorry you've been feeling down about it. I've read so many "multiples" blogs where the moms carrying 3 or more ended up losing 1 or more during the pregnancy or after birth. It's just heartbreaking to think about. I'm proud of you for staying true to what you felt. Wow about the derealization attack.


shesaidboom: Congratulations!


Hi Milk :-) I'm really happy I get to raptor-stalk you again. Are you going to use OPKs or just temp? I miss you!


SKJ: I remember you from TTCAL. Welcome.


teresa: I hope this is it for you!


Hi sila, Cait, (squooshy hugs to you both) everyone!

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Milk- I missed seeing you around. No your not crazy at all. I held out hope for you, I think about you! Rooting for you all the way. If there isn't anything I could do to help, I would like to! It's horrifying to have recurrent miscarriages. It's just awful. I have hope that you can do this, and get through this. Can't wait to hear more about your appointments! So, rooting for you to have your baby!!!!!!!!!!!

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HI ladies. I need your help. I just got off the phone with the nurse and it looks like the RE wants to do a saline ultrasound and not an HSG like I thought. I've never had an HSG, and I was hoping to have one to make sure my tubes are open and to flush out whatever's in there/get a possible fertility boost. Should I request an HSG, or is the saline ultrasound enough? I'm going to ask the nurse tomorrow about why they are suggesting the ultrasound vs HSG, but thought I'd see what you wise women have to say.

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Hello, dipping my toes in here and not sure if it's the right place for me! Sila sent me over from the HHAC thread. :-) Hi deportivo, Sila, Milk, Gem, SKJ, and Deborah! I'm looking forward to meeting the rest of you!

My story- I'm 33, DH has a balanced translocation (genetic rearrangement in which he is healthy, but the arrangement of his chromosomes affects fertility) and so we don't have the greatest odds for a healthy baby (25-50% chance for a healthy baby in any given pregnancy, according to the genetic counselor). We have experienced 4 devastating losses in the last year, and we are so done with losing babies. Our plan is to use donor sperm with IUI, hopefully sometime in the next few months. I am getting a referral this Friday from my OB at my follow up for my most recent D&C. We are as about having to resort to donor sperm, but we both feel at this point like we can't take another loss.

We do not have any coverage for fertility treatment. At this point, we are researching the cost of donor sperm, as well as the cost of medicated vs. unmediated IUI. Any insight from you guys?
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SKJ: I seriously don't understand why they would do a saline ultrasound instead of an HSG. Maybe I'm not remembering correctly, but they're so differnet in my memory. The HSG shoots die through your tubes to check for blocakges while the saline u/s is usually used to make sure they can get embryos into your uterus during an IVF transfer - at least that's when I had mine. They put the catheter in through your cervix into your uterus and then squirt saline in. I don't think they see your tubes at all. So bizarre. I would definitely request the HSG if you've never had one!!

Sila: I'm bummed about only one follie. I know all it takes is one, but it's still gotta suck. Blurg. Sending you lots of hugs. Oh, and I would stick with one well-timed IUI instead of pushing for 2 - especially if it's not during DH's off days. I think you're right that statistically it's not going to be too different. But, ultimately whatever your gut is saying is what you should do!!!! Yay for awesome lining smile.gif

Gemmine: HI!!! Miss you!!! Thanks for the good wishes smile.gif
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