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Cell Salts.

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Can someone point me in the right direction? I have a 18 1/2 month old, with very early ECC I think. I would like to start him on cell salts if they really help. What do they do? Are they safe? Which ones do I look for? What brand? And where do I buy them? On-line?

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Here's what we did for our son regarding cell salts : 


The 6x dosage 3 times a day, two tablets of each : 


Bioplasma, Calcium Phosphate, and Calcium Fluoride ( not be confused with sodium fluoride found in toothpastes ), and we also did Silica because he had/has gut issues, Silica helps with calcium absorption. Vitacost has the cheapest price I've found. If you're nursing, I think you should take them too. 


Word has it to take them separately. I didn't. My son is close enough in age to yours and I just didn't have enough time in the day to take each kind 30 minutes apart. But, we give them to him on an empty stomach and no eating for about 30 minutes afterwards. He's now on three ach, 3 times a day. They dissolve in the mouth. He calls them "candy". 


There is a milk product in them, FYI. 

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