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sorry if this was already addressed somewhere else on here; couldn't find anything.

Anyway, my DD has started biting again in the past 2 weeks. She hasn't bitten anyone in at least a year! The first time she bit me on the thumb. I was on the phone & she wanted attention. This happened again where I was busy & she wanted attention (she also likes to pull my hair really hard sometimes to get my attention). Then, today & 2 days before, she bit her 3 year old friend. I felt so badly.


Today I pulled her out of the water where they were swimming, made her take her swimsuit off & didn't allow her back in the water. I would've left the beach, but my friend has PPD & I didn't want to leave her alone w/a newborn & toddler. My friend told me she felt upset watching her daughter get bitten (I understand, her daughter used to bite mine a lot.) I eventually had to leave to go somewhere.


Has this happened to anyone else? There's been throwing of the toys, screaming, pouting, and other such shenanigans to express her frustration. I guess I thought once the biting "phase" was over, then that was it & didn't worry about a return. Thanks for any help. :)