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Anyone trying Charlie Banana cloth diapers?

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I exclusively used BumGenius 2.0 diapers with my DS five years ago, both all-in-ones and one sizes. I need about 10 more diapers and was going to go with the BG 4.0 but I recently heard about Charlie Banana diapers. They look really neat with a washable option or a disposable liner option if you are going out. I was wondering if anyone has tried them and what they thought.  Anyone tried the BG 4.0 for that matter? I'd be interested in the all-in-ones in both brands. 


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I'm new to CDing, and we're using the BG 4.0 pockets (some new, some hand-me-downs). I don't have anything to compare them to, but we're loving them so far. I've heard good things about Charlie Banana as well, I may get a few and compare. 

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If you liked the bumgenious fit the Flip diaper is the same fit but is a cover with insert (they have organic, stay dry or disposable but it also works as a cover over a flat/prefold/etc).  I just got mine so cant say too much yet but I like the fit of the cover a lot.  If you know the BG fit works for you but want a disposable option the flip might be somethign to consider.

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I've tried more than a dozen different diapers, but pretty much used BumGenius exclusively.  I started with 2.0s, replaced those with the 3.0s and almost replaced those with 4.0s.  But, this time around I wanted to go with something organic, and I have to say, I'm really liking the Flips.  I bought 12 covers and 18 organic liners.  I could probably have done with 8 covers and 20+ liners instead.  I don't think I'll have any need for the disposable inserts, but they do have them.  They fit just like the BumGenius, but they are just a cover with a folded prefold in them.  The only thing that I don't like (but is unavoidable) is that when DS has a major BM poo, it doesn't absorb at all, and because it's just a folded insert, not a prefold folded around him, the liquid poo kind of gets everywhere. He hasn't leaked at all, but the poo pools along the leg gussets.


As for the 4.0s, they are definitely better than the 2.0s.  The best part about them is at the top (by the belly button) they have a line of PUL, so you don't get any wicking when baby's wearing something with a waist band - something that often happens with my other diapers.  They are bigger too, so they will last longer.  And, there are such cute prints, compared to the 6 that they used to offer.  If you like the 2.0s, you will definitely like the 4.0s.

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Thanks for all the feedback. I went ahead and got the BG 4.0 with the snaps and I absolutely love them.  The velcro on my old ones is a nightmare getting caught on the velcro on other diapers and on the inserts.  The snaps eliminate that problem but are harder to fasten at night, in the dark.  I haven't had one new BG 4.0 leak yet and DD wears them for about 5 hours overnight and soaks them pretty well.  I'd recommend them and yes, there are some great new colors and patterns.  They are 6 for the price of 5 right now at Cottonbabies.

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To the other Mamas using flip, and BG pockets...did you notice that the terry side of the stay dry insert of the flips, and the whole terry insert for the BG's turns kind of a yellowish colour after washing a few times? Just staining from newborn poo I'm guessing? What do u do if anything to get them white again?
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It could be staining. Microfiber stains and holds stink really easily. I use the Flips as covers or padfold a flat in them usually. I try to use all natural fibers, but I do use the microfiber inserts in the BG pockets and I haven't had any issues with them turning yellow or stinking (yet). It probably is staining, EBF poo stains badly. You can put them out in the sun (while wet) to get the stains out. I usually use 1/4 to 1/2 cup of bleach in about every other wash, too. (With everything, covers pockets, etc...) just to make sure they get super clean.

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