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HELP PLEASE w/ Midwives!!

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I am trying to decide between midwives.  Has anyone ever used Vanessa Stephens Coldwater or Maureen Dahl?  I have heard back from Vanessa and she is very nice and also a traditional midwife so I wouldn't have to worry about going over 42 weeks.  Maureen I have not heard back from yet but I know she is licensed and probably would have to refer me out or try natural induction if I were to go over 42 weeks (this is what I would worry about).  We are not pregnant yet but I will be going off birth control in Sept. and we are going to start trying in December (I want to give my body plenty of time to be off Birth Control) I want to have a midwife for an at home birth picked out before we get pregnant so we know exactly who to contact once we are :)


Any suggestions/advice from anyone who has personally used either of these two would be much appreciated!! Thank you!!


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If you haven't already, I would sit down and interview them both. Come up with a list of questions that are important to you and see what they both say. They are both great women and midwives, but probably have different ways of working with women. Neither way is wrong, it just depends on what you are looking for. There are a ton of great midwives in the Twin Cities. You will find the right fit! 


I had Vanessa at two of my births when she was apprenticing with Jeanne, and she was great. 


Sarah B. 

mom of five

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I really liked Vanessa! I looked into using her and never found anyone who had anything bad to say about her! I'm not familiar with your other choice, but I agree to speak with them both. You would probably get a gut feeling about who you feel more comfortable with.

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