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strange period and now weird symptoms

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ok.. Im not actually trying to concieve but im curious as to what is going on here... My husband and I have split up .. we had sex from march all the way to april 10th this year, and my last 2 periods have been extremely weird , they will start then bleed for 2 days then skip a day then bleed for another day and completely stop.. i started bleeding the 25th of this month and the i bled for the first 2 days, then it stopped , the next day it was spotting, and now its completely stopped im supposed to bleed for 5 full days and spot on the 6th day and the 7th day its supposed to stop with reallly light spots here and there.. i dont know what to think of this im not sure if im pregnant or what it is, i can smell things really good now, my boobs are sore, i am peeing alot, nauseous and my cervix feels like a soft gooey thing, and it feels closed, like i can only put the tip of my finger in it, not sure just if you have any ideas let me know thank you..

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best thing to do is just take a test to ease your mind on what you are feeling to know for sure if you are x

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true... im just wondering when i should since i just stopped bleeding yesterday even though it wasnt normal maybe i should wait 2 weeks.. does it sound to u like i could possibly be pregnant even though last time we had sex was april 10th?

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sounds like you could be but could be many other things too try and get yourself checked out as soon as possible but some people do bleed through pregnancy as well 

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I think you should take a test tomorrow morning if you can go out and buy one today.  I don't think you should wait 2 weeks.  It is possible to have bleeding that looks like a period when you are pregnant. 

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ok thank you ladies i will do that!.. :)

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If you're not pregnant, I hope everything is fine.  Take care.

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thank you

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ok well i took a pregnancy test and it came back negative, but i didnt know i was starting to spot til after i i took the test and went to the bathroom and wiped then i saw spotting on the tissue and a clear stretchy discharge with it and its light pink and light brown a few small spots are red here and there idk what is going on i guess its time for me to make an appointment with a gyno, anyone have any ideas what this might be though? my periods for the last 2 months have not been normal , and stop early..,my normal cycle is 5 full days and spotting on the 6th day..now they have only been for about 3 days and then stop completely idk what to think it kinda happened the same way when i was preg with my 3rd, and i have a thryoid nodule so even when i tested and found out i was 5 1/2 weeks it barely showed up on a preg test.. maybe i should get a blood test..what do yall think ???

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