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Coffee- Hi back! Welcome and I hope we can help you out. SKJ- I would also request an HSG. It seemed to be standard at my clinic.

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Coffee- Hi back! Welcome and I hope we can help you out. SKJ- I would also request an HSG. It seemed to be standard at my clinic.

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On a non-fertility note- I just want to share good news. I am looking at an A- in my accounting class and am now a 5-star rated writer on one of the sites for which I write (best rating possible)!

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Coffee - Hi tiphat.gif

Deborah - nice!

Thanks for the thoughts. I'm going to ask about the HSG tomorrow.
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Milk - Good luck with the questions and the appt. Looking forward to a full recap. I'm so happy to hear you and your partner seem to be on the same page. I don't think you chart is confusing. It doesn't look like you have ovulated yet. The only confusing thing is that you have had seemingly fertile cm for a long long time. Are you checking it at your cervix? Or just when you wipe/on underwear? I know FF says to chart the most fertile cm you see that day, but I'm just wondering if you have really had fertile cm for 2 weeks.


Gem - Hi! I crazily stalked you today to try to find out what you are having!!! But discovered you haven't had the u/s yet. I'll be back to crazy stalking to find out once you have blowkiss.gif


SKJ - I also sugest an HSG, one thing that might help with your decision is make sure your insurance covers it, and if it does, that it is coded correctly because an HSG is EXPENSIVE!


Teresa - Ugh, yes, it put me in a bad mood for half the day! BTW, your beta seemed great to me! I think I am going to try to request 1 IUI timed better (not necessarily in the morning) and see where I get with that.


Coffee!!! SO glad you have joined us! Though I wish with all my heart that you didn't have to be here. Medicated IUI might give you a stronger O, or since you already ovulate on your own, it might also give you a few more follicles. Clomid is cheap, HCG without ins may be more expensive. I don't the costs donor sperm, but generally a medicated IUI cycle costs me between $600 - $1100. What makes the difference is how many monitoring u/s you end up needed throughout a cycle. If you live in an area where you can do so, shop around for the friendliest RE with the best prices.

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Thread crashing.


Coffee: I'm so sorry that you have suffered so many losses! I just wanted to say that my sister has a balanced translocation. I don't even know how many miscarriages she went though. SOOOO many. She finally ended up using a surrogate to have her 3 kids (using the surrogate's eggs). She could have used donor egg but the situation presented itself this way and it worked for her. I'm sorry you are having to turn to donor sperm - but my sister says she never thinks about where those eggs came from now that she is busy raising 3 girls. I'm sure your husband will feel the same way! While I was going through infertility treatment and since I had a chemical and a miscarriage, my old RE strongly encouraged me to speak to the genetic counselor and to be tested to see if I had a translocation. I was told by the genetic counselor that if I did have 1, my odds of a living baby would only be 1 in 16, not 1 in 2 or 1 in 4. I hope that you get pregnant quickly and get your take home baby!!


Sila: I'm sorry you're having such frustration with the IUIs!! I so would no want to hear DH whine about having to jerk off after little sleep after you had to take so many meds this month and get to have a tube stuck up your hoo ha. Men. Seriously! Does your doc think you might have a better response with femara or injectibles? I hope the 1 follie is all you need!! :-)



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SKJ - I've "seen" you around, but I'm not sure if that is only in a stalking capacity also!  You're in the boring part of the cycle now... wool.gif

HSG and SHG do look for different things (I've had both), so it depends on the reason your doctor wants it.  However, there is a lot of anecdotal evidence that a HSG can be helpful fertility wise.  It can't hurt (much) and it might help!  


My Raptor Friend - Can't wait to see if baby fruit bat is a boy or girl! 


Coffee - are you stalking me?  First the 8 week challenge, now here!  Kidding of course.  blowkiss.gif

Wow about the donor sperm... That is a big decision.  I think I get it though.  How are you doing post D&C?  


Sila - Sorry about your follies are retarded ovaries and poor timing.  You would think that life would cut us a break every now and again and just let everything happen the way we plan it!  

This crap is hard enough without the added stress of missed sleep and arguments!  Glad that you are going to let yourself have a glass of wine or three though.  You deserve it.  

Thanks for weighing in on my chart.  I know you are the chart guru.  Of course I am impatient as hell, and just want to be good at it straight away - LOL!  


You are probably right about O.  Although I thought I had O pains the other day, that would be early for me, as it's usually CD18-20ish.  It's probably psychological.  

I have no idea about the CM, and I am almost definitely doing it wrong.  I have been checking my cervix and when I wipe, but it always seems the same, basically nothing there.  How do you even get to know what is what with CM?  It's not like I can Google a picture and compare it!  Perhaps I should give up!  shrug.gif

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Sila- well, now that one follicle just needs to be a super follicle. Still stnks there is only one, especially with a higher dose. Yay for awesome lining though! I think mine only got to 6.8 in my clomid cycles. You must have good estrogen! I say drink the wine...

Welcome coffee bean! I don't know anything about donor sperm but there were 2 grads from here and a few grads and currents in the ivf one thread using donor sperm so there should be some helpful advisors for you. Sorry about your losses, I can't imagine that kind of pain.

SKJ- i agreewith teresa... I don't know why they would do the u/s instead of hsg. They must have reasons so I'd ask, maybe there are benefits we dont know about!

Hi Gem!

Good to hear from you again Milk- a lot of us have reached that turning point from natural to medication, embrace it! I've even been considering giving this a year before headng back to ART. It is such a long process and when there is help to be had you deserve your opportunity to be a mom! Here we go again! I wouldnt worry too much about charting, you should still notice a temp shift... Although all that nighttime behavior you've got going on makes it crazy!

AFM- getting the feeling this is goin to be a crap cycle anyway. I had insomnia & night sweats CD5 so somethng is up with my estrogen... Makes me think my shotty left ovary is trying and failing at a follicle. On top of that DH as a cold (courtesy of my niece) and with the travel it don't look so good! Anyhoo, it is supposed to be almost 100 the next 2 days so just keeping cool, doing some yoga and hangng out with hubby and mom and doggy.
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Vegan- My mom suggested I look into surrogacy if we do not get a take home baby the next time we try, but all the numbers I  see say $60-$150,000 per try. Do you happen to know what the pricing was for your sister or would you be willing to investigate? AFM- Things are still looking good on my chart today. Here's hoping!

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I'll try to come back later with personals. Here's a quick update on my RE appointment yesterday:
It looks like I won't be doing IVF anytime soon. Maybe 2013 if I'm lucky. Also the doctor doesn't give a crap that I'm not comfortable with the current treatment, he wants me to keep doing it. I think I need to find myself a new RE.
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Sila- Thanks for the insurance heads up. I'll have to double check if they cover it and if not, what the damage will be.

Milk - I've basically reduced my CM observations to likely fertile or likely not. I don't ever get much of anything that is creamy. It's usually EW-ish all the time, but I've noticed that it def. gets wetter/stretchier around O. So, I think with time, you'll be able to figure our what your CM is like, KWIM?

Toothfairy - greensad.gif Sorry your hormones are messing with you and timing seems off. Boo to bodies not cooperating.

AFM - Had my u/s and b/w this am. I'm not impressed with this place. First, the u/s tech had me put the wand in. Is that normal? At my mw office, they've never asked me to do that. Second, in the midst of the u/s she asked me how far along I was when I had my m/c. I told her and asked why and she said, "just curious". Really?! Just curious about when something awful happened to you and wanted to bring it up?!? I wonder what she saw in there. Then, she asked if I ever had surgery on my left ovary. Nope. I'm scared to hear the results. Maybe ignorance is bliss.

They gave me the sheet of all the b/w that they took to bring to the check out. I noticed that AMH wasn't checked off. When I got home, I saw that it should have been done according to the sheet they gave me at my initial consult. So, I left a message with the nurse. I've already started looking into other clinics. This place just doesn't seem like a good fit. Am I overreacting?
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SKJ- No, you are not overreacting. That seems odd to me as well. Also, even if it did not, how you feel is what matters. If you are not comfortable, find someone else.

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Hi Everyone- I did recently get a BFP on the 13th. I reallly don't want to say this or feel this way, but I am not completely convinced or sure that I will have a baby! Just the apprehension is kind of building up. Because of the losses I have had, and the problems with DH's sperm and his results, I am worried. I can't get past certain things. I want to not think about it, but it is impossible. All of my tests are fine, but I still don't have DH's genetics back. He has to take it again for some reason. I felt like things were moving along fine but, now I don't even feel pregnant. I just feel the same except for bad headaches thats it. I was before starting to get breast tingling. Now nothing really!


before I was having cramping and pain in my stomach. Constipated too. But, now not really anything.I wish I never had the losses that I had, they are ingrained in my mind! I can't seem to differentiate this pregnancy with the others! I am glad for the headaches, besides that I don't have any kind of feelings of pregnancy.


How do I get through this, I want to look at this time as being different from my losses. I want to hope for a baby, but I am scared to!


I also just can't take another loss, at all. I am at the end of my determination with this. I need to take home a baby at the end of this!


How can I change the way I am thinking?

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Deportivo- I know this has got to be very hard for you. Try not to read too much into the symptoms because they tend to fluctuate throughout pregnancy. Also, this is easier said than done, but remember that every pregnancy is different from previous ones. Hope those are helpful and not obnoxious.

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Deportivo- I know this has got to be very hard for you. Try not to read too much into the symptoms because they tend to fluctuate throughout pregnancy. Also, this is easier said than done, but remember that every pregnancy is different from previous ones. Hope those are helpful and not obnoxious. Edited to add: It is completely normal to be worried after losses and okay to be worried. I told my OB that in my next pregnancy he'd be on my speed-dial (didn't use those words) and he said it was to be expected.

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Deport - I wish I had something to say that could take your anxiety away. I always think about how worrying wont' change the outcome. It very rarely helps me feel better, but I at least try to remind myself that it's not in my control. I hope that all this worrying will be for nothing.

AFM - Who wants to interpret my blood work? Here's my CD3 results:

E2: 75.4 (normal = 50-70)
FSH: 6 (normal = < 10)
LH: 2.8 (normal = 1.1-11.6)
TSH: 1.28 (normal = 0.4-4.0)
Prolactin: 4.9 (normal 1.9-25)
antral follicle count: 10

Dr Google says that my antral follicle count is on the low side and my E2 is elevated according to the range the nurse gave, but seems ok if under 80. Anyways, it looks like I'm looking at diminished ovarian reserves. Awesome.
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Deport - What you are feeling is completely normal.  I felt the same way after my loss.  Just breathe and try to take it one day at a time.  I remember when I was pregnant with the twins, I'd tell myself each night, Well, I was pregnant one more day.  I would focus on that and not look too far ahead.  Try to keep busy and not dwell on it.  The anxiety will always be there, but try not to let it take over completely.  


And the lack of symptoms is not something I'd think about too much.  They will come and go.  

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Kewpie- that helps a lot. thanks for saying that.

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SKJ: I have diminished reserve. I don't think your numbers look all that bad. Your antral count is on the low side, but it's not horribly low. My lowest count was like 2!!! But it went up to 9 for my IVF cycle after taking various supplements and doing acupuncture. 


Deborah: The price and way the price was structured was why my sister did surrogacy. She lives in Ohio and only paid like 15k total!! And the surrogate didn't start getting any real money from them until late in her pregnancy when they were pretty sure they'd be taking home a baby. I think they paid her like $100 for doing the insemination or something and the payments increased over time. The first surrogate was a friend who did it for free. But they used another woman for their next 2. They actually had used a 3rd woman before her 2nd and 3rd were born - but that woman was stupid enough to have sex w/her husband around ovulation as well as doing the insemination and they ended up having to do genetic testing before the baby was born (so maury povich!!) and it turned out to be the woman's husband's baby! And she didn't even want any more kids. They also used a 4th woman before her 2nd and 3rd and used my sister's eggs and had a baby girl that only lived for a day - that was how they finally found out about my sister's genetic issue. She never knew the true cause of all of miscarriages until then. I guess the baby made it to term bc the surrogate's body didn't have the same defense mechanism that my sister's did? So yeah - she's pretty knowledgable about the topic! Anyway, I can ask my sister for more info if you want. Her last baby was born 5 yrs ago. Also, my sister is an attorney and I think she may have drawn up her own contracts, etc. I could be wrong about that though. She isn't practicing these days, but I keep telling her she should open a surrogacy law practice bc she is wanting to do some work now that her youngest is starting school.



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Any information you have or could get would be great, just in case we need it. Hopefully we won't need it, but it's good to know all the options. I think your sister should start that law firm too.

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