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Ok...so since this morning I've had some good cries and time to think about things and talk them over with DH and whirls we are doing the whole adoption thingbwe may simultaneously ttc. We made an appt with the closest RE. (3hours away) our appt is July 12th at 1pm so we will drive down that morning and probablydrive right back afterwards. I'm suddenly super nervous.
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Beta today, negative:(

I knew it was highly unlikely that my first month on clomid would have been successful, especially with my crappy response, but this still f-ing sucks...I have crappy timing the next two months as well, arrrrr
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Bucket: I'm so sorry! It truly does suck. Are you planning on staying on Clomid?


Rochelle: Sorry about AF :( Three hours away?? UGH!!! That's a real stinker! I think it's great that you are going to TTC while adopting - especially for someone like you and DH who aren't too far down the IF path. You strike me as the kind of person who has tons of love to go around, and I wouldn't be surprised if you ended up with a BFP on your next HPT and your adoption app :)


SKJ: Thank you for the whole body cross :) I think your numbers will be fine - plus I think you want them to be representative of the cycle you're actually having - every little change tells your RE something, so I wouldn't worry about it. Yay for O and for those late night/early morning/afternoon delight appointments!!!


Lilac: Totally rooting for an awesome sample tomorrow!!! Good luck :)


Monkey: I can't believe you're getting so close - eek!


Milk: Mmmmmmm..... goji berries! Yum! Sorry DP doesn't like 'em - I'd gladly eat his share though they do make your poo rather pink (sorry, TMI??). I usually soak them for a bit for putting them into anything - they soften up that way. Does he eat oatmeal? The other suggestions (with other berries, in smoothies, etc.) were all great too. Sorry the wicked witch is here, but I'm excited for you to try out all of your new drugs :) Oh, and I say ditch the charting!! I was awful at it and it totally stressed me out so I gave it up and was much happier!


shesaidboom: Welcome home!!!! Was it ah-mazing?!?! Details lady! So happy to see your name pop up :)


Sourire: I'm glad you're back and hope the week off from the boards gave you a little bit of a mental break. I know what you mean by not being able to stay away. I didn't think I'd be able to keep up with two threads, and while I'm not posting as much over here, I really can't stay away - I just love y'all too much!! I'm keeping everything crossed for your follies to not go crazy this month! I hope this is the right meds combination for you. Do you know when you'll be able to do IVF yet? I don't know what an antral follicle count is, but it sounds awesome in your case. Yippee! Congrats on becoming an aunty - even if it is a little bittersweet. I hope the little pea gains some weight soon!!


AFM: Last night, DH and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary. I sure never thought three years ago that we'd be where we are now... things so often don't work out the way you plan though, right? Anywho, a huge thank you to everyone for all the support these past two weeks.... what a freakin' rollercoaster!!! We're not out of the woods yet, but things are looking cautiously optimistic. Ultrasound today did not show anything in the uterus or the tubes which is really neither good nor bad given that my beta isn't really high enough to see something. My beta on the other hand was 405 which is almost an exact doubling from Monday's 136 (should have been 408 if it were exact). So, it now seems like "El Cid" (or "Al Seed" as we call him) is kicking into gear. There's still a question, though of where he is nestled. SO, they wanted me to have an ultrasound on Tuesday and my Dr. was insisting that I come into the clinic for said u/s. Only glitch is that we are going to be in ME for most of this weekend, followed by a one-night stay in Great Barrington on Monday night (we have a favorite little B&B there, and I'm dying to see the owner who is the most lovable woman in the world and who knows all about our struggle!). I've really, really been looking forward to this last little part of our trip, and really didn't want to cancel to come back for a 7.30am ultrasound - know what I mean?? I also didn't like the sound of a ruptured ectopic pregnancy :( So, of course there truly are no REs near that area (thanks for the Albany and Springfield recs!). I asked my nurse if Monday would be OK for the scan and she said yes. We're supposed to leave Rockport, ME on Monday AM to drive down to MA, and we'll have to pass right through Portland. And guess what? I found a clinic in Portland on my first try that will do the u/s for me on Monday!!! My nurse actually called them and filled out some paperwork so that I can go there - she was nervous that they wouldn't see me b/c basically it's going to be their job to rule out an ectopic pregnancy and that's a lot of responsibility. But, they were a-ok with taking me on - yippee!! I just have to deal with insurance tomorrow AM. If that doesn't work, anyone have any idea what an out-of-pocket scan might cost? Ladies, I'm feeling a lot more hopeful today .... it's not over yet, but I feel like we're getting so much closer :) I'll try to update from my phone on Monday.... Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

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Teresa - So glad to hear that things are looking up!! I haven't been posting but have been reading everyday looking for updates from you. I really want everything to work out for you and am sending all the positive vibes I can muster your way.


Milk - I laughed when you called your dp a whiney biatch!!! Just eat the damned berries already! I am also excited for your new doctor, things are looking up for you too!!!!!


Shesaidboom - Welcome back, hope your honeymoon was awesome.


TF2B and Sourire, sorry about your sucky timing.


Hi! to everyone else, I have been reading but not posting. Nothing going on with me, no af or o since my provera induced af. Hot flashes are back, not as intense or frequent as last time but they are back and I am sitting here in a pool of sweat as I type (gross I know). Have my apt next Wednesday to review my blood work, and hsg, I am nervous I am not sure how I will take it if the outcome is premature menopause or ovarian failure - not even sure what the difference is between these two. I have buried my ttc feelings so deep that I honestly have no idea how I will feel if I am told that I can never have another baby. I am just kinda of numb inside when it comes to that I've built myself up quite the protective shield over the past few years.


Long weekend here this weekend, I am off camping and am very excited - even though it is calling for rain everyday!!!!!! Happy Canada day fellow Canadians!!!!!!!

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smilesandfree - Happy Canada Day from my DH who is Canadian.  


teresa, I hope you will find out where "El Cid" is nestled and that he keep growing.


Milk, sorry that your AF showed up.  I wonder if your temps through your AF would give you a better representation of when you ovulate or if you do.  I can't remember when exactly you started temping (was it the middle of the cycle?)


AFM, last night's stay in a hotel was nice - went swimming in the pool and relaxed.  Had a nice breakfast this morning then DH collected the sample for the RE.  The doctor's office called back and there were 5 motile sperm (up from 1 last SA) and 3 non-motile sperm.  Less overall sperm (only 8 of them over 25 last time).  But having more sperm moving is good.  DH wants to wait another month before he makes another donation to be frozen for our future IVF cycle.

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Does anyone want the July thread? If not, I'll keep doing it, but I don't feel like I absolutely must.

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I wouldn't mind taking over for July. I'm sure I will be here a ton anyway with lots of RE-type questions. 


Also, holy moly is it a lot of paperwork! I thought adoption paperwork was long but the 16 pages of stuff I had to print to take to our first RE appt is killer!

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SimplyRochelle- It's all yours and, yes, I remember that crazy amount of paperwork. I think ours may have been even longer.

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Rochelle-All out RE stuff was online but I remember it taking forever to fill out. Good Luck!!! can't wait to hear how your appt goes.

Lilac- 5 in the bank is still good!! Glad you're gettingto relax!

Smiles- have fun camping. Hope theres ansers waiting on wednesday.

Teresa- happy anniversary. Hope youre enjoying your time away and looking forward to good news monday.

Sourire- congrats auntie! Good luck ths cycle, the waiting / timing/ breaking stinks... Sorry they won't do IVF sooner. How much puregon are you taking?

Milk- sorry AF came. Shes such a buzzkill. No advice here on the thermometer... Weird that it gav the same temp for so long.

Shesaidboom- welcome back from your honeymoon!! Where were you, was it amazing?

SKJ- your timing still sounds good to me,I'm the queen of terrible timing! Hopeful for you :-)

Sila- miss you, come back soon!

AFM- been so busy with my mom here the past 2 weeks & now DH is home for 2 weeks so its hard to check in. 5 dpo, just angin out. Had a beautifl wonderfl date day inBoston with my hubby today, so nice to be distracted.
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Sourire - it really is hard to take a break from this place, isn't it? You ladies are always such a great support to me, I always miss you.
Thank you. The honeymoon was amazing! The not being pregnant thing was hard, and Father's Day was very hard on especially Dh(!!), but the rest was great. We tried so many new things, like snorkelling with sharks! I never thought I'd be saying that one.
I hope this new protocol gives you less follies. Your resuls from the antral follicle count sound wonderful! I'm so glad.
As happy as having a new niece is, I can imagine how hard it must be for you. Big hugs to you. 


SimplyRochelle - That sounds like a great decision, and yes, isn't the paperwork intense?


BucketOfRain - I'm sorry about the negative. Even if we know it's not likely to be successful, it's still a very hard thing to go to. I'm hoping good things for your next cycle!


Teresaresa - Thank you for the welcome back! It was amazing, it really was! I'll post a link to the honeymoon photos at the end of this post so anyone who wants to see can check them out. We tried so many new things, which was a great distraction from the fact that we are not yet pregnant.
Happy Anniversary to you and dh! I love the El Cid nickname! I'm glad the Portland clinic will see you. Cutting your trip short is not fun. I'm crossing my fingers for you and hope everything is good news. Enjoy the rest of your trip!


Smilesarefree - thank you! I hope your test brings nothing but good news. I'm crossing my fingers for you. Also, happy Canada Day to you!


lilacvioletiris - I'm glad things are going up with dh's sperm! That's good news. I'm also glad you enjoyed your hotel stay. Definitely a well deserved relaxation time. This stuff can get so stressful.


cait - thank you! We went to the Florida Keys and the Everglades. It really was amazing!
Distractions definitely are nice, aren't they? Good thoughts for you in your 2ww!



AFM, nothing new to report. Just waiting for another AF (still a couple weeks away) and seeing where we go from there. We have an appointment with our RE at the end of July. I may try to re-schedule for before AF is to come to see whether we should go straight to IVF. Weight loss has been going pretty well. I've lost 10 pounds since the wedding and am hoping it continues to drop. I tend to lose weight on vacations because I'm a picky eater and we tend to do trips where we're moving around all day long. Hopefully my RE will be pleased when she sees us. If you want to see the honeymoon pictures, you can find them here. HAPPY CANADA DAY to my fellow Canadians. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

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sheesaidboom, we were just in the Keys last weekend! Where did you stay? We were on Little Torch Key. Even though the weather was pretty gray, we were glad we didn't get hit with much crazy rain from Debby. Glad you had a great time!

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We were in Tavernier near Key Largo! That's awesome you were there too. We actually visited little torch key! The weather was pretty blah. We were sad we didn't get that beautiful Keys sunset, but you're right, it's good we didn't get hit with Debby!

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