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5yr old NT, 3yr old PDD NOS, 4 month old showing delays

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I moved into our house 3yrs ago right before having my son, my oldest was 2 1/2 at the time. Since we moved here I have had a weird plugged feeling in my ears i havent been able to explain. I just had my third child she was born at a birthing center with midwives, she is unvaxed, never had antibiotics.  She has already had 3 colds, two resulted in ear infections and is now showing some delays.  I know it is young to tell but I know my babies and this is like my son all over again. She used to coo everytime I talked to her now she is pretty much quiet all day. A month ago she could lift her head up good and rolled over a couple times, now she doesnt do either.  First thing I noticed about my son was how quiet he was. Everyone told me he was fine but I knew something was up. Then his muscle tone got weaker and his gross motor was delayed. He is now 3 and at the level of a 10 month old and non verbal. My oldest is NT. My son with PDD NOS and my 4month old are social and smiley, doesnt seem like autism though my son has some autistic symptoms. I just needed to vent and see if anyone had any ideas. Could something in my home cause ear problems and developmental problems? I want to look for anything that could be effecting them. thank you

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So sorry to hear about this. I always feel your gut instinct tells alot and would go with it. You don't say anything about the type of house you are living in or area you are living in-there is such a thing as sick building syndrome so you would need to rule out your water supply, building situation, whether there is off gassing coming into the rooms etc-I dont want to alarm you but you need to do some investigating-what about neighbours etc?

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i just had some mold and air testing done, should get the results today. thought about getting our water tested next. we live in a suburb near minneapolis MN. The house was built in 1978.  Dont know our neighbors very well but havent heard of any of them being sick. I also thought about testing the house for meth residue. we bought the house from the bank. So what other tests should I do??

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I would also look into whether diet is playing a role in you're health as well as the children's...I have a thyroid disorder that was note diagnosed until my last pregnancy and UT wreaked havoc on all of my pregnancies, my children's development and my health all because I was gluten intolerant and had no idea....I did not have ibs symptoms, I had a small goiter (swelling in my thyroid) and I had energy and immune system issues that no one connected to my thyroid...my thyroid issues were most likely triggered by gluten (and I now know that all grains are an issue for me) ingestion and then the whole problem snowballed as I was pregnant while eating something that was triggering an auto immune disease and therefore it affected my children.
We didn't know why our kids were having similar issues as they got older (one had a vaccine recon, resulting in autistic like behaviors, the next has ocd like issues, the next two had adhd like issues, the 5th has severe allergies and the last had complications during pregnancy that resulted UN mild cerebral palsy)....it just seemed that we had some bad luck. Then after my thyroid issues were recognized I researched and found that diet could assist my body in dealing with the effects of the thyroid stuff.....then after I went grain free it really became apparent that all of the stuff I had been dealing with my whole life were from eating foods that were wreaking havoc on my body. The whole family went grain free and I saw an intense change in how they all were reacting....the different things that I had thought were unrelated diagnoses or personality issues were disappearing and the health aspect of our lives was quickly improving....it was crazy....we started feeling better and the sometimes out org caspects of our daily ontrol sensory and other parts of our daily life that I had taken for granted would be difficult became less so because they were dealing with less interference from their bodies having to deal with allergens.
I know this wasn't rally what you asked about but I found that at one point we were actually debating lacing out house because we thought there was a problem with mold or something else that was triggering health issues....it turned out that it was our diet, not the house....this may not be the case for you but it was for us...

I am sending you hugs and hour that you get some answers soon
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